Peace be with you unbelievably hard days.

I know it's Sunday morning, for many on Pentecost, in the middle of a traumatizing pandemic.  I know the event below comes without much advanced warning to get everything nicely in place. I know the violent killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Amaud Abrey recently  are but a few in a long line of systemic, racist violence and white supremacy over centuries. 

And, I know that if the Church is silent in moments when moral clarity is needed, then our credible witness to the Gospel is lost. 

So Church, I'm putting before you what we have, imperfect as it is, with the hopes that you will pick up and do what you can. 

If you can, come to Boston today Sunday 5/31 for the 3pm  Clergy United for Prayer, Protest and Justice Prayer March, led and initiated by Black clergy colleagues, with the explicit invitation for all people of goodwill to attend. (see below)

If you cannot, watch the Interfaith Prayer Vigil from the City of Boston I participated in on Saturday.  Or read the statement President Rev. Jennie Barrett Siegal and I shared on Friday "Our Siblings' Blood is Crying Out:" A Call to Listen & Action"

I highly recommend this blog post from our counterparts at the Minnesota Council of Churches "An open letter to white clergy on George Floyd’s murder and the current unrest" by Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs (Mohican), Director of Racial Justice, founder of Healing Minnesota Stories, MN Council of Churches.  The MN Council of Churches is doing excellent ministry and we give thanks for their clarity and leadership. 

Also, watch Rev. Kenneth Young in this panel conversation about Racial Justice and the Church with the North Shore Gospel Partnership. The work of racial justice and casting out the sin of idolatry that is white supremacy is work for the long haul, not just the work of showing up for one prayer service or one statement, but the work of long-term, structural reform. I pray for the Holy Spirit to sustain us all. Our credible witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ depends on it. 

With hope in the Holy Spirit,  

Rev. Laura

PS- I've closed Mass. Council of Churches for the day on Monday June 1 to give everyone a day off. The staff are exceedingly tired and this past week has been especially harrowing for Black colleagues. It is not enough to heal all that has been endured, and my hope is that closing on Monday is some small respite.  I ask for your patience and understanding.

Urgent: 5/31 Prayer Protest TODAY
Clergy United in Prayer, Protest + Justice
invites clergy colleagues and people of goodwill to gather on Sunday May 31, at 3pm: to pray for all the hurt and broken-hearted, to protest the continued killing of black people, and to call forth justice in our city, our Commonwealth, and our Nation.

This event is being led by Black pastors and coordinated by an ad hoc group. All people of good will are welcome to attend.

Facebook event is here, where information will be updated during the day. 

Route: We will march from BPD B-2 Dudley Station 2400 Washington Street, Roxbury MA to Boston Police Headquarters at 1 Schroeder Plaza, Roxbury, MA . The March is scheduled to begin at 3pm.

Parking: parking has been made available at the Whittier Street Health Center, 1290 Tremont Street Roxbury MA, near BPD HQ and the end of the prayer march. If you are planning to take advantage of this parking, please arrive by 2pm, as the church van will run from 2-2:30pm to bring you to the march starting location at B-2 Dudley Station.

- Clergy are asked to wear robes, collars, and red stoles according to your tradition.
- All people of goodwill are welcome to attend and wear red and black in solidarity.
- bring water in plastic bottles
- everyone in attendance is required to wear a mask
- everyone in attendance is required to practice social distancing while protesting

Ways to support for those who cannot attend in person:
1. Share the event and amplify the clergy statement

2. Make a financial contribution to the Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston:

3. Pray for the Holy Spirit to show up with Power and Peace at 3pm.

4. Consider and share what other kinds of spiritual activities we can do together after the prayer march.

Guiding Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:17
“This battle is not for you to fight; take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the Lord on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem.” Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them, and the Lord will be with you.’
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