We are having a very busy and fun summer here at Wooden Horse Corporation. We hope you can say the same. This month's content includes exciting product reviews, behind the scenes photos and more! Enjoy!
Steve Lantvit Reviews the New Equicizer All-Purpose Riding Pad
We were thrilled to announce the launch of the new proprietary Equicizer All-Purpose Riding Pad on May 1st of this year. We were immediately blown away by the positive response from our customers. One of the first reviews we received was from Chithra of Healing Horses Singapore, who is featured below in this newsletter. Next, award-winning trainer, instructor and friend of Wooden Horse Corporation, Steve Lantvit, posted a glowing recommendation for the pad.

We are so excited to share the awesome photos that Steve posted on his Steve Lantvit Horsemanship page using our All Purpose Riding Pad! A big thank you goes out to Jordan and his mount "Little Sister" for their demonstration with the pad to show it in action on a real horse! We're very happy with the results.

"ATTENTION BAREBACK RIDERS!! Check out the All Purpose Riding Pad, designed by Equicizer creator Frankie Lovato. This pad was created specifically for the Equicizer but can be used on a real horse too. With a unique design approach, it's suitable for all types and styles of riders of any age or size. Best pad out there by far; excellent design and top quality!!"

***Disclaimer: For safety reasons, we do not encourage use of stirrups with any bareback pad on a real horse. If used, the stirrups are merely to rest feet in and are not to be used for any weight bearing during riding or mounting.
Videos also available at the TROT and CANTER
Healing Horses Singapore Update
Wooden Horse Corporation is proud of its long-standing relationship with Chithra Rogers and her therapy center in Singapore. Chithra never ceases to amaze us and her followers with her drive and passion for helping children. If you do not already follow our blog (and you should!), Kayla recently wrote a two part feature on Healing Horses Singapore and the work Chithra is doing there. Please take time to buzz over to Wooden Horse Wednesday to read more!
Healing Horses Singapore is Healing Children:     Part One         Part Two
Coming Soon
One of upcoming blogs will feature video footage of the process Frankie goes through as he finishes the details of an Equicizer head. As you may or may not know, Frankie hand-crafts each Equicizer in his workshop in Norwalk, Ohio. The Equicizer Elite heads, which have the most detail, are hand carved and each is unique. Below are some photos of Frankie in action with the heads. Stay tuned for this exciting blog post!
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