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 We will reopen on January 10th, 2019 at 8 am. 
Hours will be 8-6pm, Monday through Saturday,
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Dharma Yoga over the break
Last day of classes will be held on December 20th and will recommence January 1st with a free class!

Join Sheri Perelman to set your intention for the New Year.
The New Year is a wonderful time of change, growth and renewal. What better practice than yoga to set your frame of mind and embody your intentions?
This class is the perfect blend of movement and mindfulness. Open the way to a truly new year with a class dedicated to Sankalpa or intention setting. Unearth what you truly need and how you want to be in 2019.
This class is suitable for everyone.

Check out their January schedule here
Looking Forward to 2019,
but first, we look back on 2018
The coolers have been emptied, the greenhouses put to bed and the market is all buttoned up for our holiday break.

As we look back on our 175th Anniversary year of Bartlett's Farm, 2018 was chock full of fond memories of our alumni and staff celebrations & of how it was a great growing year with plentiful sunshine and lots of smiling faces on the farm. Here are a few of our favorite memories from the past 12 months. 
Bartlett's Farm turned 175!
From this:

It's been wonderful to look back through all the old photos, slides, and hear stories of the farm through its formative years!
to THIS!
Happy Birthday Bartlett's Farm! For even more nostalgia of this momentous year in our history, Follow this link to watch a video we shot of our annual staff pizza party in the Greenhouse!
David and Rachel rejoined the farmily this past spring from their journey to Nepal with the Peace Corps and David spent the year working in the fields with Andrew. They welcomed baby Juniper into the world in late May. Congrats guys! 
Also in May, we added BEER to the market! Delicious, refreshing, colorful, CRAFT BEER! We are still dreaming of summer over here, clearly...
We hosted our first charity 5K for Nantucket's own Nantucket Rising project, focused solely on outreach and support of families & individuals recovering from addiction. We can't wait to host again in 2019.
We threw one very large, very awesome party for our customers and staff to celebrate the farm's  175th birthday in late July, just as the corn was ripening and tomatoes bursting with summer sweetness
...on 16 more acres of Organic fields, that is!

Our "Flower Field" was recently certified organic by baystate certifiers bringing our total to approximately 30 acres! #whosyourfarmer
We welcomed Hilary Armour, our new Garden Center Manager to Bartlett's in July. We are thrilled to have her in this important role and can't wait to see her vision of the Garden Center when spring arrives. 
Technology is here to stay!
This spring we added the "Golden Girls", our affectionately named self check outs to the register areas and boy, do we love the ease of use and flexibility they have brought to the checkout process. Be sure to stop by and say hello to Blanch, Dorothy, Sophia & Rose on your next visit!
Holiday Traditions from the "Farmily"

Every family has their own quirky superstitions, traditions and customs. Here are some traditions our Farm staff enjoy with their families this time of year!
"Every year brings new traditions. For the past few years, it’s been a road trip with my husband to our daughter’s house, sharing the joy of food and family with our grandchildren, and lots of time in the kitchen."
Maryjane- Market Manager

"Since I'm German, the Krist Kind (Christ Child) comes on the 24th and we get to open extra presents that night which are useful, like clothes, socks, things like that. That's definitely my favorite tradition at Christmas."- Austin- Cashier Supervisor

"For the last 5 years instead of presents, we head to a tropical country to celebrate Christmas. Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic. Anywhere tropical... it's really a lot of fun."
-Keegan- Receiver

"We do a Yankee Swap with wine for the adults. About twenty of us participate so it can be really fun."- Dylan- Inventory Manager

"Well, I look forward to putting my Xmas tree up Thanksgiving night... Yes, really! Once dinner is over, I put up the tree, and start getting into the Christmas spirit. I also look forward to a really good Christmas dinner with my kids!"
Devon- Head Baker

"Christmas breakfast is always bagels,
smoked salmon and Veuve Clicquot."
Kate- Gift Manager

"My family get together is very small. It's just my sister, mum, aunt and grandparents but we always make breakfast for Christmas eve and do 5 yankee swaps on Christmas day, each with a different theme like a used book or plant cutting from our home." 
 Leah- Wine, M & P

"On the 24th, we have a big dinner with the whole family, about 20-30 people! We serve rice and beans, chicken, pork, ham. Then there's the Russian potato salad, green salad, and sometimes pasta too."- Stephanie- Kitchen Supervisor

"Every year, we go to New York City as a big family and go to the Met, or the Natural History Museum." - Andrew-  Head Grower

" At midnight on Christmas Eve, we all get to open one gift and it's always pajamas. Matching pajamas!  We all wear them to bed and wake up the next morning and wear to breakfast. Dad does a big southern breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, grits and eggs, bacon, ham. Did I say biscuits already?"
Whitney- Customer Service Manager

"In Northern Ireland, I go with my mum and sister to church on Christmas eve. When the clock strikes 12 we hug and wish each other a happy Christmas. We spend Christmas day at home drinking tea and opening presents with family, and then we eat a traditional Christmas dinner with all the fixings like ham with bread sauce, potatoes all the ways and pavlova for dessert. "
Rachel- Operations Assistant

Wishing you a Wonderful Season of Honoring Old Traditions and Making New Ones too!
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