June 2017
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Rabbi Cy Stanway
The recent celebrations in Israel surrounding the 50th anniversary of the 6 Day War in 1967 were powerful reminders of just how close Israel came to destruction.  Surrounded by the Arab armies and threats of genocide coming from Egypt every hour of every day, troops and tanks massing in Jordan, Syria and Egypt and angry anti-Israel demonstrations throughout the mideast, it was a tense time.  In an instant - almost literally - Israel defended itself from certain destruction and the mideast was forever changed.

I am not one of those who feels the need to apologize for Israel surviving.  The war was justified by every measure of law.

Of course, the consequence was that Israel was now in control of what was ancient Jewish land but also claimed by Palestinians.  When the government offered to return it all days after the war - a notion unheard of in modern history - in exchange for peace, the Arab nations all said 'no.'  And 'no' is where it has remained. 

Although Egypt and Jordan both have peace treaties with Israel, the hatred that spews from the official government outlets is unrelenting.  Still, it is better than war by a long shot.  While all the same Arab societies sink in a quagmire of hate and civil war, Israel thrives.  Despite the absurd United Nations blaming Israel for every ill of the mideast, Israel will not apologize for surviving.  Israel will not apologize for offering peace.  And when Israel is rebuffed by the Palestinians each and every time, Israel responds by building.  Whether or not that is a positive thing is something that can be debated but what I believe to be undebatable is the permanent liberation of Jerusalem.

Captured from Jordan during the 6 Day War (after Israel adjured Jordan not to attack Israel) Jerusalem was part of the original Partition Plan of Palestine and was to be an Israeli city before the Jordanians captured in in 1948.  But Jerusalem under the Israelis was not destroyed as the Jewish quarter was under the Jordanians.  It was preserved.  It was rebuilt.  It is a haven for every religious tradition.  And it is a haven provided by the Jews.

Jerusalem, despite all of its problems, is more of a haven of peace and tolerance and coexistence than any other city in the mideast.  That is not hyperbole.  What all the international organizations understand - UNESCO and the UN and so many others - is that what they claim to support and work toward has already been achieved by Israel.  Indeed, Israel - the Jews - consistently show those international organizations that they are more than capable of creating a tolerant society so much better than any one of them.  And this drives them crazy especially since Jews are not supposed to be able to succeed.  Surprise!

Jews in a thriving society, safe, strong, independent and self- aware drives the Israel haters nuts.  The 6 Day War was the turning point.  It created a myriad of problems that vex Israel to this day.  But it is a society that seeks to be open, fair, equal and tolerant.  Every day is a struggle.  Every day is an opportunity.  Every day Israel drives the haters crazy because of what it is, what it offers, and what it stands for in its highest vision.  

I sincerely hope Israel continues to drive them batty.

Rabbi Stanway's Blog

From the Cantor
Cantor Marnie Camhi

I know that many of you have been following my journey of writing the music for an entire Erev Shabbat Service. I am happy to report that I am making good progress! I am not finished yet, but I am getting closer to my goal. We have been consistently using several of my pieces on Friday nights and I truly appreciate your positive feedback on my songs. We will also be using a few of my compositions for the High Holidays. My brand new Modeh Ani will have its debut on Yom Kippur morning.
Thank you all for your continued support of my little project!

Cantor Marnie cantor@bethmiriam.org

From the Principal
Stella Stanway

This month we marked the occasion of the grade 7 Siyyum, the completion ceremony where we recognize that our students have completed this stage in their Jewish education. The seventh grade class led services with grace and confidence thanks to all the teacher they have had over the years and all of their cumulative experiences at the EBRS. Below are the remarks of Mia Kouveliotes who spoke on her class’s behalf. As a Religious School principal, I was moved greatly at this meaningful and complete endorsement:

Wow. It’s definitely hard to believe that our Religious School years are coming to an end. I remember walking into the temple on my first day in first grade, and I was excited. I learned that everything about those thoughts were correct. This religious school is a place that I always felt welcome, and something that was actually quite enjoyable. There were many experiences that shaped me into the person I am today.

First of all, we all had the privilege of learning and reading a new language. Hebrew is extremely interesting. I have to admit, reading from right to left is a little odd at times, but that’s ok because it’s something new and different. I remember singing the “Aleph Bet” to learn the Hebrew letters. We counted in Hebrew to win candy. We played tic-tac-toe with Hebrew vocabulary words, and we read from the Torah for the first time in fourth grade. This experience was very valuable, as this was the very first step in preparing for our Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. This may have been difficult at first, but it was extremely helpful.

In addition, there was an abundance of art projects that we created that made classes so much more fun. Between decorating bulletin boards and making holiday crafts, there was always an enjoyable aspect. Our class also had the privilege to cook our favorite holiday treats. Either matzah pizza or hamantashen, it was always a good time. Don’t tell anyone, eating the food was the best part! Crafts and cooking were definitely something that we looked forward to.

Passover, Hanukkah, and Shavuot adventures are something that were incredibly fun, creative, and memorable. It was a way to make learning about Jewish holidays fun. We did arts and crafts, sang songs, and cooked special foods for each holiday. We made cheesecake for Shavuot, macaroons for Passover, and ate Latkes for Hanukkah. We made an assortment of crafts such as clay dreidels, tambourines, and so much more.

Also, we learned songs and dances that will probably be stuck in our heads forever. We loved these tunes, and I was always singing them at home, humming them at school, and singing them with spirt at religious school. Some of our favorites were Standing at the Sea, The Latke Song for Hanukkah, and Dayenu for Passover. In addition, we learned Israeli folk dances that were so enjoyable to attempt to do. It involved screaming the songs, and stepping on people’s feet.

Within our years here, we went on several field trips. We went to the Atria to make the senior citizens happy. We celebrated Hanukkah with them and sang songs. Also, we volunteered at the Jewish Family and Children Services and bagged food for Thanksgiving. We also went on the seventh grade New York trip. We went to an old synagogue, and a museum where we made covers for our Siddurs. Plus, we got candy! This trip was so much fun, as we can up with so many inside jokes with our class, and it really brought our class together and bonded us.

Finally, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. After spending Sundays and Wednesdays with my class, I am lucky to say that these people are amazing friends and we have shared many laughs over the years. So, I hope we can all stay in touch, even after religious school is over.

Overall, I am so lucky to say I have spent the past seven years here. It has been a fun, valuable, and meaningful experience. On behalf of my class, I would like to thank Rabbi Cy, Cantor Marnie, Mrs. Stanway, and all of the wonderful teachers here at Beth Miriam for making these past few years so incredibly special.


From the Office Staff

Happy “Unofficial Start of Summer” to all of our congregants and friends! Here at TBM, June is the official start of the High Holiday preparation season. As you know, this will be a special holiday season as we begin using our new Machzor for the Days of Awe. More information is forthcoming.

We hope you’ll join us for the summer services, which will be outdoors, weather permitting, and will be casual. Check the online calendar on our website, www.bethmiriam.org, for Shabbat service times and dates, as well as our other activities and special, summer Shabbat dinners. Bring your friends, and let’s get spiritual together!

As always, feel free to contact the office if you have questions, ideas, or concerns. We’re here to assist you!


Shari Nightingale and Frankie Langer

Purim Program

When you thank everyone who assisted with a project by name, there is always a risk of omitting someone. I did just that with my Purim article in the May bulletin. Thank you to Amy Goldman who graciously accepted my apology for omitting her name from the list of volunteers who assisted with the 2017 Purim campaign.

Wendy Sloter

A Sincere Thank You to The TBM Sisterhood
The Sisterhood has generously funded our new, enhanced security system! We now have several cameras around the building, enabling us to watch the outside from monitors in the front office, Rabbi Cy’s office and the kitchen. We even have the capability for remote access from our phones/devices, as well as the ability record the activity outside of the temple.
Many thanks to The Sisterhood for making TBM a safer, more comfortable place for all of us!
This month we would like to welcome Robert & Ilene Skolnik of Oceanport to the TBM family!
Making the Omer Count Programs Follow Up
As part of our Making the Omer Count program, Beth Miriam hosted a Pet Fair and Blessings afternoon. About 40 people came with their pets and enjoyed a Sunday with other pet owners, got a chance to adopt an animal and browsed the goods and wares. As well, lost pets were remembered during the short service of blessing and remembrance. A very successful program, indeed!
Making the Omer Count had a very successful Arts and Crafts collection where the items were donated to a school where the students needed it in Asbury Park. Mazal tov to Bill and Janet Fromkin for organizing this event and many thanks to all the people who donated money and items for this most worthy cause.

Making the Omer Count Coffee House was a wonderful success. There were several acts, many from Temple Beth Miriam members. The coffee house raised $350 for Covenant House which supports children who are homeless.
Art Exhibit
Beth Miriam’s Hineinu: We Are Here initiative is hosting an art exhibit during the time of the Days of Awe of Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur.  We are looking for artists to help us set the mood, display their work, and add to the sanctity of these days.  For all the details on how to submit, costs, etc., please go to this page.
Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov to the following who have their Bat Mitzvah in the month of June! 

Makenzie Jayne Katz will become a bat mitzvah on June 3, 2017. She is in 7th grade at Township Of Ocean Intermediate School. Makenzie lives in Wayside with her mom, dad, 3 sisters, her dog Baxter, her cat Harley and a turtle named Yurtle.

For her Kishrei Halev project Makenzie has been volunteering at Monmouth Medical Center.

Jamie Isabel Angeles is in 7th grade at the Ocean Township Intermediate School. She lives in Oakhurst with her parents and her brother John. She loves to dance and is on the dance team at Center Stage Dance and Theater school. She also performs in plays each summer at Seashore Day Camp.
Her Kishrei Halev project is to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Recently her uncle was diagnosed with the disease and she wanted to help by participating in a MS Walk on April 30, 2017 in Belmar.

Another year -  another undefeated Men's Club softball team...

The sun was shining bright on Sunday morning, May 21 at the Manalapan Recreation Center and shined ever brighter on our team.  The men's club of Temple Shaari Emeth provided bagels, waters, Gatorades, hot dogs, and beer for our game.  

The fields were perfect and so was TBM's bats in the second inning, lighting up for 6 runs, which is all we needed to defeat our opponents 13-7.   We had a smattering of veterans from last year's team as well as some new additions.

Thank you to all the players, and yes, our fans.
Next up is Monmouth Reform.

Barry Edison
President of Men's Club
Mazal tov to A.J. and Dana Gindi on the birth of their first child, a boy, Edward!  Baby, mother and father are doing wonderfully.  May he live a long and healthy life surrounded by those who love him and may his eyes and soul be enlightened by Torah lived.
May their memories be a blessing

June 2

Robert Adelson
Samuel Altman
Joshua Amron
Samuel Arbus
Barney Barrett
Hattie Beitman
Ruth Brandt
Harriet Eisenstodt
Julius Flink
Samuel Fromkin
Sara Greenman
Ernest Heimlich
Georgia Holof
Benjamin Hyman
Ester Kahn
Donald Klopfer
Philip Lane
Joshua Lazarus
Donald Littman
Robert Moray
William Rippner
Max Schwartz
Sylvia Simon
Jeanne Solon
Hannah Turkel
Rosemarie Vaccaro

June 9

Leslie Aaron*
Thomas Abrams
Jeanette Bergman*
Evelyn Bialek*
Albert Bloomfield
Sarah Bookbinder
Abraham Buchbaum
Jennie Cohen
William Erhard
Rebecca Erlanger*
Benjamin Fainblatt*
Herbert Gladstone
Vivian Goldstein
Kaila Gordon
James Griffiths
Don Hechter*
Lena Heyman*
Allen Kamm
Annette Kaplan
Ruth Lazarus*
George Lerner
Florence Levitz
Esther Lewis
George Oser
Joan Pearl
Sophia Podell
Jill Rosenzweig*
Stanley Seckler
David Silberstein*
Joseph Strauss*
Norman Tanzman
Joseph Weber
Mollie Weinstein*


Beth Miriam extends its deepest condolences to the family of Marvin Broder, a long time member of Beth Miriam, who passed away on May 24.  May his memory be a blessing

June 16

Davis Cantor*
Bertrand Dorman
Max Futuronsky
Lillian Goldman
Celia Goodman*
Ira Haupt*
Freda Heimlich*
Joel Katz
Maurice Leffert
Lois Levy
Freda Neiderhoffer*
Rose Oser
Leila Poch
Marion Schultz
Ella Schwab*
Paul Specter
Louise Stamelman*
Clara Strauss*
Frederick Zucker

June 23

Hirsch Ballin*
Dorothy Barker*
Eva Berger
Bertha Berliner
Regina Berman*
Judy Bitterman*
Julius Buckman*
Shirley Cohan
Henry Friedenberg
Marian Gruber
Gerson Heimlich*
Harold Herman
Carl Kaplan
Elizabeth Katzki
Sylvia Kaye
Rhoda Kern
Fannie Kirshbaum*
Arnold Kohn*
Elsie Kohn*
Martin Malachowsky*
Joseph Mayzel
Judith Peck
Ura Peckerman
Beatrice Rubenstein*
Leo Skloff
Arthur Solon
Fannie Strauss
Lorraine Weinstein

June 30

Max Aaron*
Edgar Bamberger*
Irene Barnett
Herman Bess*
Jay Cohen
Samuel Cooper
Elisa Frankel Tomaszewski*
David Gelb
Nathan Guntman
Barry Halpern
William Herer
Celina Iber*
Edna Kanarek
Henry Klein*
Jack Kremens*
Louis Landberg
Miriam Meyer*
Helen Miller
Nathan Miller*
Sol Moss*
Grace Robinson
Hyman Rubenstein
Samuel Rubman
Jeanette Rusciano
Lena Salinger*
Rosabelle Silberstein*
Celia Silberstein*
Jack Stein
Beth Miriam is Grateful for the Following Contributions...
Wish List Fund
TBM Family, thank you for the wonderful Purim Basket
-Vivian & Al Fried

In memory of Ken Negin
In honor of Steve Singer, get well soon
Wishing Wendy Sloter a speedy recover
-Bob & Ilene Kellert

-Arthur & Karen Hodes

Conn Music Fund
In memory of my wife Esfir Sagalovsky
-Filip Sagalovsky

In honor of Ava Green's Bat Mitzvah
-Mr & Mrs. Anthony Green

Tzedakeh Fund
In memory of my wife Estir Sagalovsky
-Filip Sagalovsky

Mrs. Silverman's 5th grade class

Rabbi Joseph Goldman Fund for Jewish Learning
In honor of Elaine Espey's newborn Great Grand-daughter, Emma.
-Barbara Miller

Religious School Renovation
In memory of Jane Colin
-Ronni & Stu Lippsett

In memory of Roz Nagel
In memory of Harriet Miller
- Larry Nagel

Pess Family Youth Group Fund
In memory of my grandson, Thomas Robert Mannion
-Elaine Espey

Social and Community Action Fund
In memory of Bella Doctorow
-Fran & Steve Silver

Family Affair
In memory of Marvin Broder
-Judy Benn

In memory of Bella Doctorow
In memory of Ken Negin
-Barbara & Jay Van-Wiemokly
Temple Beth Miriam Funds List 
Tree of Life - $180
The Yahrzeit Memorials -$500
Prayer Book Fund (inscribed $36)
Social & Community Action Fund
Family Affair
Heimlich –Aaron Library Fund
The Endowment Fund
Centennial Fund
Tzedakeh Fund
Rabbi Joseph Goldman Fund for Jewish Learning
Religious School Renovation
Heimlich Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Hirsch Scholarship
Rabbi Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable to & for Rabbi Discretionary Fund)
 Cantor Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable to & for Cantor Discretionary Fund)
Roz Nagel Fund for Religious School Special Projects
 The Carolyn Meyer Memorial Lecture Fund
Neimark Shabbaton Institute
Berg-Bialek Youth Leadership Retreat Fund
Conn Music Fund
The Norty Kern Youth Scholarship Fund
Arthur & Hazel Harmon Fund
The Milton Ziment Fund for Scholastic Achievement
Sonya Grossman Art & Beautification Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Wish List Fund
The Katz Family Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Camp Fund
Library Shelves  - $1,000
Evelyn Blank Choral Fund
Pess Family Youth Group Fund
Teacher's Endowment Fund
 Mazel tov to all that celebrate this month.

Josephine Grayson
Aaron Pingitore
Beth Seckler
Debra Piscitelli
Gail Kass
Jacob Scherer
Matthre Tangorra
Frank Restifo
David Nussbaum
Ron Kamm
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Kyle Katz
Phyllis Wahl
Natalie Bellucci
Neil Kaplan
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Karen Hodes
Diane Upright
Frank Esposito
Faith Kessig
Jusith Rubenstein
William Fabricant
Jeffrey Miller
Sophie Gavin
Katherine Levine
Lia Bram
Gary Pess
Marian Fabricant
Matthew Wall
Dana Solomon
Madelyn Suchodolsky
Anne Epstein
Susan Kreizman
Stefan Olaguera
Thomas Fiest
Norman Glassman
Caryn Adler
Chloe Moore
Elaine Espey
Chris Katz
Danielle Delcuore
Raquel Brosniak
Robert Raskin
Andrew Dressner
Martin Arbus
Nancy Wiener
Bradley Grayson
Bernard Peckman
Sofia Seckler
Stuart Rosenberg
Jamie Baron
Aaron Prestup
Talia Tangorra
Shoshana Silverman

Jay & Linda Bosniak
Norm & Vicki Brosniak
Robert & Cynthia Weston
Richard & Terry Negin
Todd & Chris Katz
Richard & Anne Epstein
Barry & Evelyn Friedenberg
Daniel & Marla Markowitz
Jay & Jayme Lowenstein
Gerald & Gail Kass
Steve & Lisa Kaye
Justin & Erica Bach
Bruce & Judy Berg
Harvey & Irene Goldman
Barry & Stephanie Bricken
Stu & Ronnie Lippsett
David & Danna Kawut
Keith & Kim Suchodolsky
Bob & Bobbi Krantz
Stephen & Heather Foster
Phil Falcone & Grace Doctorow
Harry & Sharon Silverman
Robert & Gale Grossman
Jon & Ilana Torine
Mal & Debbie Deener
Cy & Stella Stanway
Peter & Marcy Kouveliotes
Marty & Debbie Arbus
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Joel & Susan Kreizman
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Frank & Liza Restifo

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