Savvy Rest Mattress Event!
Savvy Rest, based in Virginia, makes our popular and highly configurable 9" Serenity Organic Mattress. For the month of March Savvy Rest is offering a FREE complete set of organic bedding with every mattress purchase: 2 shredded latex pillows, an organic cotton mattress pad, and an organic cotton sheet set. (Crib mattresses excluded from offer.)
If you've been thinking about a mattress purchase, now is a great time to come in and check them out!.

Intro to Mindfulness Practice
At Home Green Home
Thur March 23 at 7:30PM

Curious to learn what mindfulness is all about, but maybe hesitant to commit to long sessions of sitting meditation? Our founder, Joe Nolan, has been studying and engaging in mindfulness practices for 20 years. Joe will offer a one hour workshop that will give you a taste of what it is like to practice mindfulness while meditating, but also in everyday activities like walking to work or washing the dishes. We'll discuss affirmations of gratitude and other ways to train your brain in order to alleviate stress and depression, while increasing your capacity for happiness.
Fruition Organic Seeds
We now have organic, regionally-adapted vegetable, herb & flower seeds in 60 varieties. Fruition's energetic young farmers from just south of Canandaigua Lake bring us these excellent non-GMO seeds, many of which are grown on their local farm plots. Now is the time to envision warm spring days in the garden!
Local Organic Lip Balm Sale
Made with organic coconut and sunflower oils and beeswax, LIXTIK lip balms from Ithaca Soap are super moisturizing and soothing in all seasons. Studies show that the average Ithaca household goes through 55.2 local organic lip balm tubes per year, so get in soon and stock up while they are on sale! (Reg. $3, Sale $2.25)
Microfiber Pollution

We hesitate to hit you with bad news right now, but this is something important to consider when choosing any kind of textiles. Check out this short animated movie from the good folks at The Story of Stuff Project to learn more about the environmental costs of synthetic fabrics (including bamboo rayon). One more reason to choose organic cotton, wool or linen whenever feasible!

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