Volume 9, Issue 2
February, 2016
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Are your coaches as prepared as they need to be? We'd all like to think that the training we do and the education we provide is sufficient, but every coach still needs a CoachDeck. Help your coaches put a little "fun" back into the fundamentals by providing them with a deck of 52 drills that can all be made into fun games!

In this issue:
Tony Earp once again finds the mark with his article about the value of competition in youth sports. Brian Gotta wonders how early leagues should be assigning players to levels based on ability. And in a perfect compliment to Tony Earp's article, John O'Sullivan offers tremendous advice for coaches who want to do what is best for their players, but who feel the pressure to win.

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Development Requires Competition
By Tony Earp

Often when talking about development and soccer players, it is assumed you are reducing the importance of trying to win or the will to compete for the players. Since development is the focus, than whether you win or lose is irrelevant, right? Read Article
Let Them Play "Up", Not "Down"
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Recently I came across a Little League website and looked over their rules and guidelines page. This particular league has decided to have tryouts for seven year-olds who want to play “up” in the Machine-Pitch division and for eight year-olds who want to play “up” in Kid-Pitch. This line caught my eye: Read Article

Is Losing Stressing You Out? Try This Mindset to Fix It
By John O'Sullivan

As a young coach, I was convinced that there were only two possible outcomes to a game, winning or losing. Of course, losing was to be avoided at all costs, even if that meant not playing weaker players, benching under-performers, criticizing referees, you name it. ​ Read Article​