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February 20, 2019

The time has come. Our Holston Conference communications team is on their way to St. Louis today for the United Methodist Association of Communicators meeting that begins tomorrow. UMAC is made up of UM communicators from all over the world. They will gather to discuss additional ways of disseminating news concerning General Conference. At the end of GC, the UMAC communicators will gather for another day and a half to discuss how to communicate everything that has happened at GC and what this means for our local churches, districts and conferences.


Our General Conference 2019 Blog is live. To access our coverage, visit We will be posting news, pictures, and video in real time as we cover what happens in St. Louis February 23-26. Our current stories include information regarding the 3/3@3 General Conference debriefing meetings, which will be held in each district. Be sure to check out the new Holston Is My Home video. It is a wonderful reminder of what makes Holston a great place to live and serve.


Beginning Friday, February 22, we will be posting live from St. Louis. Be sure to bookmark the link to stay up-to-date with all that's happening.


Morning Prayer

Each morning before the General Conference session begins in St. Louis, the Holston delegation will meet for prayer. The Rev. Kim Goddard, our delegation leader, invites any Holston members who are in St. Louis Feb. 23-26 to join this prayer time. For meeting times and location, please send your name and cell phone number to



On March 3 at 3 pm, each of our 9 districts will gather for worship and a GC2019 debriefing. More details, including each location, is posted at our General Conference News Blog.

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Questions concerning communications should be directed to Tim Jones, Holston Conference Director of Communications.


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