The BIG OCTOBER RETREAT, Oct 14th, 2017
Registration by October 1st !!
     Your HEALING Journey with your SOUL SISTERS                        
Guided by Ute Arnold, M.F.A. Body-Psychotherapist, Artist and Author
                          In the BLUE BAMBOO STUDIO

We travel in pods throughout many life times.
In this joyful retreat we will deeply explore who some of our Soul Sisters are now, why we came to meet this time, and how we can support each other on this journey.
- With guided REGRESSIONS by Ute you will remember life times with your Soul Sisters and discover the purpose of this reconnection now.
- Relationships with your significant others today will also become clear and show you how they have influenced you in past life times and now !
- Your Emotional Body will reclaim it's hidden wellness with Unergi BODY-TALK, safely stored for centuries !! grounded in your own authenticity to heal past, present, and future.
- With Unergi MICRO MOVEMENTS you will surrender into a Sacred Body experience to ground your discoveries.
- We will reconnect with Great Mother Nature's Spirits, Elementals, Fairies, and Devas to receive her HEALING FORCES and their BLESSINGS.

Music, movement, dialogue, regression, art, writing, healing touch, nature attunement...and love.

Where: Ute's Blue Bamboo Studio, Pt. Pleasant, near New Hope PA
When: October 14, 2017
Time: Saturday 10a-5p
Fee and Registration: $150 by PayPal to, or check to Ute Arnold, Box 335, Pt. Pleasant, PA-18950
Registration early by October 1 ! !
After rate will be $175