It always surprises me in late winter when people stop me on the street and say, “I’m so happy to see you! When does The Farm open?” Well…it's January and we’re WIDE OPEN…have been for a couple of weeks!  Come on out, find your favorites, and say hello!  On these slower, winter days, I always think,
“Ahhhh….deep breath…I have time to get things done.
I’m going to go here, try this, shop there, learn that.”
And then I don’t.

I have made some headway this year with culling through the
mountain of stuff that has accumulated in our basement over the past several years of kids leaving, kids coming back, parents passing and so on. Stuff is, well, just stuff.  Thankfully, We have some great Farm Talks coming up, including one on decluttering that may give you (and me!) the inspiration and information I need to actually move ahead and conquer the rest of the mountain! Anyone need a small, but sturdy, woodstove?
See you on the Farm!
-Maryjane Mojer, Store Manager, Bartlett's Farm
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Missing the Farm? We have added new products to our web store so you can have a bit of the farm at home.
We brought in these beanies just before Thanksgiving. Our customers loved them so much, we've added a
second color!
We have already restocked our logo patch hats in preparation for the summer. Why wait? Grab yours now!
Birthdays are Sweet at Bartlett's
Our talented team of bakers are here year round making birthday wishes comes true with their fabulous cakes! Stop out and speak with us for your next Anniversary, Birthday, First Communion, Quinceanera, or Staff Party!
Winter's Gift of Citrus
Our Citrus Game is strong!
Not sure what to do with them all?
Here’s a primer to give you some ideas...
Cocktail Grapefruit
About half the size, but packs twice the punch. Full of flavor, and sweeter than your average grapefruit. Great for juice
or for snacking!

Satsuma Mandarins
Satsumas are loose skinned, seedless mandarin oranges. Their flavor ranges from bright and tart to sweet and earthy.  First found in Japan about 700 years ago, then cultivated on the Mississippi near New Orleans in early 1800’s. Easy to peel & good for lunch boxes! Essentially perfect for kid-sized hands!
Great for cocktails and garnish, too.
Meyer Lemons
A hybrid of citron and mandarin orange.
The zest is highly perfumed and the flesh is sweeter and juicier.

MJ's Meyer Lemon Chicken-
Cut lemon in half, tuck into a whole chicken, roast 1 hour at 400, until internal temp is 165.  De-glaze roasting pan over the stove, with a bit of stock and a squeeze of meyer lemon, or white wine.  Whisk in a knob of butter and remove from heat.  Add zest and a bit of chopped parsley to sauce and pour over chicken.
Cara Cara Oranges
Beloved, red fleshed and complex, with flavors evoking notes of cherry, rose and blackberry. Worth the wait every year, but get them while they’re here!
Your favorite fifth grader may be selling oranges and grapefruit. Always a treat, and a fun, delicious way to support our neighbors!
'New Year, New You' Recipe of the Week

Easy Hacks for Tasty Ramen at Home
Do you love Ramen Noodles? Learn all the tips and tricks to making a quick and satisfying bowl for weeknight dinners.  
Friends, with Benefits!
There's never been a better time to be a Friend of the Farm! We have lots of exciting things in store for our "FOTF" customers this year and now enjoy an automatic 500 points
for signing up! 
Super Bowl Snack Sale February 1st
Your one-stop-Super Bowl shop is right here!
On Saturday, February 1st, Friend of the Farm Customers will enjoy 25% off tons of great products that are perfect for snacking! Wash them down with some cold beer (Cisco 12-packs are now $16 BUCKS!) or soda and you're good to go! Stay tuned for our Super Bowl Meal Kits, from the Farm Kitchen, launching this week on Social Media!
potato chips such as route 11 and cape cod
tortilla chips like green mountain gringos and Mi Nina
salsas from Newman’s own
Plantation Nuts like peanuts, cashews and more
microwaveable popcorn from Newman’s Own and Skinny Pop
condiments: ketchup, mustard, mayo, BBQ and hot sauce
salad dressings from Cindy’s Kitchen
Freezer Fries from Alexia: waffle, crinkle cut, sweet potato, puffs
Prepped/packaged: guacamole, hummus, dips
Taco and enchilada fixings from Old El Paso
Crackers such as Z Crackers and Dare Bretons
Cheese: a selection of cheddar from the cheese department like Grafton Village and Shelburne Farm 2 Year Cheddar
Pickles from Boar's Head and Woodstock

12-packs of Coke, diet Coke, and Sprite
4-packs of Fever Tree like ginger ale, ginger beer, and more
1 liter bottles of Polar like tonic, ginger ale, and club soda
Join Our Awesome Team!
Garden Center Assistant Manager
Do you have a way with people and plants? Bartlett’s Farm is looking for a full-time year round supervisor for our Garden Center. This position works closely with our Garden Center Manager to maintain our high standards of quality in plant material and product.  Applicants must be friendly, knowledgeable about plants, as well as proficient with MS Office and POS systems, able to work weekends and lift 50lbs on a regular basis. Competitive salary, generous benefits and 30% discount make this great job even better. Please fill out an application at

Farm Talks and Food Demos
Upcoming Events
1/31/20- Attention Ladies Night VIP Ticket-holders-Last Day to use your VIP Ladies Night 20% OFF Coupon 

2/1- Superbowl Snack Sale for FOTF