March Madness
School vacation week is here...and chances are  that some of you are either reading this from a chair lift or a beach chair, while others from the mundane comfort of your couch or work desk. Whether you're sipping a dark and stormy on a beach somewhere or watching one more day of 'dark and stormy' roll over the island, the truth is that we still have one more month of winter. We try hard to stay positive around here, but sometimes it's nice to hear what others are doing to make the best of the shortest, coldest days of the year. Read on to see how our staff is staying busy, cozy and keeping the "stir-crazies" away!  There is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, but a few home remedies and anecdotes in the meantime never hurts! Cheers and we'll see you in March!
Running in the winter keeps me active and looking forward to the warmer weather to come. It may seem impossible to run during the winter months on Nantucket, but it’s not. Truthfully, you’re only cold for the first 15 minutes. The key is to use the bike paths (for safety) and be sure to dress warm but not too-warm. Learning to breath in cold weather will make those summer runs a breeze.”

-David Winking, Bartlett's Produce Dept
"Bored? I play board games with friends! This winter Balderdash has been my go to."
-David Shepard, Receiving Manager
"I day dream about my yard, and, when the weather allows (and encourages me!) I try to dig in the dirt, prune, weed and get ready for Spring. I also try to take advantage of any sunshine and get outside to walk as much as possible. Indoors, knitting, reading (recently fell back in love with the library!) and soup…must be a family trait!"
click the pic for Mj's mom's Kale Soup recipe
-Maryjane Mojer, Store Manager

"Netflixing The Godfather and movies like that one. If not, I’d be watching NBA games and soccer league on the weekends.
Let’s go Barca!!!"
-Sunil Suwal, Inventory Manager
"​​​​​​​I do a lot of crock-pot cooking in the winter. A super easy one is Puttanesca Chicken. I toss some chicken thighs in with a jar of tomato sauce, kalamata olives, lemon zest and capers in the morning before work and come home to a welcoming smell and ready dinner. I serve it over orzo and then curl up with the dogs and kids under a blanket and watch a movie!”
-Laura Steele, HR Director
Going to the movies at the Dreamland on a dreary day is one of my favorites.  Another thing I love to do is to take long walks in Madaket…no traffic…and it is an inspiring way to be re-acquainted with the beauty of the west end.  Shopping…of course…especially the year-end sales at Haulover, Murrays and Vis a Vis!!! I love the intimacy of Cisco Brewery in the winter but I’m especially looking forward to the Island-wide Celebration of the One Book One Island reading at The Whaling Museum on March 10."

-Allison Kimmerle, Customer Concierge
Skip the Straw Day is TODAY!
Bartlett's Farm has said "NO WAY" to
plastic straws in a big way! 
We offer Haystraws brand made of wheat stalks to our customers and sell a few different kinds of reusable straws in the market. U-Konserve makes one of our favorites, available for purchase by the registers!
What's Cooking? Bartlett's Sous Chef, Stephanie Guzman-Garcia, celebrates Dominican Independence with a week of great food!
"We basically fought for our independence twice." explains Stephanie, of how her home country of the Dominican Republic became independent from Spain and France in the 1800s. 


"It's a pretty big deal. We celebrate Independence day all month with parties, Carnival parades depicting the Spaniards in devilish masks and entertaining shows in the streets with brightly colored costumes and great food. February 27th is the most festive day. There is no school and children are encouraged to dress up in costume and participate in the parades.

We celebrate here on Nantucket as well. My family cooks a big meal of Sancocho, a traditional stew of meats like beef, pork and chicken braised down with yucca, pumpkin, corn and plantains, & served with white rice and ripe avocado. Then there's Dominican Flag, a dish of rice, stewed beans and braised chicken or beef flavored with Criollo, a heady sauce flavored with garlic, sour orange and cumin."
"My home town of Cabrera reminds me of Nantucket because it is a tranquil, coastal town. 

It's not touristy, but it is also small and we live off the land. The food there is unbelievably fresh. Every single fruit, every vegetable...the milk! Even though people don't have a lot of money, everyone is happy, and everyone knows everyone. You just have to say, 'I am so-and-so's son, and they recognize you!  We are all very close knit. Most Dominicans on Nantucket are actually from Cabrera because it reminds us of home.  When you're there you just feel peaceful, much like here on Nantucket."

In honor of Stephanie's heritage and Dominican Independence Day, she is cooking a full week of traditional Dominican lunch specials. Stop in for lunch tomorrow for Patelon de Platano Maduro- a delicious meal of mashed plantains and ground beef topped with cheese, or her famous Sancocho on Friday!
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Breakfast Burritos
are BACK! 
Need some serious morning fuel?
Pick up a couple of these scrumptious wraps which are made to order and perfectly portable! Scrambled eggs get cozy with potato hash, caramelized onions, peppers, cheddar and bacon. Need a veggie one? No problem! $9.99 with meat, $8.99 without!
NEW! Ready-to-heat single dinners from our kitchen

Our single serving dinners are fresh & delicious. Believe it or not, they are packaged in an oven & microwave safe container. 
Don't let the silver color fool you!
Fresh Catch is Open on Friday and Saturdays
Fresh Catch is open on
Fridays and Saturdays through the winter!

Winter Hours-
Friday, 1 pm to 6 pm
Saturdays 9 am-6 pm
Invite a little Freshness
into Your Kitchen
Ariston Lemon Infused Oil from Greece
Infused with essence of lemon pairs well with any seafood, chicken or dish that needs a little lemon flavor.
   Infuse your grain pilafs and salads- We have an extensive variety of Bob's Red Mill grains that are nutrient rich and heart-healthy. 
Organic farro grains are a good source of iron and plant-based protein. It’s also easy to digest, allowing your body to readily absorb the nutrients. Bob's organic farro grains are very lightly scratched, as is traditional, to allow for a faster cooking time and to encourage the release of their starches during cooking."
-text from Bob's Red Mill

Try this winter farro & kale salad recipe and drizzle with some lemony oil for a summery kick!
New! Fresh Scents & Cooking Tools
"Thymes has just introduced a home line that includes counter top spray, dish-washing soap, hand soap as well as their fabulous candles and home mist.  We are carrying two scents here at the farm; Washed Linen, for those who prefer a nice clean scent, and Mandarin Coriander, which has a lovely citrus scent."
"Epicurean is a fabulous line of cutting boards and utensils. Everything is made in America, knife and dishwasher safe. One of the personal chef customers who shops at Bartlett's in the summer told me he has to have them in every house he cooks in!
We carry a variety of styles, mostly wood composite as well as a poly option. They come in different size and colors and some boards have extra features like gripper feet and juice wells."
-Kate O'Brien, Gift Manager
Meet Our Staff! 
Hilary Armour & Rowan Callahan
Hilary along with her two kids, Max and Rowan, moved out to Nantucket in July of 2018 after Hilary accepted the position of Garden Center Manager here at Bartlett's.  Hilary has joined us with roughly twenty years of garden center experience, and after hopping on the boat, she fell in love with the island and was amazed by “so many people!” What Hilary looks forward to most at the farm is our greenhouses, and of course her morning scone from our bakery!   When Hilary isn’t working in the greenhouses, making terrariums, designing window boxes or ordering plants, she can be found enjoying a good science fiction novel with her kitty and a cup pf tea.  Little known fun fact about Hilary is that she spent three years living in Madrid, Spain. 

Hilary was joined on Nantucket by her daughter, and like mother, like daughter, we introduce you to Rowan Callahan.  This blue haired lady is a seasonal employee at Bartlett’s and is a ray of sunshine to have around!  Rowan is a freshman at Nantucket High and hopes to play lacrosse on a collegiate level in the future.  When Rowan first moved to Nantucket, she was excited to see how lively the island was and to make new, lasting friendships.  What Rowan most loves about working at the farm is meeting new people from all walks of life and helping people have a great experience.  When Rowan isn’t at work, she loves to spend time at the beach, hanging out with friends and playing lacrosse.  Though her blue hair makes her easy to spot now, be on the lookout summer 2019 for a new pop of hair color!

Garden Center Goodies-
Perfect Pots 
Self watering, orchid and decorative pots coated in brightly colored glazes are waiting to be filled with a sweet African violet, orchid or cactus. Located across from Fresh Catch, check them out on your next visit.
Pictured below left- Our new self-watering pots! Simply pot your plant into the insert and fill the base with water. Your plant will take the water it needs right through the terra cotta. Easy peasy! Pictured right- brightly glazed pots make a perfect gift. Even better with the purchase of a pretty little houseplant to brighten your valentine's day.
Upcoming Farm Talks
Saturday, March 16th at 11 am in the Hayloft
Join us on Saturday, March 16th at 11 AM for an informative farm talk with Graeme Durovich, recycling coordinator for the town of Nantucket. Bring your questions and learn how to best support our waste management efforts here at home. 
Farm Talk; Shamanism and Tick-borne disease with Danica Connors, March 23rd at 11 AM
We're Hiring!
Want to be a part of a global community for the summer?
Check out this list of Bartlett's Farm hires for this year from around the Globe!
Belarus -Nepal- Ukraine- Croatia- Ireland- Russia- England- Tanzania- Rwanda- Uganda- France- Philippines- Kenya- Australia -Colombia- Brazil- Zimbabwe- Jamaica- Lithuania- Kyrgyzstan

Our busy production kitchen is in need of seasonal cooks with 1-2+ years’ experience, 
 Afternoon/evening positions available.

Our Garden Center is looking for someone to do some plant stocking and soil loading.  A great job for someone with an interest, but not necessarily experience, working with plants.  Must be able to start by Mid-May.
Dorm housing is a possibility

Please apply online 

Save the Date
​​​​​​​3.16- Farm Talk- Waste Management on Nantucket
3.23- Farm Talk- Shamanism and Tick-borne disease with Danica Connors
4.13- Bartlett's Farm Living Well Fair