September 2017
Fall is now full swing here at the Wooden Horse Corporation workshop in Ohio. The leaves are starting to turn and Popcorn the Pony is crunching around in his paddock.
We have been full speed ahead all year and there is no slowdown in sight. That said, at the time of this publication, there are only 12 weeks left until Christmas! We don't mean to rush the holidays, but this is a friendly nudge to start thinking now about that special equestrian in your life who might have an Equicizer on their list for Santa this year. Don't wait until after Thanksgiving to call us up...get your order in now! Don't forget that we have a variety of financing options available... check out our website for more information.
Upcoming Episode Announcement- Don't Miss It!
|| S u r e I n t h e S a d d l e ||
We are so excited to announce that an upcoming episode of horseman Steve Lantvit's hit show "Sure In the Saddle" will feature a very special guest - our very own All Purpose Riding Pad! The episode "Benefits of Riding Bareback" will air October 12th on RFD-TV at 3pm and 11pm EST. 
Tune in October 12th!
|| W o o d e n H o r s e W e d n e s d a y ||
 Equicizer In Action - Isabelle Wenc 
In this edition of our blog, Wooden Horse Wednesday, we caught up with Canadian jockey Isabelle Wenc to ask her some questions about her life, career, and use of the Equicizer. She tells us about her experiences on the track and how she came back from a very serious injury with lots of hard work and determination. 
The Painting & Finishing Process
In this edition, we offered a behind-the-scenes look at a very important part of the process of transforming a pile of wood and springs into an attractive riding machine! During painting and finishing, each Equicizer really gets some custom attention.
|| W h i s p e r i n g G r a c e H o r s e s ||
Last month, the Equicizer team was invited to head south to Massillon, Ohio and meet up with Steve Lantvit at Whispering Grace Horses for a short Equicizer coaching session with students. We were able to capture some great photos during our time there and hope to share more soon in a full blog post. Here is a sneak peak of the visit!

Learn more about the incredible work that Bill and Marcia Shearer are doing through Whispering Grace: