Hello Beloved SWERVER,

I miss you. I know you're there and I pray that you're well, but I get a sense that you're needing some SWERVE Love and I want to give that to you.

As far as the future goes, I don't have answers for you and I wish I did. I'm feeling uncertain, yet hopeful... and that seed of hope  (well it's more like Trust in Divine Grace) has me well, smiling much of the time, and taking lots and lots of time to be present in the Summer sun and the outdoor breeze. It's amazing for me to experience not working 12 hours a day! I actually love it, though it's coupled with the uncertainty of how to pave a new way of doing what I do--being with people in the realm of wellness and SWERVE--SWERVE which is it's very own ecosystem with all of it's friendships and all of it's music and dancing and sweating.

Of course we're making huge progress with our Zoom classes, especially with the newer excellent audio improvements, so that feels good and it transmits more of the sense of rhythm and emotion that our in-person classes once gave you. If you've not participated in a SWERVE Zoom class of late, may I encourage you to give it another go? The musical clarity is just perfect now.

We are trying a few new offerings. We've created a system for semi-private self-service gym use, so you can come into the gym completely solo or (via registration) with one other person and workout on your own. A few SWERVERS have taken up this solo practice and we're receiving great feedback. If you're up for a solo workout with all of our professional gym equipment, then check it out. You're asked to sign up for a time slot in advance as well as sanitize all of the equipment that you use, but it's simply and easy. You can view available time slots for gym use here.

Additionally, we are private training at SWERVE once again and it feels wonderful! Your trainer uses all necessary sanitizing and social distancing protocols and this offering is receiving excellent feedback too. You can reach out to me here to get set up with a trainer of your choice or you can sign up for a first-time 30-minute session here.

Thankfully, Krista is offering her healing, restorative and expertly guided "Safer At Stretch" workshop tomorrow for the first time in over a month. I have joyfully taken this online class, receiving much-needed physical healing as well as soulful community connection. I recommend it highly!here

We are ready to meet outdoors and in-person six feet apart, following all health and safety guidelines. SWERVE's balcony is prepared and Amanda is ready, music thumping and fresh to teach her signature class Core.Cardio.Crunch. starting this coming Thursday at 9am. Bring your own equipment or purchase it from SWERVE here. You will need a loop band, a mat and 3-5lb dumbbells.

SWERVE is grateful to once again offer "Lifeline Healing Circle" with Todd Kurpil on August 22nd--a healing practice that instantly generates connection to Self and gives the gift of Self-care with depth.

If you would like to join a secular yet spiritual group meditation class, easily accessible to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, then check out SWERVE's meditation schedule here.

Whether in person, on Zoom or in the Realm of The Invisible, I Trust that we will all be together again soon.

With Love & Support,