Spiritually Connecting while Social Distancing

Can those two principles co-exist?! Our staff thinks so! We’ve spent a number of hours the last two days beginning to put in place a plan to enable both principles to live alongside each other. They will look different, feel different and BE different than normal, but the biblical rhythm of community is still an essential pattern as we navigate this life with Jesus…TOGETHER!

Today we had our first “Daily Rhythm” Facebook Live broadcast hosted by Jessica. We will continue this practice every weekday at noon, where various staff will have a devotional thought and a quick update about the latest at RVCC. Be sure and head to our Facebook page and maybe even sign up for a reminder! I did, so anyone can. We had a great intergenerational cross-section of the church join us today.

We are in production mode for this weekend’s services that will be posted again on Saturday evening at rainierview.org/rvccconline. We’ll be continuing our REVERSE message series and will also have some worship songs, a chance to receive communion, and more updates and information built in. With the latest guidelines to meet in groups less than 10, you’ll need to begin making plans now to either be with your immediate family, or with your church family in a smaller subset. We’re confident you can figure that out. We’ve heard stories of groups meeting outside around the fireplace, in living rooms complete with pets, while still in pajamas, and over breakfast! Be creative, but find a way to ‘connect’ while doing your part to fight the virus.

Our staff loves being together, no one more than me, but we’re doing our best to model the fight against the coronavirus by adhering to the guidelines. We’re resisting gathering, even 6 feet apart, and we’re getting work done from various remote locations. We’ll be careful tomorrow as we’re producing the video. I’ve heard some people say that the best way to fight this is “to do nothing.” I get it, it’s kind of a funny way of saying, “stay home.” But actually there is a lot to do, just in different ways. So here’s the action we want to take today.

One of the biblical principles we follow is from Galatians 6:10, “So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” We are going to put some systems and structures in place to take care of each other in this unprecedented season. Let me quickly add that our mandate to make disciples and serve the community doesn’t get put on hold and we will address those opportunities quite soon. But first things first. We need to remain connected strongly to each other.

First, please lean hard into the existing relationships that you currently have. Many of you have been intentional about developing relationships in the form of groups, serving teams, neighborhood contacts, school friends and others that will be crucial during this time. Check on each other, help each other, contact each other, pray for each other, talk to each other, and provide practical help to each other when possible. Please intentionally reach out AND let others reach out to you! As a staff, we began to do this today to get the ball rolling.

Second, if you are someone who might be able to provide help and support to others at RVCC during this time, please let us know! We are putting together a Prayer Team, a Phone Team, a Tech Team and a Delivery Team at this point. We also would like to match up individuals and families who will “adopt” other individuals or families to provide support and care in those same areas. Our staff will have a very high bar when it comes to vetting people to provide help because of the nature of the potential relationship. But if you have proven yourself faithful, are known by our staff and leaders, and have a track record of serving at RVCC, then you may be eligible for this important new ministry. You can sign up for any or all of our teams and/or the “adopt a family” position by clicking here.

Third, and this is by far the most difficult, we need to identify those persons who need support and care during this time. Please…seriously, please self-identify if you could use some help. This is not the time to be stubborn, independent, proud, and self-sufficient. If you’re over 60, you need to stay home and let others care for you. If you’re in the high-risk group because of something other than age, please let others provide for you. If you have a great set of existing relationships that you will depend on, then great. But if you don’t, then sign up here

Here's our prayer for the day, Rainier View family, from a friend. Let’s be in unity together as we pray:

You are the God who makes a way where there seems to be no way. You are the King who reigns above all kings and the Lord who reigns above all lords. You are the God who is Gentle and Patient and Kind, slow to anger, and abounding in Steadfast Love and Faithfulness. You are the God who is Good all the time and whose Goodness does not depend on our circumstances. You are Lord over every season and Sovereign over all that happens in our lives. You are the God who gives us hope. Your Presence comforts us, whether we are walking through sunlit glades or dark and scary valleys. Your Name has the power to defeat our Enemy. We stand in the victory You give and run into the shelter of Your Presence. Amen!

Please click through to the sign up forms as we continue to BE the church to each other. Talk to you tomorrow!

- Rusty, for the RVCC staff