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A Day in the Life of a Gravatt Camper
by Lillian Hardaway

I Wake Up to the banging of pots, counselors yelling “Polar Bear,” and morning music.  I quickly get up, put on my bathing suit and head down to the waterfront for Polar Bear.  I try to go to polar bear everyday so I can get that ice cream sundae at the end of the week.  On the walk to the dining hall to get some hot chocolate we stop by the goat pen to say good morning to Tim, Cesar, Maximus, Tank, Chad, Gunnar, and Ace.  Maybe I’ll write them a letter during rest period!

After hot chocolate, and putting on dry clothes, my cabin and I head down to the campfire for Morning Watch. We sing Princess Pat, which I remember is one my old counselor’s, Beth’s, favorite song!

The Princess Pat
Lived in a tree
She sailed across the 7 seas
She sailed across the channel too
And she took with her a rig-a-bamboo
Now what is that?
Its something made, By the Princess Pat
Its red and gold, And purple too
That’s why its called
A rig-a-bamboo
Now Captain Jack
Had a mighty fine crew
He sailed across the channel too
But his ship sank, And yours will too
If you don’t take , A rig-a-bamboo
Now what is that?
Its something made, By the Princess Pat
Its red and gold, And purple too
That’s why its called
A rig-a-bamboo

After our prayer at morning watch and the classic “campers camp, cruisers cruise,” I head to the Dining Hall with my tent best friend and Junior Counselor.  We set everything up for Breakfast, and while I must say, I’m excited to eat french toast sticks, I am not excited about having to clean up after my tent mates who I know will get syrup everywhere.  My tent gets assigned cleaning the field for Duties, and I know they will be done with that before I get done with cruising because the field is super easy to clean, and I was right, of course, my table is a mess from all of the syrup.
Shalom Circle Project Progress
The Water Moccasin

The construction of the "Water Moccasin" has begun! Thanks to the efforts and generosity of Aiken Electric Cooperative, the poles that will support the waterslide tower have been installed. The next step will be the construction of the tower, followed by slide installation. We look forward to keeping y'all up to date on progress in the coming months as we prepare to introduce this exciting new element to our summer camp program! 

Would you like to contribute to the project? We've ALMOST reached our goal! Click the button below to give!
Under the Tent
May 4, 2019

Christine Koutrakos is our Associate Development Director and our spectacular planner for Under the Tent. She has worked tirelessly, and I'm sure you've heard from her during the preparation. Please allow us the opportunity to let you know a little more about her and her ties to Gravatt, and by all means, join us for the beautiful event, May 4, 2019!

What drew you to Gravatt originally, and what's kept you here since then?
I originally came to Gravatt as a young camper.  I have several vivid memories from that session - the strongest was, I wanted to stay.  My roles have changed over the years, but I stayed!   The reason to stay has always been the sense of community.  Gravatt taught me to seek out real community in my life - people always matter.

What are 3 words you would use to describe Gravatt?

If you had to eat one Gravatt meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If we are talking a "traditional camp meal" I would probably say baked ziti.  The Gravatt ziti was always wonderful and for years we had it on the last night so there are lots of fun memories around it.  Now if we are talking current meals just pick anything Pat and Ruth and their staff create!  It is all wonderful!  Ask our guests!

If you were a Gravatt animal, what would you be and why?
A fish of course!  Anyone who comes to Gravatt knows those summer days are hot - you have to get in the lake! 

What is your proudest moment at Gravatt?
I remember everything about the day I was hired as a counselor.  I was so excited and relieved - it meant I really got to "stay" at Gravatt.  I am still most proud of being named Female Staffer of the Year.  This honor is decided by the summer staff who you work with day and night all summer long.  We were a very close, hard working staff and all were deserving.  It was one of the great honors of my life.
Deeds and Needs
A place to show gratitude to faithful supporters as well as acknowledge current need.

DEEDS: We want to extend a huge thank you to Brooke and Paul Gowder for our new Lending Libraries! Brooke completed this project as her Girl Scout Silver Award project! She not only built and installed the libraries, but she also filled them with 889 books! Great job, Brooke! We are so excited to use them!

NEEDS: We've started an Amazon Wishlist for Summer Camp! Some of the items include: 
  • Archery Arrows
  • Art Supplies
  • Pool Noodles
  • Fun Floats

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