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August 12, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,


Did you sign up for our security alerts?  If you did, great!  If not, let me explain:  I really get annoyed when a company sends me email after email during the week.  Because of this, I try very hard to not send more than one email - the Question of the Week email - a week.  But, sometimes, there are security issues that you should know about.  As a way of not annoying everyone on our mailing list, I've created a special list called Security Alerts.  If you want to get these extra emails - which could be 1 or 2 for a week and then maybe nothing for a number of weeks, please subscribe.  You do that by scrolling down to the very bottom of this email.  Find where it reads "Update Subscription Preferences" and click there.  Put a check mark in the list labeled "Security Alerts."  You can also choose to get the Microsoft Word or the Microsoft Excel Tip of the Month, if you aren't getting those already.  Click Update Profile.  That's it!  If you don't want to receive the security alert emails, don't do anything! (FYI: NO security alerts were sent last week.)


REMINDER:  Microsoft and/or Apple will NEVER call you, they will NEVER cause a window to appear on your device warning you that it's infected and that you should not turn it off or you'll lose everything.  These are SCAMS. 


If you're a Remote Technical Support customer, we're repeating our information about our new software.  If you already have it, you can zip past that information!


Please be sure to read our Question of the Week below!  It's all about Social Media!


Have an awesome week. 



Next Seminar

Our next seminar will be Saturday, September 8, 2018.  The seminar title is "I Am Not A Crook" and it will be from 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon.  The cost is still $8 per person.  Come a little early for coffee, juice, donuts and other goodies.  No need to register ahead of time, just come join us!  You may bring your laptop or tablet if you like but they are not necessary for the class.  Our seminar will be held in the Fellowship Hall of Trinity United Methodist Church, 2221 NE Savannah Rd., Jensen Beach, FL  34957

(Click on the church name for directions.)  


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If you aren't a RTS customer and need help, you can go to and follow the instructions to open a chat with us and allow us to log on to your machine, if needed.  Hopefully, you'll decide to join the RTS program!

New Software Log-in Instructions:

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Question of the Week

Question: "I finally got started in Social Media.  I'm using Facebook and Instagram.  I have a lot to learn but I would like to ask this question:  do celebrities actually post their own things?  And, will they interact with me if I follow them?"


Answer:  The world of Social Media can be fun, exciting, uplifting and encouraging.  Unfortunately, it can also be depressing, addictive and upsetting.  I warn everyone who uses Social Media: take breaks every once in a while; follow uplifting people and not those who spread negativity; don't be afraid to block someone who becomes aggressive or nasty towards you.  And, especially for women and children: don't reveal too much about yourself to people you don't personally know.

If you've ever been to one of my live seminars, you may already know


As for celebrities, it's that familiar Microsoft Answer - it depends!


Addressing the first part of this week's Question: some celebrities run their own social media accounts while others hire staff or outside companies to take care of that aspect of their lives.  


Some examples of those who handle their own media: LLCoolJ, James Woods, Paula Abdul and Kaley Cuoco.


Examples of those who have outside people handle their account are: Megan Hilty and and Shania Twain.


Other celebrity accounts are difficult to nail down.  Sometimes it appears posts are from the celeb themselves and other times it feels like it's someone else.


For the final portion of this week's question:  getting celebs to actually interact with you is not an easy task.  You might be a great person and, IF they could get to know you, they might find you quite interesting.  Unfortunately, it's a numbers game.  If a celeb is running their own Social Media accounts, it's them against their followers.  It's a matter of time.  Going back to the celebs I mentioned above, let's look at some numbers:

LLCoolJ - 5M Twitter followers; James Woods - 1.6 Million Twitter followers; Paul Abdul - 2.1 Million Twitter followers; Kaley Cuoco - 3.8 Million Instagram followers (even though she uses a fake name); Megan Hilty - 87.8K Instagram followers and finally, Shania Twain - 826K Instagram followers and 900.1K Twitter followers. 


With those kinds of numbers, it would be rare for you to really "get to know" the celeb in question.


Anyway, that's it for this week.  Not on Social Media yet?  It's a big world out there and it might be time to jump in!



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