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Rabbi Cy Stanway

Of all of the Jewish holidays, perhaps the strangest is Purim.  One would expect the holiday to be much more somber.  After all, Haman and his henchmen plotted to destroy the Jews of Persia on the 14th day of Adar but at the last minute the tables were turned and his plans came to naught.

The mood should be one of deep prayer and of giving thanks to God and remembering the people like Esther who save the Jewish people.  Instead, we have a holiday filled with carnivals, food, general silliness and a frivolity.  Why?

It is, I think, gallows humor.  Literally.  We are laughing because we escaped the gallows at the last minute.  When people dodge a bullet, there is often shock and disbelief followed by great joy.  That is what happened here. 

I believe that after the initial shock, the writers of the Book of Esther expressed their joy.  This is what has made Purim such a strange holiday.  Whereas Hannukah is much more theological and has philosophical underpinnings of religious freedom, Purim is a holiday that celebrates blind luck. 

Jews are no strangers to laughter and much humor comes from terrible circumstances and close calls.  I believe we will see much more of that in the future.

In our country there are people who feel emboldened to threaten Jews just as Haman did.  Whereas anti-Semitism was hidden under the rug, our teachers and leaders reminded us that it never really went away.  (Read 'The Plague' by Camus for a refresher).  It was just not politically acceptable to desecrate Jewish cemeteries, paint swastikas on the walls of synagogues, and equate Israel with the Nazis and genocide.  But, today it is for no reason other than the haters feel embolden to hate publicly.  And, it is not 'somewhere else.'  Sooner or later it will hit our neighborhood and our temple.  In fact, just this morning, my sister in law called quite upset that there had been a bomb scare at her child's Jewish day school - one of about a dozen this week alone. 

There is no rest for the anti-Semite because anti-Semitism is a disease.  It is a pathology that has no reason for being.  People are feeling emboldened to hate Jews simply because it is the oldest hatred in the book.  Don't try to analyze the people who hate: they hate simply because they can.

But the Purim story is a lesson and the lesson is this: it takes awareness and steadfastness, courage and strength to stand up for the oppressed against the wicked.  It takes nerve to stand up against those who hate for the sake of hating.  I don't have to reason with them.  I only have to resist them.  I know that, ultimately, they will crawl back under their rocks until the next time but, in the meantime, we will have stood our ground and cared for our community. 

This is a moment in Jewish history - and American Jewish history.  The only question remaining is who is going to be our Esther.  All of the Hamans are easy to spot.  It is the truly brave that stand on the glistening edge of the wave of history and, I, like you, plan to be on that edge against the irrational hate of Jews by people who can't even tell you what a Jew is, let alone tell you the slightest reason why they hate Jews -- other than they just can because they need something to hate.

So what to do?  Do what Jews have always done.  Live righteously.  Protect the vulnerable.  Keep an eye toward the future.  Never lose hope.  Never allow the haters to turn you to hate.  Remember the rabbinic dictum: 'Whoever can turn an enemy into a friend has achieved the highest good."  That is our ultimate goal.  It seems far away for the moment but everyday it gets closer and closer.
Rabbi Stanway's Blog
From the Cantor
Cantor Marnie Camhi

It’s Adar and you know what that means!! Purim!!! This year we will be celebrating on Sunday, March 12 at 10:30am with a new original Purim spiel (written by me) called The Little Mermaideleh. It is a spoof of The Little Mermaid. Our cast, crew and musicians have been working very hard since January to prepare the show for you. I am so very proud of everyone involved in this year’s spiel!

Todah rabbah, mazal tov and bravo to: Rachel Adler, Evan Beson, Lia Bram, Maya Brosniak, Araiya Casriel, Eric Casriel, Barry Edison, Paige Edison, Reese Figueiredo, Marian Gross, Eliza Howard, Josie Howard, Briana Jacobson, Danna Kawut, David Kawut, Sadie Kawut, Kim Levin, Rachael O’Neill, Alexandra Preston, Adi Raz, Julia Reisler, Sharon Silverman, Rabbi Cy Stanway, Elliot Topper and Anna Vernick.

Please come in costume and join us for all of our Purim activities! We will start at 10:30am with a song session, costume contest and then the spiel! The Purim Carnival will begin at noon (12pm).

See you soon!

Cantor Marnie
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From the Principal
Stella Stanway
The Heimlich Aaron library is about to get a long overdue makeover!

You may have noticed that we have been quietly disposing of books that have not been touched in over 30 years, while we have been building up the use of our Children’s Library, which is now temporarily being housed in a spare classroom. Your children have been visiting the library twice a month and, under the direction of our EBRS Alum Chase Kaplan, have been enjoying discussions, hearing Jewish content stories and taking out books with our state of the art checkout system generously donated by our Temple Sisterhood.

Now we plan to remodel the space for the Heimlich Aaron Library. We will be replacing all the bookcases, updating the lighting, putting on a fresh coat of paint and replacing our dated and worn furniture with new durable tables and chairs. When it is complete, it will be a beautiful and welcoming space to learn, meet, share and even think.

But we need your help. We have committed not to use any funds from our temples budget. The Aaron family has already generously donated a substantial number of dollars and we’d like you, the parents, to have the opportunity to participate in funding this worthy project. We would like to suggest a minimum donation of $100 (or more, of course). All those who participate with this minimum contribution will have their names engraved on a plaque to be displayed on our existing EBRS dedication board, located near the school wing.
participate, simply send in your check, made out to Temple Beth Miriam, with a note in the memo specifying Library Renovation.

I look forward to your participation in this exciting project. I know it will further enrich our children’s experience at Temple Beth Miriam and will also send them the message that caring for this sacred space is important and matters.

Stella J. Stanway
Mazel Tov Section
*Mazel Tov to Harold & Susan Hodes on the birth of their grandson, Ethan James Hodes. Ethan was born on February 27, 2017. His proud parents are Josh & Katie Hodes.
Mazal tov to Jolie Harkavy!  Jolie Sienna Harkavy will become a Bat Mitzvah on April 1. Jolie lives in West Long Branch with her parents and younger sister Aria and is a 7th grader at Frank Antonides Middle School. She is a member of the National Junior Honor Society as well as the AT (Academically Talented) Program. Jolie keeps very busy after school as well; she plays for the Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams and is on the Cheerleading Squad. Jolie is also passionate about performing arts. She loves to sing, dance, act and play the piano despite not having taken any lessons. She has participated in numerous productions including the Shore Regional High School production of Annie when she was in 5th grade.

For Jolie’s Kishrei Halev project, she will be working with the Mya Lynn Terry Foundation. The foundation helps families battling pediatric cancer in many ways that range from helping to procure needed medications that are not covered by insurance to simply bringing smiles on family’s faces. Jolie has worked on projects with the Foundation for several years and is honored to have recently been named a Junior Board Member.
From the Office

Dear Congregants,

March is full of events for everyone! We will have Visual Tefillah, preceded by wine & cheese at 7 PM on March 3. The Paid Up Sisterhood Brunch and Teen Academy will take place on March 5.  SALTY will have their Annual Purim Carnival, and we will enjoy the Purim Spiel on March 12. Be on the lookout for your Purim Bags, too!
Raffle drawing will also take place on March 12! If you have not purchased your tickets, we have them in the office. You do NOT have to be present to win big prizes!

There is a school trip, a B’nai Mitzvah, and lots of adult classes throughout the month. Please see our calendar for all of the particulars. We hope you will join us!

Happy Purim from our families to yours,

Shari Nightingale and Frankie Langer
Beth Mriiam welcomes Patricia Coelho from Long Branch New Jersey to our family here at TBM!
Outstanding Jewish and Israeli Programing at the Axelrod Theatre
The Axelrod Theatre at the JCC on Grant Avenue in Oakhurst is having some wonderful programs and Beth Miriam is invited to attend!  Rabbi Stanway will be offering 10 free tickets to synagogue members for each of these events (excluding Film Festival) – with a limit 2 per family.
I am Anne Frank – April 23
Noa – May 13
Transcendance May 21
“Time and Chance” –
If you wish a ticket or two, please contact the Rabbi at 732-222-3754 and he will arrange to get them to you.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see some great Jewish and Israeli culture and share as a community the joys of music and dance.
May their memories be a blessing

March 3rd

Mildred Bacher
Stanley Benjamin
Joseph Bernat
Leonard Bierman*
Lois-Lee Bierman*
Evelyn Blank*
Louis Chancer
Lewis Eisner
Bertha Feinberg
Nathaniel Franzblau*
Robert Friedman*
Louis Glickman
Marvin Goldstein*
Miriam Gross
Steven Hollander*
Bert Kanarek
Frances Kashdan
Rose Klein*
Henrietta Kranz
Fanny Levin*
Joseph Lorand*
Joseph Lubin*
Anne Mintzer*
Ruth Mulnick
Aaron Neimark*
Maxine Rosenbloom
Sylvia Rosenkranz
Louis Sirotkin
Bertha Stein*
Jacob Stolzenberg
William Voorhees

March 10

Rose Barnett*
Sadie Bier*
Walter Blazer
Melvin Block
Lilian Blumenthal
Ann Bosniak
Max Brown
Hannah Buckman*
Joseph Corman*
Sylvia Domes
Gertrude Etter
Bessie Fried
Dorothy Gellis
Barry Gillman*
Minna Greenbaum
Robert Greenbaum
Reina Hechter*
Louis Hersch
Sigmund Herschaft*
Edmund Hersh
Bernard Kaye
Gloria LeBlanc
Hazel Lerner
George Luxner
Leon Massar*
Daisy Massar*
Ben Moser
Sara Nadler*
Evelyn Nissenberg
Marjorie Nussbaum
Lillian Pashall*
Abraham Reigel*
Ann Sachs*
Rena Schlessinger
Daniel Schwadron
Michael Selbst*
Sylvia Stamler Ginsberg*
Paul Topper

March 17

Alan Arbus
Jerry Braiman
Ralph Conn*
Jerome Dobken*
Paul Epstein
Florence Farber
Charles Federman
David Gray
Joel Gruskin
Nettie Kane*
Frank Kasson*
Ira Katchen*
Beatrice Kirschner*
Eileen Lemansky*
Minnie Levitt*
Frances Lewis*
Michael Lichtman
Bertha Milberg
Madeline Muscara
Richard Nawratzki*
Kay Nelson

Monroe Pincus*
Anita Posner
Julia Rapps
Max Raskin
Nettie Revits*
Carol Rubin*
Eva Rubenstein
Samuel Schoninger*
Benjamin Schultz
May Stambler
Rozlyn Statmore
Estelle Tucker*
Isadore Zlotkin*

March 24

Fred Agin
Alan Arbus
Bertha Barr
Barbara Beller*
Esther Berkowitz*
Bernice Bricken
Fannie Brooks*
Theodore Calafates*
Abraham Casriel
Ida Chancer
Milton Conford*
Aaron Czolczynski
Joseph Dennis*
Joseph Dwork*
Frances Ehrenhalt*
Lois Finver
Betty Fish*
Joan Fisher
Joseph Fleck*
Charles Goldman*
Rhea Gordon*
Lydia Heller
Jack Hersch*
David Heyman*
Walter Jonas
Sylvia Kamm
Louis Kaye*
Barnett Kern
Beverly Kreisberg*
Abraham Lasher
Michael Mintzer*
Paul Morris
Regina Neimark*
Ida Neimark*
Andrew Nitzberg
Donald Platnick
Samuel Rosenbaum*
Solomon Schwartz*
George Scott*
Joseph Silverstein*
Max Silverstein*
Hannelore Sweetwood*
Seymour Teich*
Phyllis Toner
Jacob Wolin
Frieda Zimring
Jeanette Zweben

March 31

Sydney Berger*
Milton Berger*
David Berman*
Eli Bialik*
Jennie Cohen*
Sydney Darnell
Stella Eidelsberg
Sidney Erlanger*
Edith Fetz
Frances Foster
Alexander Franklin*
Sol Goldstein
Martin Greenstein*
Jacob Greenstone*
Nathan Heller*
Helen Hirsch
Simon Jacobson*
Celia Jaffe*
Gilbert Cart
Max Casson*
Larry Katz
Gussie Kotkin
Sidney Leichter*
Milton Lipstein
Samuel Marlin*
Lilian Marsh
Ruth Morse
Sam Richlin
Ronald Rubenstein*
Morris Rutenberg*
Becky Selbst*
Maurice Stalberg
Ida Stein
Sophie Tenzer*
Seymour Wenger

Temple Beth Miriam mourns the Loss of Paul Frankel.  May God console those who mourn among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Pess Family Youth Group Fund
In memory of Liesel Baker, mother of
Deborah White.
-Gina & Brian Gillet

Tzedakeh Fund
In memory of Ira Bassin
-Lt. Col. Ron Ledwitz & Meryl Ledwitz

Library Renovation Fund
In memory of my loving parents, Jack & Theresa Greenstone.
-Sylvia Ehrenhalt

In memory of Abby Scheer's husband, Steven
-Sylvia Ehrenhalt

In memory of Brian Fine's wife, Sharon.
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March Birthdays & Anniversaries

 Mazel tov to all that celebrate this month.

 Rachel Adler 
Frances Applebaum
Debbie Arbus
Phyllis Baron
Jacob Bader
Jacob Bazer
Matthew Bazer
Evan Beson
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Happy Anniversary Couples

Richard & Cyndi Berger
Greg & Jackie Coben
Martin & Sondra Epstein
Arthur & Karen Hodes

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