To seek to transform  lives  by  worshiping  God,  building  relationships,  developing  disciples,  and  serving  our  neighbors.


It’s the other side of finding just the right house and making the move, isn’t it? Unpacking, I mean. It’s both a chore and, sometimes, a surprising pleasure. As you put things in their places in your new place, you are likely to find items you should have let go and discover treasures you had forgotten you had. Chore or pleasure, it has to be done. We are at it now at our new place, and glad to be.

Unpacking is a good metaphor for the spiritual life, too. We carry guilt over past failures, or anxieties from any number of sources. We resist asking forgiveness for error and sin, or lack confidence that we can trust God’s forgiveness, grace and unconditional love.

Some of us need to unpack and let go of voices from childhood we carry in our heads, too. Some call these the “be-don’t be” voices. They say things, sometimes well-meant, like: “Be perfect, be pleasing, be careful, try hard, and hurry up,” interpreted often by children as meaning: “Don’t be messy, don’t be close, don’t be who God created you to be.”

“Cast all your anxieties on God, for God cares for you,” says 1 Peter 5:7.

“Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls,” says the Lord Jesus (Matthew 11:28-29).

Unpacking the material stuff of our lives and deciding what to keep and what to let go is one thing. Unpacking the emotional hold of the past can open the way to becoming the authentic person God intended. For some, it can save a life as well as grow a soul.

Getting rid of the junk in our spiritual lives can, in the power of the Spirit, make way for us to hear the loving, grace-filled message of Jesus who is calling: “Be here, be accepted, be loved, be real, be Mine.”

Grace and peace,



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This Week in Worship
During our Worship Service this week we will be acknowledging the students who have been awarded Scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year.

Church members receiving scholarships are:
Alexandra Adams                Sophomore            Old Dominion University
Taylor Batte                          Sophomore           Virginia Military Institute
Vaun Clagett                        Junior                    Georgia Tech   (Spring Semester)
Caitlin Harrah                       Senior                   UNC - Chapel Hill
Sahar Moghadam                Senior                   Auburn University
Stephanie Van Leeuwen      Grad School          Baptist Theological Seminary - Richmond
Thomas Voegelin                 Junior                    William and Mary

Two Norfolk High School Students that have been awarded scholarships:
Quinchelle Bailey               Sophomore                Norfolk State
Brandon Griffin                   Junior                        Virginia Tech

Being a part of a community means that we share in one another's joys and pray for one another in times of need.  Please see below if you or someone you know is in need of prayer, visits, or phone calls. 

If there is a specific way we can pray for you or someone is missing from this list (with their permission), please let us know.  You can do so by writing or calling the Church Office.  Please let us know whether your prayer request is private (for the ministerial staff and prayer team), for the Deacons, or for the congregation.
Vacation Bible School Volunteers are Needed

Whether it is helping with music, Bible stories, missions, crafts, cooking, or the kids,
we need many hands to make our VBS successful! 
If you are willing to help you can sign up here, in the fellowship hall,
or by contacting Stephanie (

VBS is August 7th to 11th from 9 am to Noon
Our Updated Church Calendar can be found at:

If you have an event or meeting that needs to be added to the calendar, please email
This Week's Events
Free Friday Breakfast (served by CA Pizza Kitchen) - Friday, August 4th at 8:30 am
Memorial Service for Margaret Perdue - Saturday. August 5th at 11:00 am​​​​​​​
FSBC Vacation Bible School
August 7th to 11th
Ages 4 to 5th Grade

Questions?  Please contact Stephanie (stephanie@freemasonstreet,org)

Coffee Hour
When it's your birthday month, it's your turn to help by bringing in refreshments for coffee hour and helping set up and clean up. Thank you so much to all of our hosts and coordinators who provide for this mission each Sunday morning.

August 6th:  March Birthdays
Children's Volunteers
We appreciate all of our volunteers, but especially those that help out in our children's area.  Because of their help, our parents and guardians are able to attend Sunday School and Worship services.  If you are willing to help serve in this way, please let us know!  A background check is necessary.

Worship - Jaime King
Please contact Stephanie Van Leeuwen if you would like to volunteer.
Serving in Worship

          Offering Team                                                     Communion Prayer  
           David Davis                                                          Bread:  Jaime King  
           Madeline Brewer                                                   Cup:  Paul Winslow   
           Aaron Karp                                                                                        
           Michele Weigle                                                                                        
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Freemason Street Baptist Church
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