November 29, 2016

Pipeline giant backstabs Sandisfield but faces potentially fatal delays to project

By Heather Bellow, Berkshire Edge
Nov 28, 2016

Sandisfield — As soon as Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company saw it was going to get its way in court to clear a section of protected state-owned forest for a new natural gas pipeline, the natural gas Goliath broke its promises to the town of Sandisfield, population 915.

Meanwhile, some say these continued delays to that forest cutting may eventually thwart Tennessee Gas by threatening its contracts with gas suppliers, and its 13-mile Connecticut Expansion Project gas storage loop.

The company had originally said it could deliver gas by November 2016, and is now pushing that date to 2017. But even that might not be possible given protracted legal entanglements and environmental permitting compliance.

The Kinder Morgan subsidiary had, earlier this year, negotiated with Sandisfield town officials, drafting a contract that said it would give the town $1 million to fix roads and other town infrastructure damaged by company equipment during the construction period for a segment of its Connecticut Expansion Project pipeline. The company walked away when it was time to sign that contract, however.

Tennessee Gas also said it would reimburse the town $40,000 in legal bills it racked up negotiating with the company. That didn’t happen, either. For a town with a population of around 915 and a $3 million annual budget, the construction hit could be a nasty blow.

“The only way the town can get money now is if Kinder Morgan is an honorable corporation,” said a jaded Rep. William “Smitty” Pignatelli, D-Lenox, who had spoken to Kinder Morgan attorneys. “They don’t need the town anymore so they’re gonna renege. It’s basically ‘screw you.’ ”

US Army Corps of Engineers clarifies stance on Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp

By Max Grossfeld,  KFYR-TV
November 27, 2016

Corps leadership sent Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault a letter on Friday saying that land would be closed as of December 5. The ACE says they have no plans to forcibly remove anyone. However, they say those who stay do so at the risk of being ticketed or arrested.

Omaha District Commander Colonel John Henderson says in a statment, "We fully support the rights of all Americans to exercise free speech and peacefully assemble, and we ask that they do it in a way that does not also endanger themselves or others, or infringe on others' rights."

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Dalrymple orders mandatory evacuation of DAPL protest camp on Army Corps land

Nov 28, 2016

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple signed an emergency evacuation order Monday to evacuate the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp on Army Corps land. The emergency order addresses safety concerns and potential danger to human life for those camping on federal land without proper shelter during harsh winter conditions. Dalrymple shares the Army Corps' concerns that severe weather conditions would impede access by emergency medical responders and other emergency services.

The order says the unpermitted camp sites are not zoned for dwellings suitable for living in winter conditions and do not provide proper sanitation infrastructure to sustain a hygienic living environment.

Sheriff Kirchmeier, Morton County sued for excessive force in protests

by LAUREN DONOVAN Bismarck Tribune
November 28, 2016

A National Lawyers Guild group has filed a class action lawsuit against Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, Morton County and other law enforcement agencies for bringing excessive force against Dakota Access Pipeline protesters earlier this month.

The Water Protector Legal Collective filed suit Monday in U.S. District Court in Bismarck seeking an immediate injunction to prevent Kirchmeier and other agencies from using impact munitions, such as rubber bullets, lead-filled beanbags, water and sound cannons, directed energy devices, water hoses, explosive tear gas grenades and other chemical agents against the protesters.

The group wants the injunction while the court decides whether to issue a temporary restraining order against police, arguing the police actions and munitions fall outside legal parameters.

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Veterans to Serve as ‘Human Shields’ for
Dakota Pipeline Protesters

NOV. 29, 2016

As many as 2,000 veterans planned to gather next week at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota to serve as “human shields” for protesters who have for months clashed with the police over the construction of an oil pipeline, organizers said.
The effort, called Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, is planned as a nonviolent intervention to defend the demonstrators from what the group calls “assault and intimidation at the hands of the militarized police force.”

The veterans’ plan may run up against an evacuation order for the protest site that was issued on Monday by Gov. Jack Dalrymple because of “anticipated harsh weather conditions.”

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17 Former Native American Obama Administration Officials Send President DAPL Message

by Levi Rickert, Native News Online
November 29, 2016

WASHINGTON – Seventeen Native Americans from different tribal backgrounds and who served at various capacities within the Obama administration have called on President Barack Obama to take immediate action to block or reroute the Dakota Access Pipeline.
“America has just completed a contentious presidential election; and, soon, President-elect Donald Trump will be responsible to uphold the sacred trust relationship between the United States and Indian tribes. But, that moral and legal responsibility still rests with your Administration,” says part of the letter.

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Great article from Yes! Magazine
The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock

by Sarah van Gelder
November 29, 2016

Even if you can’t show up at the wintery encampments, you can join water protectors in other ways: from calling the North Dakota governor to breaking up with your bank.

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NoDAPL Day of Action: Divest TD Bank As part of the #NoDAPL Dec. 1 Day of Action, this event will bring community members together to put pressure on TD Bank to divest their funding from the Dakota Pipeline project.  
10:00 AM
TD Bank Northampton
175 Main Street
Northampton, MA
Host Contact Info:

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Help Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) right here in The Pioneer Valley!
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Fundraiser for Standing Rock At The Arts Block
NATE MARTEL of Outer Stylie
Proceeds to be donated to supporting the Standing Rock Reservation, the NODAPL movement and the encampment of protesters in Cannonball North Dakota that are currently fighting the construction of the proposed pipeline. These brave people need money for supplies and preparing for the extreme Winter weather that is fast approaching. There will be ways in which to help with a donation (so don't forget your check book) at the event as well as educational materials on the issue at hand and how you can help. There is more TBA regarding this event such as an updated items to be donated list that we will be posting so please keep up with updates on our facebook event and website. Please come and support them!Thank you!
7:30 PM - 12 AM
The Arts Block
289 Main St.
Greenfield, MA
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Western Massachusetts Legislative Summit
December 3, 2016
8:30 am - 1:30 pm
JFK Middle School
100 Bridge St
Northampton, MA

Let your voice be heard and influence the Legislative Priorities for the 2017 – 2019 session. Learn about small town challenges and pending legislation from Senate President Rosenberg, Senator Gobi, Representative Goldstein-Rose, State Auditor Bump and more. We hope you can join us, share your ideas and needs, and hear from your legislators! Breakout sessions include "Energy and Gas". Your chance to speak with Legislators about energy policy, the Berkshire Gas moratorium and more. No Fracked Gas in Mass' Rose Wessel will be attending.

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Standing Rock Benefit Dinner and Lecture. In observance of Human Rights Day, Nuestras Raices and the United Congregational Church of Holyoke invite you to a benefit dinner and lecture about the Standing Rock Water Protectors and how to support their cause. We are honored to host Jennifer Weston, a researcher, writer, and producer from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in the Dakotas.
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5 PM - 8 PM

United Congregational Church of Holyoke
395 High St
Holyoke, MA

SATURDAY — DECEMBER 10, 2016 — AMHERST, MA dec-10th-trng-flyer

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