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Dear Friend,


If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have a family member or client who is taking their next step in recovery. You might be helping them decide which step to take: entering detox, participating in an intensive outpatient program, finding a sponsor, moving into a sober living community, going back to school, or finding a job (or all of the above). There are lots of next steps because we are all in different places on our recovery journey.


So, what’s your next step?


If that question caught you off guard, you may want to consider taking the first step. And by first step, I mean the first of Twelve Steps.


The Twelve Steps are helpful for anyone. I’ve often heard it said that we are all in recovery from something: an injury, an illness, losing a job, a failed relationship, the death of someone close, the trauma of loving someone with an active addiction, or losing function as we age. I think you see where I’m going here. Recovery isn’t something other people do. Recovery is something we all do many times throughout our lives. Recovery is part of being human. It can be hard. It usually takes time. Some days we make progress. Some days we slide back. But recovery always starts with taking the first step. 


I hope you'll take the next step in your life -- read more here




Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS

Founder & Director

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"At Next Step they teach their recovering addicts how to feel good about themselves and how to enjoy life sober. The outdoor group activities the Next Step residence and staff do together on Sunday’s are wonderful.  Learning how to have fun when sober has been a tremendous benefit for my son. Next Step promotes team building. They have clear rules and they make every individual feel respected and valuable. Thanks to Next Step, my son has developed a new love of hiking and the outdoors. He has replaced drugs with exercise.  He’s never been healthier. His future is bright. "


--With sincerest appreciation, this mom is grateful


Creating A Memorable + Sober Spring Break


  • Reinvent Yourself - It can be tempting to focus on the trips everyone will be taking, but use your time to focus on yourself. Whether you start a new workout routine, take up a new form of meditation, or try out new recipes in the kitchen, time to yourself can be more beneficial than you realize. 

  • Donate Your Time - Volunteering is one of the most rewarding endeavors in our lifetime. 

  •  Rejuvenate Your Spiritual Faith - Your spirituality is a foundation of who you are, and as we move into Spring it's a fantastic time to strengthen and rejuvenate your faith.