Speaker's Digest 

January 2018


In this issue:

  • Oprah's Speech: A Great Opening Story
  • Turning Off, Turning On
  • Networking Time. Are You Prepared? 


It’s our first issue of Speaker’s Digest for 2018, marking the 18th year we have been compiling this monthly review of tips, articles and related stories about the world of public speaking. Each article relates directly to our mission: to rid the world of boring presentations, one speaker at a time.


It was just a few weeks ago that we shared some thoughts about a speech that got the attention of millions of people: it was Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech at this year’s Golden Globe Awards after she was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. We appreciated how she opened her speech—with a personal story that got our attention and gave us a glimpse of what was coming next.


This month, in addition to our blog post about Oprah’s speech, we write about a company who managed to turn off most of their invited guests with one dull speech, leading to an expensive lost opportunity. Finally, you’ll read about introducing yourself at networking events. When you prepare for your next opportunity to meet a new person or group, follow the example set by Oprah and get creative with your opener. Make it memorable and you’ll make a strong initial impression, setting the stage for a fruitful follow-up opportunity.


Thanks for reading, whether this is your first issue, or if you’ve been following us since 2001.


Keep on making an impression!

Oprah's Speech: A Great Opening Story 

If you ever wanted to see a great example of how to open your speech, watch the story that Oprah told as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement award at this month’s Golden Globe Awards. Everyone has been saying that she delivered a great speech, but it was the story she told about herself as a little girl watching Sidney Poitier accepting his Academy Award that had us hooked.


Turning Off, Turning On

Just because you assemble a large audience for a meeting doesn’t mean they’ll pay attention to everything you share with them. Here’s a true story about how a speaker’s failure to reach his listeners cost his company a lot of money.


Networking Time. Are You Prepared?

Networking events are great opportunities to meet lots of people in a short period of time. But how do you make yourself stand out above the rest? There are some great ways to prepare and have some fun too! 


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