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Great Montana Ag Rally

MABA Convention 2021

As you all know – the challenges of holding events with the ever changing COVID situation is significant.  The MABA/MGEA Annual Convention will look a little bit different this year.  MABA and MGEA have decided to approach the annual join convention from different perspectives for 2021.  MABA and MGEA will be holding separate and distinct events.

The MABA Board recognizes that the annual convention provides significant benefits to our membership for a multitude of reasons.

  1.  GET YOUR POINTS – Both MT Department of Agriculture Points as well as Certified Crop Advisor Points
  2. NETWORKING – Providing individuals and companies the opportunity to interact and improve their business relationships.

To meet these two very important elements, the MABA Annual Event will be split into two phases:

PHASE 1: Continuing Education

Bi-monthly webinars on pertinent issues facing our industry. The first webinar series will be held on December 1.  See below for program outline.  MABA feels that providing educational opportunities to our members is very important and through partial financial assistance through the MT Department of Commerce we can offer the webinars FREE OF CHARGE!

PHASE 2:  Summer Social/Golf Tournament

The culmination of the Great Montana Ag Rally 2021 will be a summer social and golf tournament held the midway through Summer 2021.  There will be many opportunities for networking and relationship building.  MABA will also hold an auction like what members are used to seeing at Convention.  This event promises to be fun with golf tournament, excursions, and most likely a barn dance!  More information on the Great American Ag Rally 2021 Summer Event will be provided as soon as it is available.


Phase 1

TO REGISTER for Phase 1 please go to the MABA website and click on the registration link. You will need to register for each of the 1 hour sessions per webinar. If you have issues or concerns please send an email to mabamgea@gmail.com.

New registration links will be uploaded to the website before each of the bi-monthly sessions.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

TO SPONSOR a session please go to the www.mtagbiz.org (preferred) OR fill out the sponsorship form and return it to mabamgea@gmail.com.  The sponsorship slots will be filled on a first come first served basis.  You will be assigned a session based on availability.  Your continued support of MABA through sponsorship of The Great Montana Ag Rally is critical to the associations ability to serve membership going forward and to help create a bridge to the 2022 Convention. 

PHASE 1 sponsorship details are outline below.  Phase 2 Sponsorship details will be made available in the spring.

Phase 1 Sponsorship (limit of 14)

Phase 1 Sponsors

Sponsorships will be accepted for each one hour session throughout the Phase 1 Rally program.

Sponsors will receive:
(1)  Logo prominently displayed on all marketing and meeting invites for that session.
(2)  10 minutes at the beginning of the session to interact directly with attendees.
(3)  Logo prominently displayed during virtual presentation.
(4)  Recognition on MABA website and recorded virtual presentation page.

Cost:  $1000

GO TO WWW.MTAGBIZ.ORG and click on the sponsorship link to sponsor a session.

Thank you for your continued support of MABA!

Phase 2

Information on registering for the Summer Social/Golf Tournament will be sent out to membership in early spring.  Registration information will include details on golf tournament registration, side trips that are available, and other pertinent information. 


Great Montana Ag Rally 2021

Calendar of Events

Phase 1 Educational Events

December 1, 2020

Hour 1:  Fundamental Agronomy, Alan Blaylock, Nutrien

Hour 2: Soil Acidity in Montana, Clain Jones, MSU 

December 15, 2020

Hour 1:  Field Technology

 Hour 2:  Problems in Chem Fallow

January 5, 2021


Hour 1:  Pulse and Oilseed Pests

Hour 2:  Persistent and Emerging Diseases of MT Pulse Crops, Uta McKelvy, MSU Extension Specialist for Plant Pathology 

January 19, 2021

Hour 1:  MSU College of Agriculture, Montana Agricultural Experiment Station and Congressional Updates

Hour 2:  MABA Annual Meeting

February 2, 2021

Hour 1 – “I Applied 10 gallons of Water; Why didn’t my Herbicide Work?” Spray Coverage Myths and Realities, Tom Wolf

Hour 2 – “Spraying Technology Preview for 2021: What’s Hot, What’s Not”, Tom Wolf    

February 16, 2021

Hour 1:  Nutrient Management in Oilseeds, Dr. Kent McVay, Southern Ag Research Center

Hour 2:  Mental Health in Agriculture – Alison Brennan, PhD Assistant Professor/Extension Mental Health Specialist & Michelle Grocke, PhD, Extension Health and Wellness Specialist
March 2, 2021

Hour 1:  Spring 2021 – Challenges and Opportunities

Hour 2:  Safety First 

Concerns or Questions
If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to reach out via email -- mabamgea@gmail.com.  Our office is still remote and therefore email is the most efficient way to reach us.


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