April 2021

Event Updates
Thank you to all the wonderful Vendors and Participants of our Online/Facebook  Auction which was held on March 21st.  CARA raised over $900 and every penny goes towards the care and well being of our CARA Residents!!!

Stay tuned to our newsletter and CARA pages on the update of when our next Auction will be !! (Online or maybe in-person still to be determined!)
Save the date!
(Pending gatherings and restrictions)
We will plan on In-Person and virtual options. Stay tuned for more info and registration link. This is a 5k and a 10k Running Race beginning in Kiwanis Park and winding through the historic streets of Sanford! Dogs are encouraged to participate with their well trained humans! Prizes awarded to top and age group finishers!
Our Ride For Their Lives! has been rescheduled for September 18, 2021! 
(Pending gathering/restrictions)
We are hoping to Ride for Their Lives! in 2021 - Camelback Bridge/Deep River Park (near Sanford) Gulf, NC. Beautiful 10 mile or 50k or 100k well supported routes! More details and Registration link coming this summer!
Behind the Scenes
Message from our President
Dear friends of CARA!

     First I would like to say thank you for your support! It’s been a tough year but you made a difference by being there for us.

     AniMall is on hold until we understand more about the new Covid strains. We will keep you posted on updates and will send out an email when we start again.

     We always need volunteers. We recently had a big changeover due to school, work schedules and moving from the area on our group of volunteers that come into walk the dogs in the middle of the day. This is a greatly needed group because our dogs need to have a potty break, get some exercise, a little basic training plus personal one on one TLC.

     This is generally a relatively quiet time at the shelter when 2-3 volunteers come in to work together. These volunteers are called Middays. They come in around 12:30 in the afternoon for about two hours to handle the dogs. The cat’s love attention too, so you can spend time with them after the dogs get walked. They will love you for the attention! We ask Midday volunteers to commit to one day a week for the purpose not to burn you out and take all your time, but you may give more help as needed. You can find contact information on how to become a CARA Midday volunteer further in this newsletter or on our website.

     With spring here, CARA needs some volunteers to help pick up the grounds and do some general maintenance. Feel free to email me about that if you have some free time to assist.

     Many of you already know some of the basics when it comes to supplies we need at the shelter, but I would like to give you some tips on how to pick the best items for your money and the animals. Please find us on Facebook for all our updates on new arrivals and supplies needed!

     As animal lovers, you know one thing the beginning of spring means for sure is kitten season! We already are getting kittens galore and I’m sure we will be busy for some time. Purina Kitten chow will be needed for months to come along with just about any quality can kitten food.

     When we need pet food we like to emphasis plain old fashion PURINA Cat, Kitten, Dog and Puppy Chow. It is generally a good value so you don’t need to buy high end expensive specialty food unless we specifically request it for certain animals. Keeping the animals all on PURINA is gentle on their tummies and therefore keeps them happy and the kennels are easier to clean.

     We like durable dog toys for the dogs like Nylabones and Kong toys so the dogs don’t eat the pieces. You can find a large variety of products we need from cleaning supplies, medical products, toys, food and much more on our Amazon Wish List or on our website. You can find our Amazon Wish List here:

     Just a reminder, even though the government is opening up more, CARA is still set up for visitors that have appointments because our lobby is cramped and we have to protect the people who care for our animals. Please go to our website and fill out an adoption application so we have information to help prepare for your visit. After your application is reviewed and approved, we will reach out to you to schedule your appointment. We are looking forward to the days when our doors will be open to the public and greet you in person to help you find the next family member.

 Be kind, be safe,
 Steve Frederick
 CARA Volunteer
Featured Dog

Our sweet Berwin had a rough start to his young life. When we brought Berwin into our care, he had a broken jaw that was not properly cared for and healed wrong. Berwin was unable to close his mouth, which caused him pain and made eating very difficult. Thanks to the generosity of our CARA supporters, we were able to raise the funds needed to fix Berwin's jaw. When Berwin went into surgery, he had half his jaw removed and some BBs removed from under his skin. Not only was Berwin's jaw broken, he was shot with a BB gun. Berwin is all healed up and looking for his special person or family.

Due to coming from a very bad situation, Berwin is very slow to warm up to humans. Berwin requests if he can have his family all to his own. He is very sweet and hope his new family has the patience to get to know him and see his true personality. He has been at CARA far too long and hoping that the Spring time will bring in some new potential adopters who would fall in love with him.

Fill out an application today for  Berwin, who is patiently waiting for a forever home. If you want to know more information about Berwin and his friends, call 919-774-9433 or email sheltermanager@cara-nc.org.
Sponsor of the Month:
Carolina Trace Gated Properties
Carolina Trace has homes in many price ranges and is a wonderful place to live. So whether you are a family starting out or want to live in your dream home contact the professionals at Carolina Trace Gated Properties for your next home. They are also the people to contact if you are looking for a rental property in Carolina Trace. They know the community inside and out and network across the country, so if it’s time to move out of Carolina Trace, list with the people that know how to promote your home! There are plenty of vacant lots for sale too!

A Thank You to Our Sponsors
Job Opportunities
Midday Volunteer Opportunity:
Potential volunteers must by 18 years or older. Person must be able to commit one day a week for three months. Midday volunteers come in the afternoons at 12:15 pm to 2:15 pm. Volunteers must be comfortable with any kind of dog and/or cat. We have a wide variety of dogs from big to small and low energy to high energy. Middays will go through a couple of days of training. Tasks that middays do are checking on cats in the cat room, letting dogs out in the yard to play and socialize, walking dogs, work on basic commands, and checking water bowls at the end of your shift. We are in desperate need of new Midday volunteers. Some of our current volunteers are leaving due to work schedules, schooling, and moving. If interested, email Mary Ann Gaster at bmagaster5170@gmail.com or cara@cara-nc.org.

ACG (Animal Care Giver) Positions (Paid Position):
Potential ACG must by 18 years or older. We need an ACG for Saturdays and Sundays between the times of 7am to 11am. The pay is $8.25/hour. AM ACG tasks include feeding animals, letting dogs out to potty, cleaning kennels, laundry, washing dishes, taking care of cats and administering medication when needed. ACGs need to be comfortable handling a variety of dogs and cats, have good time management, and have a passion for taking care of animals. If interested, email your resume at cara@cara-nc.org.

Groundskeeper/General Repair Person(s):
We are in need of grounds keeping and general repair persons needed as volunteers! Volunteers need to be self-motivated and have general knowledge on grounds keeping or general repairs. As little as one day a month or more will help us keep CARA in tip top shape. 

Things you can do at CARA that will make a big difference:
Pressure Washing
Weed trimming
Hedge trimming
Tree trimming
Using a leaf blower
Replacing light bulbs

If you are interested in helping with maintenance, email us at sheltermanager@cara-nc.org.
CARA Projects and More
We have gotten our Industrial Washer and Dryer thanks to Billy Kincaid! We are going to continue our GOFUNDME page that will help go towards many other projects that need to be done to the shelter!

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsoring a CARA dog and/or cat is another option to support CARA since our fundraisers have either been canceled or moved to be virtual. We are featuring certain CARA animals that need sponsors to help cover their care while they are with us. We are asking for $350 total per animal. This covers the animal's spay/neuter and feeding them.

Call CARA at 919-774-9433 to inquire about Sponsorship opportunities! Many of our kittens are coming of age and will need to spayed/neutered before they go home. This is another way to help CARA and the animals we care for until they find their forever homes!
Make sure to use Amazon Smile when ordering! You can find all the items above on our Wishlist. Click on the AmazonSmile picture and it will redirect you to our wishlist. In the URL make sure the site address says: smile.amazon.com.
We are looking forward to the day we can open our doors to the you without health safety measures and having events with our CARA. We miss seeing you and wish you and your family the very best during these difficult times.

42 Deep River Rd, Sanford, NC |  919·774·9433 | cara@cara-nc.org