Weekly Connection - April 11, 2019
Welcome the Stranger Event
April 28
2-5pm, Community Christian Church
Saint Andrew is co-sponsoring a gathering to boost awareness of the refugee and immigration crisis on April 28, 2-5pm at Community Christian Church (4601 Main St., KCMO). This is a come and go event. Also, our CSA family (SwaDit, MeeNge, Habay and Ramat) will have food available for purchase ($5 per plate, cash only). At 3pm, we will be screening a new documentary film, Strangers in Town, followed with a Q&A session with the film’s producer, Steve Lerner. The film tells the story of how global migration unexpectedly transformed and enriched Garden City, Kansas. Please join us!
Sunday, April 14, 2019

Worship: 8:30 & 10:45 am
Education 9:30 am
Palm Sunday

Scripture: Luke 19:28-40

When we say the word “parade” we think of marching bands and floats and carefree celebrations. Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem has often been likened to a parade, but it had none of those characteristics. It was a deliberate challenge to the ruling Roman government.

Palestine was under the rule of the Roman Empire, and the Roman governing authorities, including Pontius Pilate, were always alert to any sign of unrest among the local population. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, greeted by cheering crowds and hailed as a king, the son of David, would have sounded all sorts of alarm bells among the Romans and some of the Jewish leaders. When Jesus went on to cleanse the Temple, the concerns of the ruling authorities would have skyrocketed. The last time there had been a cleansing of the Temple would have been after the Jews' military victory over the Hellenist Syrians in the year 165 B.C.E., and their deliverance from oppression.

It would have seemed to the Romans that Jesus was stirring up a revolution, which is why they put him to death.

The Romans were right—Jesus was stirring up a revolution. Just not the kind of revolution they were worried about. The Roman Empire has long since crumbled into dust, but the revolution begun by the carpenter from Nazareth has changed the world.

Rev. René Jensen

Musicians this Sunday are: 8:30 - Cindy Egger-Farris; 10:45 - Marti Johnson & Bonnie Burnside (soloists) and Saint Andrew Choir

Last week's sermon is available HERE.
Joys & Concerns
We ask God's blessing and comfort for those struggling with health issues and life's other difficulties. Please pray for Scott Webb and his family, especially his mom. Ron, Scott's stepdad, passed away. Keep Karen Schwark in your prayers. She is recovering at home after a short hospital stay this week

Thank You!
During our host week for IHN, March 31-April 7, we served 2 adults and 2 teens. 50 volunteers, plus members of our youth group, from Saint Andrew, St. Paul Methodist and Shawnee Methodist provided 204 hours and 45 minutes of time. One of the joys of this program is getting to know those from the other two support churches.
A special thanks to Saint Andrew volunteers: Anita Gilmore, Ed Kurtz, Lois Penn, Eileen Thoni, Joni Pflumm, Brandy Seidel, Ed Rawlings, Debra Johnson, Stevie Morris, Cheryl Darlington, Rich Baier, Robin Van Haste, Dan Myers, Linda & Ray Brown, Hatsie and Norm Mallicoat, Jim Regan, Bob & Jodi Dinkins, Beth Rieke, Ron & Carolyn Darst.

Thank You!!
Thank you to everyone who donated shoes and socks for Washington Elementary. 25 pairs of new shoes and assorted socks were delivered last week. The school counselor shared, "I gave 2 pair away already…The girls that got some already were so appreciative and you could tell how much it meant to them to have new shoes. They were glowing!”

If you have a prayer request you can fill out a Prayer Request Form that goes to the clergy staff.
This Sunday
9:30am       Adult Education, Friends Hall
                   Children & Youth Sunday School, Upper & Basement Level Classrooms
                   Adult Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary
                   Disciples 101, Sr. Pastor's Office 
3:00pm       Caregivers Support Group, Sr. Pastor's Office
4:00pm       Youth Groups, Friends Hall
                   Angels, Room 204
This Week at Saint Andrew​
Apr 11    Wise Women, Friends Hall, 7pm
Apr 12    SAGE Wine & Cheese Meeting, Friends Hall, 7pm
Apr 13    Leadership Circle Retreat, 1-5pm
Apr 15    Mission Committee Meeting, Room 204, 5:30pm
               Finance Committee Meeting, Room 202/203, 6pm
               Leadership Circle Meeting, Friends Hall,7pm
Apr 16    Men's Breakfast, Ginger Sue's, 7:30am
              IHN Training, First Baptist Church of Shawnee, 6:30-8:30pm
Apr 17   Youth Dinner with Beth Torah Youth, Friends Hall, 6:00pm
Apr 18   Maundy Thursday Service, Sanctuary, 7pm
Upcoming Events
9:30 am, Friends Hall
Rising to the Occasion with Jody Gyulay
Rising to the gift of the preciousness and never-to-be-repeated moments of life. - hope, hope, hope.
Jody Gyulay is a certified hospice nurse (retired), social worker, certified grief counselor and death educator, and chaplaincy trained. She has worked in many areas of grief and loss. She is a member of Saint Andrew, Buddhist and a former nun – a spiritual eclectic!

April 11
7:00pm, Friends Hall
Caring for People of South Africa: Lessons of a Purpose Driven Life
with Pascale Henn - Information below in the WOMEN's Section.


Sundays, March 31, April 7 & 14
9:30am, Sr. Pastor's Office
If you’re new to Saint Andrew, the Disciples of Christ, or just want a refresher course, Disciples 101 will help you understand more about Saint Andrew and our denomination, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). You’ll see how we live out our mission, meet some of our leaders, get to know other newcomers, and find ways to connect and serve. Pick up a cup of coffee in Friends Hall, and join us in the Senior Pastor’s office. Childcare provided. Please RSVP@SACChome.org if you plan to attend.

April 29
3:30-6:30pm, Friends Hall
Community Blood Center will be at Saint Andrew on Monday, April 29 from 3:30 to 6:30. It should be a beautiful spring day so come out—one and all—to donate a pint of blood. We have been a little short of our goal the last several times we had a drive, so let’s make it up this time! Sign up in the hearth room or go online to do it. We need you!

DINNERS FOR 6, 7 & 8 - Sign up on Sunday!
Interested in getting to know others at Saint Andrew? Sign up in the Hearth Room for the annual dinner groups of 6, 7 and 8. You will be randomly placed in groups who agree to meet for meals throughout the year. Each group determines their own schedule and place to meet. Names will be collected in early May and groups notified by the middle of the month.

July 20-24
Des Moines IA
Make plans now to join other Disciples of Christ in Des Moines, Iowa, for service, fun, worship and educational opportunities. And, Saint Andrew is co-sponsoring Resolution GA-1929: An Invitation to Education for Welcoming and Receiving the Gifts of Transgender and Gender-Diverse People. Join us to support this resolution! It’s so close this time, we should be able to have a large contingent of Saint Andrew folks attending! More information is available at disciples.org/ga.
Children & Youth Ministries
Apr 14       Sunday School, Upper Classrooms, 9:30am
                  Angels, Room 204, 4-6pm
Apr 20       Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Saint Andrew Grounds, 10am 
Apr 21      Sunday School, Upper Classrooms, 9:30am

Apr 14      Sunday School, Basement Level Classrooms, 9:30am
                 Chi Rho & SAY, Friends Hall, 4-6pm
Apr 17      Dinner with Youth from Beth Torah, Friends Hall, 6pm
Apr 20     Chi Rho/SAY Hide the Easter Eggs: 9am, breakfast provided
Apr 21     Sunday School, Basement Level Classrooms, 9;30am
               Easter - No Youth Meeting

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – Online Registration Available!
June 10-14
Get ready to explore where God’s power can take you! To Mars and Beyond will be landing in Saint Andrew June 10 – 14! Friends are always welcome! Register online HERE. Paper registration forms will be available in the Hearth Room.
Women's Ministries​
WISE WOMEN - Open to All!
April 11
7:00-8:30pm, Friends Hall
Caring for People of South Africa: Lessons of a Purpose Driven Life
with Pascale Henn
As a part of her own commitment to work that supports a purpose-driven life, Pascale Henn often travels for business in furtherance of her commitment to entrepreneurship that has a positive socio-economic impact on local communities and the world. Once such trip was to South Africa and Zambia, where she and her son worked with business clients, developed strong personal and community ties, and initiated numerous political relationships. This trip offered surprising, and sobering, insights into the state of African business practices and opportunities, the daily challenges of average local African citizens, interesting cultural differences and similarities, and numerous ways to assist. She is anxious to share her experiences of this strikingly beautiful, culturally and politically complex, sometimes tragic but amazingly hopeful place.

Pascale Henn is an experienced business lawyer who founded her firm to help clients grow their businesses from a sound legal and business perspective. Her firm, Business Law Advisors, is committed to strategy, simplified solutions and collaboration with other professionals as ways of approaching business challenges and growth opportunities. Pascale has assembled a team of experienced attorneys, all with both outside firm and in-house experience in a variety industries. She is also committed to providing lawyers an opportunity to practice in a way that honors their personal and professional goals, including a commitment to work/life balance and work place flexibility. Her clients confirm that this approach has resulted in an excellent client experience working with conscientious, competent and dedicated professionals.

April 25
7:00pm, Spin Pizza
We meet on the 4th Thursday of every month. Hope see you, 7:00pm at Spin Pizza in Olathe!

Saint Andrew Women’s Retreat, May 3-4
with Rev. Kerry Waller Dueholm
Please join us for our annual retreat! Our own Kerry Waller Dueholm will be our keynote presenter. Kerry grew up at Saint Andrew; she is an ordained Disciples minister and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. The retreat is a wonderful time to get away, get acquainted with Saint Andrew women, and spend some time with God in the beautiful outdoors at Tall Oaks Conference Center! Brochures are available in the Hearth Room and at this link you may Register HERE.
SAGE (Saint Andrew Group for Ecology)​​
SAGE gratefully accepts your donations of bird seed or cash to purchase bird seed. Cash donations can be placed in the birdhouse located in the Hearth Room or bags of bird seed can be placed in the marked space in Friends Hall.

April 12
7:00pm, Friends Hall
Our next wine & cheese gathering will be next Friday, April 12th, at 7pm in Friend's Hall.
Grab your wine and snacks! Consider bringing local wines - wineries in Kansas or an adjacent state - and an appetizer to share. Our Agenda for this meeting:
Landscaping Plans for the Columbarium - If you want to be on a "Columbarium subcommittee" please plan to attend this meeting and I will take names; Spring clean-up of the church property is just around the corner; Update on our (successful) quest to acquire pollinator-plants for a spring sale; and any business or news anyone else has.
Mission & Outreach
The Saint Andrew Mission Team resolves to seek God, create community and practice justice by actively promoting congregational engagement in the community, both locally and globally. 

There are additional Mission Reports in the Hearth Room and online HERE.

April 16
The next training for IHN volunteering is April 16 at First Baptist Church of Shawnee, 11400 Johnson Dr. Attendance for the full 2 hours, 6:30-8:30 is required. Questions? Contact Vicki Dercher 913-345-2121

June 27
SAVE THE DATE! IHN’s Annual Charity Dinner and Auction is IHN's only fundraiser. It will be held on June 27, 5:00pm at Overland Park Convention Center. Sign up and reservations due by June 7. Sign-up will be available in the Hearth Room. - Purchase your tickets online or pick up a mail-in brochure in the Hearth Room. Be sure to sign the sign-up sheet so we know who is attending. Can Saint Andrew fill more than 1 table of ten? Challenge! More info and to purchase a ticket follow this LINK.
From the Church Office
We are now using a Google Drive site to provide Saint Andrew members with monthly financial reports, Leadership Circle minutes, and access to other important SACC documents. If you would like access to these documents, please email Debbi@sacchome.org.
13890 W. 127th Street Olathe, KS 66062
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