November 30, 2018

Today's temperature:  1ºC
Tomorrow’s temperature: -4ºC; Sunday: -5ºC
Snowfall in past 48 hours: 42,647.5 flakes
Packed base: 1-4 cm
Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


First, we apologize for the dearth of updates from us last week, purely coincidental to the current quiescence of winter here… The reality is that there was not much to report, at least in terms of offering any semblance of viable, enjoyable skiing on the trails. Following the fabulous conditions at the First Flakes Loppet, unseasonal and unreasonable weather consisting of rain, heat, then freezing , turned the base into a substance we snow and ski experts refer to as “ice”. This so-called ice is quite unsuitable for skiing on, with its only redeeming quality is that it is largely resistant to further degradation from the whimsy of the very un-November like weather we are experiencing (and also virtually impervious to the elephantine plodding of our obtuse ungulate denizens).


Our zealous skiers have been able to scrabble over and around the worst of the ice and hard-pack, finding sections that allow some similitude of gliding facilitation; aided somewhat by a few nominal flakes that fell last week, which we left to conglomerate into the base. There are a few bare patches in the usual locations, and we would be remiss not to note the wanton propagation pursuits of the birch (yes, the floozy of the deciduous forest), depositing carpets of their spawn across the trail in the most unchaste manner.


With all that being (perhaps excessively) said, what is the answer to the bottom line question – can you ski here? A conditional yes, if you really want to and possess the necessary skills, accoutrements, and experience; ski with caution and at your own risk. Additional advice to those venturing out is to try double poling over any skate skiing, and to avoid any of the steep downhills. Our ever pervasive optimism for the return of winter and snow is being bolstered by the current forecast for this weekend. As always, we will be out nurturing and grooming every flake we receive; let’s hope we will be welcoming a whole bunch of them.

See you on the trails!


Ski Season Passes (Nov. - April):

Child (2-12yr)              $21.00
Youth  (13-17yr)          $25.00
Adult                            $55.00
Family **                    $115.00
Senior 65+                   $35.00

XC Ski Programs

Our winter ski instruction programs are open for registration, with information starting on page 58 of the Fall 2018 Recreation Guide. This includes the Track Attack youth ski program, which has started, but new registrants are welcome!

Book the lodge
Did you know that our main lodge is available to book? It has meeting/dining space for up to 50 people, and overnight accommodations for 40; a fully equipped kitchen, commercial cooking grill, barbecue, fireplace, dormitories and meeting space in the lower lodge.