Temple Beth Miriam E-lijah  January 1

A Message From Rabbi Stanway

All of us watch the news during the day and probably moreso during this pandemic.  At my house, the news is on easily 12 hours a day.  Even though no one is watching the TV, somehow we can hear if there anything important going on even though we aren't really paying attention most of the time.  That is why this past month was so remarkable.

For the first time in a long time, we heard some good news and it was encapsulated in the word 'vaccine.'

The quick succession of events were almost too fast to comprehend.  First we heard of the vaccines, then we were watching video of UPS trucks and FedEx planes delivering the vaccines (who would ever have thought that a FedEx plane and UPS truck would be breaking news?!  Only in 2020!), and then what some people are calling the 'moonshot moment' when we saw the vaccines begin to be administered.  Those images gave us hope that this terrible pandemic that has already claimed 325,000 American lives would be ending soon.

It is either miraculous or coincidental or both that the vaccines came out around Hannukah, the Festival of Light.  The Hannukah song, 'Mi Yimalel' - Who Can Retell? - has a very interesting line in it: 'In every age a hero or sage comes to our aid.'  This year the heroes were the hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers who were the real front-line soldiers of this battle.  And the sages were, of course, the scientists who intelligence and out-of-the-box thinking gave us a new word for most of us: m-RNA.  

As a way of turning something biological into something Jewish, the root RNA in Hebrew means 'JOY.'  So m-RNA is truly the 'Messenger of Joy.'  How is that for a pandemic midrash?

My point is clear, I hope.  We have been suffering and watching people we love suffer through these past 9 months.  Everyone knows someone who suffered with Covid or, God forbid, died of the disease.  But we supported one another and now we have to support one another again for duration until we get the vaccine.  Beth Miriam has grown closer because of this terrible disease and now the challenge is finding another measure of patience.  Be patient.  Joy, RiNAh, is coming and our celebrations will be truly joyous.
Shabbat Services
Because of the uncertainty of the state of the pandemic from week to week, please be sure to check the temple website at www.bethmiriam.org to see if services will be at the temple and on YouTube or only on Zoom as we self-isolate.  The website will be updated NO LATER than about 3 pm on Fridays and usually well before that.

If you wish to pick up a Siddur for Friday and Saturday Shabbat services, you may do so for the duration of the pandemic.  Call the temple to make arrangements: 732-222-3754

Havdallah Schedule
Everyone is welcome to our online Havdallah ceremony ending the Shabbat and beginning the new week.  The time is 7:30 on the dates below in Zoom Room 589-198-4173 p/w 181818

January 23  7:30 PM
Have some cool Jewish recipes?

​​​​​​​Rebecca Levin is working on a TBM cookbook and needs your favorite recipes.  If you have something you would like to share with the congregation, please send your text and a picture if you wish to rlreb8@gmail.com.  Thanks!
Explore the History of Jewish Name Changing in America 
Online Talk, January 14

Dr. Kirsten Fermaglich (Michigan State University) discusses her groundbreaking, award-winning book on Jewish name changing in 20th century America. A Rosenberg by Any Other Name reveals that name changing was a broad-based, voluntary response to an upsurge in antisemitism, with a lasting impact on American Jewish culture. This online talk will be held January 14 at 7:00 p.m. on the Zoom platform. Free and open to the public, the event is presented by the Allen and Joan Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life at Rutgers University. It is the Center’s Raoul Wallenberg Annual Program funded by Leon and Toby Cooperman. Advance registration is required on the Bildner Center website: BildnerCenter.Rutgers.edu.
Thank You for Your Generosity to Beth Miriam






Jan 1
Virginia Sternheimer Adler Julius Applebaum David Berger 
Teri D. Berkeley 
Pauline Bitterman Solomon Bobes 
Nettie Brodbar 
Edward Brosniak Bernice Cholminski Nathan Cohen 
Sidney Cooper 
William Falk 
Morris J. Fine 
Eugene Fried 
Erna Friedman 
Diane Gelb 
Mary Gladstone 
Rabbi Joseph Goldman Michelle Goldman 
Leon Gordon 
Marjorie Hersch Frederick Housman Henry Jacobs 
Anna Kern 
Anne Landau 
Lori Beth Levine 
Lena Malachowsky Minnie Mintz 
Jacob  Posner 
Michele Raskin 
Oscar Reiner 
Harry Reingold 
Sadie Roseman 
Lance Rowland 
Rachel Sagalovsky 
Mary Schapiro 
Irving Schnur 
Estelle Sheridan 
Frances Sidorsky 
Shirley Skloff 
Helen A. Spitalny 
Susan Warshauer 
Ruth Weber 
Kalman Weinstein


Jan 29

Anne Alexander
Martha C. Altman
Stanley J. Behrman
Benjamin Bookbinder
Nathan Brodbar
Jennie Brodie
Sophie Buchsbaum
Sylvia Carris Lawrence
Anita Chomsky
Philip L. Cohen
Janet Hochberg Costanzo
Hyman Fastov
Sylvia Feinberg
Sady Francis
Shirley Friedman
Pauline Fromkin
Harry H. Goldberg
Morris Goldman
Sarah Gordon
Mary Gray
Francine E. Grossman
Nettie Itkoff
Irving Kaplan
Lucille S. Katchen
Julius Klein
Fred Korn
Henry Lager
Morris Lefkowitz
Morris Levin
Annie Lubin
Mary Marshall
Bernard Miller
Emanuel Mullen
Pearl Neiderman
Philip Newman
Jack Perlmuttter
Joseph Pingatore
Al Raulerson
Shmuel Raz
David Reby
Therese A. Schultz
Stanley Senett
Rose Shulman Fisher
Blanche Silverman
Sidney Sloter
Josephine Todd Specter
Pauline Spector
Minnie E Susman
Silvia Tepper
Murray Ziment

Jan 8

Virginia Sternheimer Adler
Lenore Agisim
Bridgette Billings
Pauline Bitterman
Carol Bloom
Julia Bobes
Nettie Brodbar
Mr. Solomon Brower
Serene Darnell
Mildred Isaacson Edelstein
Sigmund Eisner
William Falk
Anna Fisher
Erna Friedman
Isaac Haskell
Flora Housman
Mortimer Jolles
Rose Adler Kochansky
Anne Landau
Sally Levin
Joseph Pearl
Gertrude Peters
Morris Pilver
Oscar Reiner
Irving Reingold
Abraham Revits
Murray Rotwein
Joseph Schapiro
Moses Scher
Irving Schnur
Ethel Shevel
Helen A. Spitalny
Myra Greenstone Springer
Peter Stark
Frances Tiplitz
Vincent Vitale
Susan Warshauer
Ruth Weber
Regina Weston
Ellie Yankow
Max Zimring
Helen E. Zywotow
Jan 15

Jeanette Applebaum
Benjamin Baser
Abraham Bergman
Mascha Bernstein
Claire Bloom
Martin Chomsky
Morris Cinnamon
Alex M. Cohen
Esther Cohen
Marvin Daniels
Lena Davis
Monroe Ehrenhalt
Sonia Epstein
Sidney Futuronsky
Rose Goldenberg
Pearl Goldman
Michael Goldstein
Theresa Greenstone
Joseph Grossman
Sonya Grossman
Jack M. Gussow
Barbara Haas
Mollie Halberg
Isaac Haskell
Florence Haupt
Theresa Heimlich
Marjorie Hollander
Nathan Holstein
Erving E Kastner
Irving Krantz
Janet LaKritz
Mrs. Linda Ledwitz
Sally Levin
Lucille Levy
Bella Mihalovich
Cecille Morris
Edith Moss
Louis Podell
Betty Reiner
Arlyne Reiter
Martin Rosenberg
Esther Rotwein
Joseph Schapiro
Harry Schoenberg
Marion Sokol
Herman Turkel
Geraldine Willner

Did you know that you can send a short paragraph about your loved ones so that you can share a bit about them at the time their name is read from the bima?  Just email the temple or the rabbi at tbmoffice@bethmiriam.org or rabbi@bethmiriam.org and we will gladly do this for you.
Jan 22

Martha C. Altman
Jeanette Applebaum
Malvina Berger
Sonny Brousell
Eve Brower
Alex M. Cohen
Esther Cohen
Mildred Cole
Dr. Samuel Edelson
Elias Ehrenhalt
Rita Epstein
Sylvia Feinberg
Bernard Francis
Marc Friedman
Rose Goldenberg
Michael Goldstein
Mary Gray
Sam Gross
Joseph Grossman
Marjorie Hollander
Irving Kaplan
Ester Khajezadeh
Minnie Kohn
Margaret Lebowitz
Stella Levie
Annie Lubin
Helen Marlin
Bernard Miller
William S. Myers
Betty Scott Neiderhoffer
Louis Podell
Mr Al Raulerson
Betty Reiner
Henry Reschke
Esther Rotwein
Chaim Sagalovsky
Anna Scher
Mollie D. Schultz
Blanche Silverman
Irving Singer
Marion Sokol
Emil Sostman
Milton Wasserman
Bessie Weissberg
Julian Zellner
May their memories be an eternal blessing and may their souls be bound up in the bonds of life
(If you notice an error in the list, either the spelling of the name or the date, please feel free to let the office know so we can correct it)

Tree of Life – A beautiful way to honor any occasion of your family with an engraved leaf on the tree bearing the name of the person honored on occasions such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birth, marriage or any other simcha.  Contribution $180.
The Yahrzeit Memorials – Purchase a sanctuary plaque memorializing a loved one who has died.  This
memorial provides that the name of the loved one will be recited yearly on the anniversary of his/her death.  Donation $500.
Prayer Book Fund – Maintains our supply of prayer books for worship services.  Bookplates are inserted in recognition of donation.  Contribution $36.
Social and Community Action Fund – Provides support for local community programs.
Family Affair – The goal of this program is to bring a little relief and a sign of caring to any of our temple members experiencing difficulty in life, by providing and delivering meals to their homes.
Heimlich-Aaron Library Fund – Maintains an in depth library of books on current and historic themes for the use of all age groups in the congregation.  A growing library of video tapes is available for members use.  Bookplates are inserted in recognition of donation.  Contribution $18.
The Endowment Fund – For the preservation of our temple and to enable us to fulfill our spiritual, educational, cultural and social needs.
Centennial Fund – Proceeds from this fund are used to underwrite two categories of temple activities;  up to 50% of the programs and programmatic activities; up to 50% of the annual proceeds can be used to underwrite under-funded pensions of Temple staff members.
Tzedakeh Fund – To be able to help congregants who are in needs of financial assistance.
Rabbi Joseph Goldman Fund for Jewish Learning – Proceeds from this fund will be used to underwrite and support an array of educational programs and activities for all age groups within our synagogue.  The objective of these activities will be to enhance Jewish knowledge, experiences, and commitment of temple members.
Heimlich Memorial Scholarship Fund – Established to honor the memory of Ernest Heimlich.
Proceeds of this fund are to be used to underwrite a partial scholarship to a college or school of higher education awarded to a Temple Beth Miriam Confirmand who has distinguished him/herself through exceptional Temple Community activity.  High school and college students.
Dorothy Hirsch Scholarship – Honors the memory of Dorothy Hirsch.  Proceeds of this fund provide scholarships to leadership training activities sponsored by the Reform Movement for high school and college students.
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
The Carolyn Meyer Memorial Lecture Fund – Proceeds from this fund will enable the temple and community to enjoy a biennial lecture on a theme related to Jewish teaching pertinent to a rich congregational life.
Neimark Shabbaton Institute – Honors the memory of Solomon & Regina Neimark.  Proceeds from this gift of $10,000 is to be used yearly to underwrite activities of temple seniors.  The proceeds may be used for the members of the Shabbaton, but are not limited only to seniors.
Berg-Bialek Youth Leadership Retreat Fund – This fund is used to supplement the cost of youth leardership retreats which may include conclaves, biennials and other leadership events.  The use of these funds will be at the discretion of the Rabbi, Temple President and Religious School Director.
Conn Music Fund – Established to honor Gert and Ralph Conn.  Proceeds from this fund are used to provide special musical programs and/or performances during holiday or special celebration.
The Norty Kern Youth Scholarship Fund – Proceeds of this fund will be used to send students of the 7th grade in our Religious School on a class trip.  The preferred trips to be of Jewish interest that will be decided upon by the Rabbi and the Mens’ Club.
Arthur and Hazel Harmon Fund – To honor the memory of Arthur & Hazel Harmon.  Proceeds of this fund are used to purchase a prize for a student of the Religious School who has performed outstanding congregational or community service during congregational year.
The Milton Ziment Fund for Scholastic Achievement – The purpose of this fund will be to provide an annual prize(s) for students of the Religious School who gain recognition for exceptional academic performance.
Sonya Grossman Art & Beautification Fund – This fund is for purchasing works of art & enhancing the beauty of TBM.
The Katz Family Fund – Proceeds of this fund are used to help families in need of funds for Religious School education.
Temple Beth Miriam Wish List – Proceeds are used to help provide needed upgraded technological items and furnishings.
Library Shelves – Available for dedication $1,000.
Evelyn Blank Choral Fund –  To be used for choral and other musical events.
Pess Family Youth Group Fund – Established by Lois & Gary Pess & will be used for all Youth Group activities not covered by other existing funds. It also provides necessary funds for Youth Group members who do not have financial resources to participate in activities & trips
Family Camp Fund – This fund is to help supplement the cost of Reform Jewish sleep-away camp to preserve children’s Jewish future and develop their leadership.
Cantor Discretionary Fund – This fund is directed by the Cantor of the congregation toward non-budgeted musical activities in the congregation.

President Barry Edison  eyedocbarry@gmail.com
Rabbi Cy Stanway rabbi@bethmiriam.org 
Cantor Marnie Camhi cantor@bethmiriam.org 
Religious School Principal Stella J. Stanway 
Administrator George Korbelak tbmoffice@bethmiriam.org
Youth Group Stella Stanway  stellastanway@bethmiriam.org
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Sandra Maseda Perez sandyreym@gmail.com
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