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New AAP Guidelines
Wising Up About Why
Appropriate Costumes
Alyson Schafer To Deliver Two Parenting Talks
This Fall, PEP's Noted Parenting Author Series features Alyson Schafer. On Thursday, Nov. 17 she will speak from 7:30 to 9 pm about The Joys and Fears of the Teen Years. On Friday, Nov. 18 from 9:30 to 11 am she will speak about Moving From Conflict to Cooperation. Tickets are $35 per person. Call today to register for these exciting parenting talks because the events often sell out!
Short On Time? Parenting Essentials Is For You!  
Experience less stress and more confidence with this results-based, four-part class that emphasizes the key concepts and skills of positive parenting. For parents of children age 5-12.

Thurs, Nov 10 - Dec 8
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Skips 11/24 
$149 person, $134.10 member
Virginians: Managing Anger Starts Friday
Not surprisingly, Managing Anger is one of PEP's most popular classes. This Fall, PEP is offering it in McLean, Virginia starting this Friday. Register today to take this helpful class that will teach you how to change your thoughts, words and actions for more positive outcomes.

Fri, Oct 28 - Nov 11
10 am - noon
3 weeks
$98, $88.20 member
Parents of 5-12 Year Olds: Setting Effective Limits Begins Tomorrow
Kids can be skilled negotiators, willing to debate rules and limits. Learn to set limits while balancing freedom and control.

Thurs, Oct 27 - Nov 10
10 am - noon
3 weeks
$98, $88.20 member
New Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for Screen Use
​Last week, the Academy of Pediatrics updated its recommendations about how much time kids should spend on screens. According to Time Magazine, the bad news about the new guidelines is that they are not clear cut. How much time kids should spend "depends on whether your participate in screen-watching with your kids, how much you can monitor them, whether you're on a plane or your kids is sick, whether you can make sure they only watch high-quality content, and if your kids is more independent or more obedient by nature." There is an online family media plan to help parents come up with rules for their families. One of the co-authors said in Science News, "We want them to focus on getting enough sleep, play, family routines, conversation, social time and exercise." Read more tips for parents from AAP here
Wising Up on Kids' Why Questions 
By Robyn Des Roches, Certified Parent Educator, as featured in Washington Parent
“Why do birds fly?” “Why is there war?” “Why can’t I stay out late?”

Whether spoken by a toddler or a teen, the word “Why” is often the opening shot in a barrage of questions that can leave parents feeling exasperated and short on patience. More often than not, whatever the parent says, the child’s response is another “Why?”

Kids have their own reasons for dreading the word “Why.” Very frequently, it serves as the launching pad for critical or accusatory questioning: “Why can’t you sit still?” “Why don’t you ever listen?” “Why did you do that?” 

These questions are less requests for information than expressions of parental anger and a form of verbal punishment. The resounding message of disapproval triggers the child’s sense of shame or defensiveness, shutting down communication and interfering with the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

Although we can’t entirely eliminate the word “Why” from our vocabularies, better questions will lead to clearer communication and truly teachable moments.

Read more here. 
Sexy Halloween Costumes: What's A Parent To Do?
Have you gone costume shopping at the local party store or Halloween shop and gone home empty handed because the costumes were inappropriate or too sexy? It's a common plight among parenting shopping with their girls and boys these days. Read's article about the problem of sexy Halloween costumes and how to talk about it. 

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