Amico E-Z Bead used with Hard Coat Stucco and thin Veneer Stone dries quickly after a wetting event

Above is a graph of the weight of EZ Bead's Vinyl Flange
and a Blue Closed Cell Backer Rod Material immediately after a wetting event in a laboratory controlled environment.

After 30 minutes - E-Z bead was completely dry.  The Blue closed cell backer rod material was not ( test results below). 
In the field E-Z bead will  dry quickly in anticipation of sealing the joint with sealant.   E-Z Bead can be dried with a cloth.
Closed Cell Backer Rod Should not be exposed to moisture for extended periods of time prior to using a sealant.


Closed cell foams like this Blue Foam  can hold initial moisture up to 3 times the weight of the foam!  After 1/2 hr the Blue Foam backer material holds 44% moisture by weight of the closed cell foam .  After an hour the closed cell foam still holds 30%  moisture by weight of the foam.   Independent Testing Results below!
The Full Amico E-Z Bead Install Video with the joint being caulked!!
E-Z Bead has an expansion flange which when exposed to moisture will dry quickly.