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December 7, 2011
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Hours are 10-6 Every Day

Chef Talk
This Saturday, December 10 at 10 AM

Executive Chef Neil Hudson will prepare and sample some of his
favorite dishes from our new
Bartlett's Farm Cookbook.

Around the Farm and In the Market
Everywhere we look, we see the colors green and red at this time of year.
Christmas trees, green-tinted Amaryllis, roping, decorated wreaths and fresh veggies
fall into the green category.
cut trees
Let's not forget to Eat More Kale!
And with an interesting twist, in reds, we not only see poinsettias, ornaments and decorations, we also see TOMATOES! How can this be?
The last tomato greenhouse is being harvested and these red beauties are perfect to add to whatever you are making!
What a treat to be able to add fresh Bartlett's tomatoes to your sandwiches, soups, stews, and tomato sauce at this time of year!
And in the deep red category, the freshly harvested BEETS are still delicious.
Many of us are gearing up for holiday baking - and we have what you need.
King Arthur brand flour is what we use in our kitchen, and that's what we have on the shelves for you. Bags are from 2-10 lbs. Chocolate chips, baking chocolate, spices, and sugar are stocked up and ready for you to use when you make your grandmother's famous chocolate cookies!
Having trouble choosing gifts? Look in the market for signs that say "Great Gift!" Kate has picked out some wonderful choices for you!
Need some gift ideas? Bartlett's Farm Gift Cards are always appreciated.
And for the cook? How about our new farm cookbook? It's full of gorgeous photography and 75 mouthwatering recipes for every season of the year.
We are offering pre-made gift baskets this year, too! They are all wrapped and ready to give and are in the market. If you own a small business, these baskets might be perfect as employee gifts!
Holiday Decorating!
We still have decorations for the whole holiday season.
From trees and custom decorated wreaths, to poinsettias and amaryllis!
We're open until 6pm, so you can come out and shop for your live or cut Christmas tree after work! Our helpful staff will help you choose your tree, cut the trunk and tie it on to your car!

Wreaths, greens, trees, poinsettias and other holiday plants are all in the market!

The decorating elves are still busy at work getting all the wreaths decorated!

Holiday Plants

Christmas plants like poinsettias, amaryllis, paper whites and cyclamen brighten up your home or office, and they make thoughtful hostess gifts!

Upcoming Farm Events
December 17: 10 AM Drop-n-Shop! Parents!!! Take advantage of a little supervised time for your children while you do some shopping. Kids will watch the original 'Grinch' and have some snacks.
December 23: All day holiday party! (Solstice + 2!)

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