May 2016 Newsletter
“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”
-Job 5:9

Dear HPN,

Happy May to all of you, the most beautiful month of the year in Hollywood!  It’s TV Hiatus season, so many television professionals here are resting for a month or two, as they wait to see if their show is picked up for another season.  Let’s all pray together this month for all that God has for us and celebrate the amazing things that He’s done and is doing...

•  PRAISE GOD for an amazing time at our first HPN LCDs Summit! 
•  We had a great National Day of Prayer celebration 
•  Pray for the Tonys: The American Theatre Wing's 70th Annual "Tony" Awards
•  Please pray for the creative artists around the world who feel very alone
•  Pray for the employees of DreamWorks as they are acquired by Comcast
•  Pray that more artists connect their pursuit of work with their hearts for God
•  Pray for actor Joaquin Phoenix, who is on a spiritual journey
•  Let’s pray that the new Star Trek TV series will stir the viewers’ spiritual thoughts
•  World renown singer/songwriter Pop legend PRINCE died last month
•  Pray for Christians in Hollywood who are not famous but eternally significant
•  Pray for Will Ferrell, who has chosen to turn down a controversial film role
•  Pray for the Christians around the world who are still angry at Hollywood
•  God is moving through the Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio
•  Pray for the feature film "Silence", directed by Martin Scorsese

Amazing First Local Chapter Director’s SUMMIT
WOW, we PRAISE GOD for an amazing time last week at our first HPN Local Chapter Directors (LCDs) Summit!  We had 60 people fly in from 10 different countries to spend four days on a Missions Trip to Hollywood, and it was unbelievable!  I have to thank all of our LCDs for trusting us enough to take the time and buy the plane ticket to come and spend the week with us.  You blessed and encouraged everyone here and we believe that God touched every heart with a deeper understanding of His work in our industry! The prayers now for Hollywood are going to rock our world!   I am also deeply thankful to our staff and awesome volunteers who made this Summit possible!  God did miraculous things in and amongst every single person involved! We know that great things are coming out of the visionary gathering! Here is the link to see some of the photos & updates!

 National Day of Prayer Celebration in Hollywood
 We had a great National Day of Prayer celebration last Thursday and we thank God  for Alicia Barmore, who put it together, and also our partnership with the Salvation  Army in Hollywood, who hosted the event.  To gather 300 people in their church on  Hollywood Blvd. to pray for our country, our state, our city and the entertainment  industry, was powerful!

Pray for the Tony Awards: The American Theater Wing's 70th Annual Tony Awards
The "Tony" Awards, which are presented by The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing, will air on CBS on Sunday, June 12th from 8:00 - 11:00 PM. Six of HPN’s Local Chapter Directors came from NYC for last week’s Summit and we know they have a renewed heart to gather Christians to pray for the creative and business Theatre community on and off Broadway in New York.  Thousands of visitors from around the world, every week, come to NYC and go to a Broadway show.  The people on the stage and behind the scenes there need our prayers.  Please join us in praying for the NYC and global theatre community! 
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Pray for the Creatives Who Feel Alone
Pray for the creative artists around the world who don’t have a community of other believers.  We were reminded at our Summit that the 10,000 Christians we know in Hollywood and the 18 active ministries here are quite unique!  We talked to our HPN members who are filmmakers in Norway, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, The Philippines, England, Egypt, Canada and all over the US, who feel so alone!  May the Lord bring believers together in other film centers as He has in Hollywood!
DreamWorks Acquired by Comcast
Pray for the employees of DreamWorks as they transition into new leadership.  Comcast (CMCSA) NBCUniversal division has acquired the DreamWorks Animation studio and Comcast is known for moving in and making big changes, as they did when they acquired NBCUniversal in 2009.  This acquisition is causing great insecurity amongst the DreamWorks employees, so let’s pray that the Christians there can care for and comfort their fearful co-workers and the Lord can protect families and jobs in the process.  We want Him to turn this into good for everyone involved!
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Christian Artists Connecting Their Pursuit of Art & God
We need to pray that more artists will connect their craft and the pursuit of work with their hearts for God and others and see their place in impacting culture – as prophets – as they work in the entertainment and creative arts industries. Many artists understand the importance that their work has on our culture, but we pray for more. Here's an example of a creative director who puts this into practice!
Meet Alex Medina
Joaquin Phoenix Takes "Jesus" Role
Would you pray for actor Joaquin Phoenix, who is on a spiritual journey?  He is being considered to play the role of Jesus in an upcoming Universal film, “Mary Magdalene,” so let’s pray that if he takes the role it will impact his heart and life forever:
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New Star Trek TV Show
The new TV shows have been announced by most of the Networks and one show getting lots of buzz is the New Star Trek airing in January, 2017.  One of our dear HPN members is about to publish his doctoral thesis on the spiritual themes in this Sci Fi Fantasy series.  Let’s pray that this new Star Trek will open up viewers’ hearts to the things of God.  J.R.R. Tolkien described fantasy so well - “The Gospel is the truth Myth…the great fairy story.  In the Gospel of Christ all the elements of truth in the pagan myths find their fulfillment.” 
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Musical Icon "Prince" Dies
Singer/songwriter Pop legend PRINCE, best known for “Purple Rain,” died on April 21st of an apparent drug overdose of the prescription drug Percocet.  Prince, a world renown musician and performer became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2003 and was active in the church when he died.  Let’s pray for his family, friends and fans as they mourn his loss and ask the Lord to lead them to Him through His comfort, hope and Truth.  
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Behind-The-Scenes Christians
Pray for the Christians in Hollywood who are behind the scenes, not visible to anyone on the outside, but who are making an eternal difference as faithful, solid believers and professionals.  Check out this HPN Snapshot video of DJ, one member of our community who is a servant and a man of God!  
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Will Ferrell Turns Down "Controversial" Role
Let’s pray for Will Ferrell, who has chosen to turn down a controversial film role because of his heart’s desire to do the right thing.  May the Lord use this time to draw Will to Him so that he can experience the unconditional joy and hope that God is offering him!

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Christians' Heart Toward Hollywood
Pray for the Christians around the world who are still angry at Hollywood, who boycott and who are afraid of this place.  We need to spread the word that Hollywood is full of smart, creative, talented prophetic professionals who are just reflecting or projecting what is already going on in our society.  So we need to pray that the Lord touches the heart of every angry Christian and encourages them to pray instead of talking against our creative community.  As you pray, listen to this wise pastor from South Carolina who came to Hollywood and expresses exactly the heart of God and the Christian professionals here:

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Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio
God is moving in so many creative ways.  Pray for Emily and her vision to help singers and musicians through the Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio.  It is an LA based non-profit that supports struggling, talented musicians in LA by matching them with experienced professionals and walking them through the recording process.  They offer classes, competitions and free recording time in a full service studio.  Please pray that as they minister to singer/songwriters on all levels of the industry, that they inspire, encourage and support the music industry with the love of Jesus!  

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New Scorsese Film "Silence"
Pray for the feature film "Silence," directed by Martin Scorsese.  The film, which opens in Nov, 2016, is about two Jesuit Priests and is produced by a group of Christians.  May the subject matter of the film, and the Christians involved, impact the hearts and lives of both the global audience, and the lives of star Liam Neeson and the rest of the cast, crew, executives, distributors and marketing team.  

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Thank you so much for praying with us and for us.  You are a part of a movement of God that can’t be stopped!
With love and appreciation,
Karen, Megan, Veronica and our Summit Tremendous Trio: Kim, Naomi and Janey
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Encouraging Video of The Month:
Jon Foreman, lead singer of the band Switchfoot, shares his heart about not confirming to the patterns of this world but our minds being renewed by God! This is a great reminder for all the creatives in the film industry and allowing God to work in their lives every day! Watch video here!
Tip of the Month
"Semper Ubi Sub Ubi" - "Always Wear Underwear." Hollywood is the homeless capital of our nation.  And the greatest need of our homeless community is clean underwear!  You can help get clean underwear to the homeless in your town. 
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Quote of the Month
didn’t come to make us Christian. Jesus came to make us fully human.” - Dutch art critic and L’Abri worker Hans Rookmaaker 
Verse of the Month
“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”  -Job 5:9
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