March 2018 
Number 155

Bill Farmer Interview

Elaine Clark interviews Bill Farmer - Disney’s Goofy, Pluto, Horace Horsecollar, Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester the Cat, Foghorn Leghorn, and Yosemite Sam.

How did you become the voice of Goofy?
I came to Los Angeles in the summer of 1986 as a stand-up comic and radio personality. I was able to get an agent soon after arriving, and a few months later, in December, I got a call from my agent asking if I did any of the Disney classic characters. I tried Mickey and Goofy and they liked the Goofy audition. He was always my favorite Disney character, and I was delighted that out of the hundreds of actors that auditioned, I got the call to voice the Goof in January 1987. I had no idea if I would voice him more than once and they are still calling me in! I know how lucky I am to voice a legacy character like Goofy, since he is used quite frequently.

Any advice for breaking into animation?
The best advice I can give to new actors is to realize that it is voice ACTING, not VOICE Acting! The acting is the most important part of the equation. A good, versatile voice is important, but it not as important as the ability to ACT! Keep studying, taking classes, and practicing. Your voice box is surrounded by muscles that need to be worked like any other muscles. Acting is the same. It is a skill that takes constant practice.

What do you enjoy most about cartoons?
Whether creating a new character or voicing a well known character, it is a real high to take the writer’s words and add your own spin to the character, to bring it to life, to help that character jump off the page and become a fully fleshed-out personality. It feeds the actor’s creative spirit, and it is a real rush when it works!


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