Hello Dear Community,

What I really want to know is, "How are you?" When we see each other next, or when you see any of your community at SWERVE, please take a moment to ask and to listen and receive how your beloved other community members are feeling. We're all in this together, and together in community with cooperation, integrity, kindness, respect and love we will see it through.

Here's how we're moving forward with Covid-19:

-This weekend, we're holding small classes, following all Health Department guidelines including social distancing. Working out and smiling support a healthy immune system. Come and join us, if it's right for you.

-We've upped cleaning procedures, including sanitizing with anti-bacterials, anti-fungals and anti-virals.

-Sanitizing wipes, sprays and liquids are provided at the desk and in the studio and we ask that you use them before and after classes.

-We have consolidated our schedule to protect the health of our community.

-We ask that you follow all Health Department guidelines.

-We will begin offering online classes via Zoom starting next week, for which, you can use your membership, package or single classes.

Please stay in touch with us via our online schedule, info@swervestudio.com, gillian@swevestudio.com and our house phone (323) 782-0741 for further updates.

Jackie and I personally, along with SWERVE's entire staff, wish you well in this very uncertain moment.

With Love & Support,