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Achieving        Business Goals

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Personal Transformation Inspiration

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I am so excited to share with you the exciting news about a 10-year dissertation study done by an ambitious and inspired young woman named Kelly Turner, PhD who was brave enough to ask the question:

What Do Cancer Survivors Share In Common?
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Oncologists label survivors of terminal cancer as cases of
spontaneous remission.

Spiritualists call these survivors miraculous healing.

Dr. Turner discovered Stage III and IV cancer survivors share 75 things in common and the TOP 9 Keys to Healing Cancer are emotional and spiritual practices !!

Holistic Stress Reduction & Wellness Approach  
Beats Cancer
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Life In Balance Holistic Wellness Retreat, Topanga
October 10 - 14, 2014

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Holistic Wellness Retreat, Topanga
Holistic Wellness Retreat, Topanga

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Space Limited to 10-12 participants
Registration DEADLINE:  September 20, 2014
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Life In Balance:  BODY  MIND  HEART  SOUL
October 10 - 14, 2014 

double occupancy

Registration Deadline September 20, 2014

4-nights / 5-days accommodation at charming Topanga Canyon Inn B&B

where workshop meets for 3 hours a day, plus local activities outside this venue.  

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Daily hikes into Topanga State Park

using Nature as teacher, healer and inspiration for whole person wellness  





Diet & Nutritional Support 

Immune Building Protocols 

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"The Best of Science and Nature."

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Daily phyto-chemical smoothy

formulas for  building a strong immune system and vitality through phyto-chemical food healing recipes and protocols   


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Identify personal goals for renewed health, wellness, personal growth and new beginnings.

Learn effective stress reduction techniques for supporting a strong immune function,  






Revitalize with QiGong Self-Healing & Breathing Exercises


Connect with Spirit & Nature through Vipassana Meditation 



Transform your "inner saboteur" voice into an "inner ally" to support success with your goals.



Healthy evening dinners

Combination of locally sourced catered meals at the B&B and opportunities to dine out at local Topanga restaurants. (Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free dietary needs by prior arrangements)



Special closing group dinner at renown organic Inn of the Seventh Ray Restaurant

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Porchias WISH rev Porchia's WISH Holistic Wellness Workshop  

Create Your Life In Balance


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Plenty of FREE time
for personal rest and relaxation, personal reflection, journaling

Sycamore Massage 
Private massage, therapeutic touch and aroma therapy available by a Topanga healer with  advance appointment

Take Home Action Plan to support your goals back home


Follow-up group webinar to help keep you on track with your wellness goals 



Small group & intimate setting.  

Space limited to 10-12.   


Register NOW to reserve your place.  


Registration DEADLINE

September 20, 2014 


Workshop details below

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Top 9 Things That Heal Cancer
Boosting Immune System Holistically

Thank you. Thank you, Dr. Kelly Turner 


This young woman is the first credentialed researcher to ask what oncologists don't care about.


"What Do Cancer Survivors Share In Common?"

"What Do Cancer Survivors Do To Heal Themselves?" 


Dr. Turner is a Harvard graduate, researcher, author and speaker in the field of integrative oncology.  What she discovered during her 10-year study and dissertation on cancer survivors is shocking in that this headline worthy news is hidden from public eye. 


For decades we in the holistic and integrative health and wellness industry knew and intuited what Dr. Turner has finally verified through acceptable scientific method so now traditional Western medicine must take note.


Below are excerpts from Dr. Turner's recently released book, Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds:


 "There are over one thousand cases in print [of Radical Remission] all quietly published in medical journals....and no one was seriously investigating these cases, nor making any attempts to track them."    


Furthermore, "Oncologists had no interest in hearing about what they had done to get better."


For every 1 case of Radical Remission that is published there is an estimated 100 more cases that go unpublished.


Turner identified 75 things that cancer survivors shared in common and 7 out of the top 9 keys to healing cancer are emotional and spiritual practices to support immune function.  


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FolloDianne in Yelloww-up group webinar one month later  to help keep you on track


Private, phone and Skype sessions may also be scheduled to provide consistent support if desired.  


Masterful Retreat facilitation by Dianne Porchia

Master's Degree Spiritual Psychology

Diplomat from College of Mind-Body Medicine 

American Association Integrative Medicine

                            President Topanga's Chamber of Commerce 




Registration DEADLINE

September 20, 2014

Call NOW  310-455-2851 

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