January 19 Elijah



First Seder Help Needed

We are happy to announce that TBM will be hosting another fabulous First Seder of Pesach.  Bob Kellert is going to be our Seder Coordinator and is looking for volunteers.  This is a big event and a great opportunity to get involved.  Contact me at rabbi@bethmiriam.org if you are interested and I will get you all the necessary information.  Or, if you wish, reach out to Bob at bobeggs@aol.com.  Thanks!


Chocolate Oneg

Our front office staff loves our temple!  And, to express that love Frankie Langer and Tyler Barbato are sponsoring a chocolate-themed Oneg Shabbat on February 16th at 7:30.  Come join us!


 A Shabbat celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. with Trinity AME Church  

January 19 6 PM

Temple Beth Miriam is delighted to welcome our friends from the Trinity AME Church of Long Branch to a special Shabbat service on Friday, January 19 at 6 PM (NOTE THE TIME!!) We will be sharing Shabbat together and honoring the legacy of Dr. King. Reverend Dr. Lesly Devereaux, the Pastor of the church, will speak that evening. Everyone is most welcome to attend. Bring your children and share what will be a very, very special Shabbat as we continue to build bridges of peace and understanding.


Sunday Morning Talmud 

After a year of challenging ourselves in Genesis Midrash Rabbah, we are almost finished the current volume. Our next course of study will be Tractate Megillah in the Talmud regarding the laws of the Purim megillah and Purim in general. Everyone is most welcome to join us for the class which is held every Sunday morning that there is Religious School.

If you want to get the book (which you will need if you are coming to class, you can get it here in various formats.