I would be very grateful if you call
people to ask them to support our
campaign, either financially, as
volunteers or as even candidates
on the ballot with me.

Our effort to bring revolutionary changes to New Jersey, reject the political establishment and stop another hostile Wall Street takeover depends on grassroots support.

We are not going to broadcast TV ads or accept help from the power brokers and party bosses, so we need you!
You understand the stakes we face: From Donald Trump's cabinet of billionaires to Goldman Sachs billionaire Phil Murphy trying to buy our election for governor, middle class working families face real danger.

I really appreciate your help because donations enable us to stay competitive but we are really going to transcend the need for big money, we need to expand the number of people who become a part of this movement.

If you will help on the phone, please sign up for the Lisa Dialer: 
You will sign in and choose a password, then view the introductory video on using our Cloud Call Center. You may choose the training exercise or jump right in to the operation called Lisa McCormick Introduction.  

You may use the dialer between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm every day, but you can sign up anytime. If you are not allowed to connect to campaign, let me know via email & check back after a little while. 

The calls will be recorded to assure quality and allow us to do follow up as needed, so work the script to identify our supporters and whether they will donate funds, volunteer or both!

This is an important project, so thank you for helping. I hope you know how grateful I am already!  Your help spreading the word about our revolution is the key to victory over Wall Street and the corrupt political insiders who are trying to trick voters.

Share the website address www.lisamccormick.org with everyone and let me know about your experience. Have fun and keep coming back for more!