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Volume 7 Issue 6
June 2014

In This Issue
Behavior Problems
The Long Road
How Mentally Tough Are You?
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In this issue:
We bring you the second installment of Dave Simeone's terrific article on handling behavior issues. Brian Gotta's personal story about his son's baseball career will inspire youngsters who have been told they weren't good enough in any sport. And Dr. Jim Taylor brings us the final installment in his series on improving athletes' mental toughness.


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Behavior Problems, (Part Two) Dave Simeone
By Dave Simeone    

You must acknowledge that young players have feelings. In fact, while we would like to see them develop and improve they must learn to enjoy the game. They have a genuine need for attention and inappropriate behavior is their way of soliciting attention. Read Article
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Brian Gotta
The Long Road    
By Brian Gotta

Six years ago, my son had the worst day of his young life. He'd been cut from his high school baseball team in his junior year. A couple of weeks ago he got the news he'd always dreamed of: He was selected by the Tampa Rays in the Major League Baseball draft. How did he get past that devastating setback and much more to be where he is now? The journey has been one that has left me prouder than I could ever imagine and should serve as inspiration to any youngster who faces adversity in sports.Read Article

Get Psyched! How Mentally Strong Are You? Jim Taylor
By Dr. Jim Taylor 

Confidence may be the single most important mental factor because you may have all of the ability to be successful, but if you don't believe you have that ability, you won't use it to perform your best. Confidence is about believing you can be successful when it gets tough, perform your best when it counts, and achieve your competitive goals. Read Article
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