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These are extraordinary times and with the holiday season in full swing and a new year approaching, we look back on the past year and the accomplishments that your contributions have enabled us to achieve. And while we’re not about to predict precisely what’s going to happen in the new year with a new administration in Trenton, including a new DEP Commissioner and a changed Highlands Council, we are absolutely confident of two things:
The pressure to develop the Highlands is increasing. Despite the adoption of the Highlands Regional Master Plan in 2008, its implementation is far from assured. Well-heeled development interests are skilled at gaining access to the highest levels of government and they will dog the new Governor. Our advocacy and watchdog roles are as important now as ever!
The New Jersey Highlands Coalition will be here, working tirelessly to protect Highlands water resources, our outdoor recreational playground, and our State’s last remaining intact forests with their vast biodiversity, stunning natural beauty, and our next generation’s most powerful shield against the impacts of climate change.
Help us stand against weakened NJDEP regulations, stop developments proposed in environmentally sensitive locations, and hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire. Supporting the New Jersey Highlands Coalition is an investment in maintaining New Jersey’s outstanding natural heritage. Your special holiday gift today ensures that we can continue our efforts to be an effective voice for this remarkable region!
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You look to us to educate decision makers so they vote correctly on Highlands issues…to help the public understand why the Highlands are important to you…to recruit new advocates and help them become effective… to mobilize against emerging secure preservation funding…to ensure the implementation of the Highlands Act and continuing municipal conformance to the RMP... to be effective and not merely spin

I hope you will agree that our small yet agile staff has accomplished a great deal in 2018. Yet there is so much more we need to do. Please help us continue to be effective advocates for what is important to you. Make a special tax deductible contribution today by visiting . We look forward to working on your behalf in 2018!


Executive Director

P.S. DONATE NOW to support the New Jersey Highlands Coalition and the effective work we do to protect the Highlands’ natural and cultural resources for another year. Thank you so much!

P.P.S. Please act today … to help us advocate on behalf of the New Jersey Highlands … and to safeguard our public health, preserving our natural and cultural heritage…providing an effective, strong, unified voice that roars to protect the Highlands!


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​The New Jersey Highlands Coalition

We represent a diverse network of organizations - small and large, local, regional, statewide and national - and individuals with the common goal to protect, enhance and restore the New Jersey Highlands and to preserve the quality and quantity of drinking water both for the 850,000 people in the Highlands as well as the more than 5.4 million people in surrounding areas who depend on Highlands water. For more information visit our website.

Thank you for all of your support! 
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