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News from Bartlett's Farm 
August 17,  2016
We are open every day from 8-7!
(That includes Saturdays and Sundays!)
Hours Change to 8-6 on September 5 
And now for something a little different...
Mark your calendars for
Bartlett's Farm Tomato Festival!
Saturday, September 10 from 10-2 pm
Join us for
Pick-Your-Own Tomatoes
Special Lunch Menu
Salsa Making Contest
Musical Chairs for Charity
Food Demonstrations
and more!
Watch this space for details!
Freshly Picked...

From the Field
Sweet Corn - "Montauk"
Head lettuce: Red Boston, Boston, Green Oak,
Red Oak, Romaine, Lollo Rosa

Cucumbers -  Silver Slicers, Pickling and Slicing

Zucchini:  Green,  Golden, Striped Sunbeam, Green Tiger, Eight Ball, One Ball, Star ship, Yellow, Butter, Patty Pan, Peter Pan



Green Cabbage: Green + Savoy + Purple

Eggplant: Purple + Japanese + White

Tomatoes: Grape + Cherry + Beefsteak + Heirlooms

Potatoes by the weekend

Beets: Purple + Bulls Blood  + Golden

Herbs: Rosemary, Chives, Thyme, Lemon Thyme,
Oregano, Sage, Tarragon, Lemon Verbena, Mint

Radishes: Red + French

Greens - Kale, Mesclun, Arugula, Greens Mix

Peppers: Purple, Green, White, Jalapeno, Ancho Poblano

Kale Full Size : Toscano and Regular
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50% off Steel Tumblers, Glass Water Bottles,
Yoga Pants and other select branded items! 
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From Wine and Cheese Manager, Leah Mojer
I am so excited to share this simple and wonderful dinner idea, I do so as I write.
This time of year slips by unnoticed with all the work there is to do around the market. Most nights, I head home only day dreaming of bringing home a bundle of cucumbers for pickling or tomatoes for sauce, too tired from the day to make these aspirations a reality. Earlier today, however, a craving for spaghetti hit me early, allowing for a few hours of day dreaming coupled with some mental planning of how I would pull it off, even after a long day. Arugula at home, check. Kimball Brook heavy cream for finishing the sauce, check. Spaghetti from god knows when that I think I saw a week ago in the cupboard while reaching for yet another bag of chips to have with hummus (the usual lazy dinner), check. Fate seemed to align when the farm crew showed up at 5:30 with every variety of cherry and plum tomato we grow and suddenly my dinner plans were sold.  At quarter to seven,  I snagged two pints of cherries, one sungold, one red and a bottle of red wine called “Allegrini Valpolicella classica” from the “fancy red wine” shelf. At $21 bucks I thought, well even if it doesn’t pair well it still won’t be a terrible experience. 
Fast forward to ten minutes ago, pasta bowl plump with creamy, cherry tomatoey, herby spaghetti. A side salad of farm grown arugula, farm cukes, naked save for some fresh lemon and cracked pepper.  So wonderfully simple and delicious on its own, but rarely do I have a wine pairing worth writing about as I slurp! The Valpolicella worked so well I can barely stand the thought of making this meal again (which i now will crave nightly until our tomatoes run out) without a glass of that red along side. The dark fruit, spice and bright acidity of the wine sing with the garlicky tomato sauce and spicy, peppery arugula salad. Taming so elegantly the richness of pecorino and splash of cream, cleansing the palate with each little sip. An awesome surprise on a weeknight, this fancy dinner for one!
The Dish
Cherry Tomato “Sciue Sciue” with Spaghetti
 2 qts bartlett’s cherry tomatoes, stemmed
4 cloves garlic, shaved
1/4 c. evoo
2-4 T heavy cream, depending on your taste
pecorino cheese, for dusting
cracked fresh fennel seeds
fresh herbs like parsley, thyme, marjoram, onion flower blossoms
1 pound spaghetti
Open wine. This wine needs air. Trying red wine that was opened 10 seconds after it was uncorked is like blowing out your birthday candles before they are lit, anti-climactic and super unfulfilling. Never a good idea.  Give it a minute to open up. Better yet, give it ten.
Heat a cast iron skillet until smoking.
In batches, char the cherry tomatoes whole in batches until blistered. Set aside.
In a separate sauce pot, heat 1/4 c evoo until simmering add shaved garlic and stir vigorously until light golden brown.
Pour in cherry tomatoes and cook until they are soft.
Season liberally with salt, pepper, and cracked fennel seeds.
Heat water for spaghetti.
Taste your sauce for seasoning.
Revel in how deliciously sweet the cherry tomatoes are and maybe give that wine a little taste. See what I mean?
Cook spaghetti until just underdone.
Transfer spaghetti directly into your tomato sauce, adding a 1/2 cup of pasta water and continue cooking until pasta is done.
Add cream, herbs, and additional seasonings to taste, making sure there is plenty of liquid in the sauce for the pasta to suck up, because it will.
Add more pasta water if the sauce is too dry.
 Plate spaghetti and dust with grated pecorino cheese,
fresh herbs and cracked pepper.
Drink the wine.
Be amazed that wine and food can be so heavenly together.
From the Garden Center
Assorted Perennials 25-50% off
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As you are arriving at the farm, you may notice a field of 
Pacific Gold Mustard.
 We use cover crops throughout the whole farm in the off-season, to protect the soil, but as part of our on-going efforts to transition more acres into organic production, we are using this mustard as an in-season cover crop to smother weeds and suppress soil disease. 
Plus it's pretty to look at!
Knock Knock...Who's There?...VeggieGram!
Our VeggieGram is only available through September!
This is a perfect gift for your host and hostess with a selection of freshly harvested farm-grown produce!
Cost is $75 and that includes on-island delivery! 
Not available for off-Island delivery
Please allow 48 hours
Or how about a gift basket? 
Nothing stops a snack attack better than a great selection of SNACKS! Our best-selling basket includes such favorites as Chocolate Love, Quinn Popcorn, Bartlett's Strawberry Jam, Tate's Cookies, Bartlett's Cranberry Granola, Volpi Salami, Grafton Village Cheddar, Kii Crisps, Pretzel Crisps, Bartlett's Cranberry Nut Bread, and Lindt Classic.
 (Basket contents may vary slightly depending on availability)
***Gift Baskets are available for on-island delivery only***
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