PRODIGAL DAUGHTERS with Pastor Paula Daniels

Jesus “hung out” with prostitutes!  Does that shock you? What about a ministry to prostitutes today?

Fr. Mike interviews Pastor Paula Daniels who has a street ministry, drop-in center and safe house for prostitutes – or “victims” as she prefers to call them.

They discuss how a young woman gets involved in this type of life and what keeps her there. Pastor Paula explains that the slave holders learn to control the girls both physically and psychologically.  Sometimes there is physical harm to the girl or her family. Other times they give her small gifts, listen to her, pretend to care for her. They learn how to manipulate the minds of the victims so that they are totally in control. 

Pastor Paula tells of some success stories and ends by talking about why Jesus cared for prostitutes.  Don’t miss Prodigal Daughters on: 

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