December 10, 2017

Massachusetts House Committee on Global
Warming and Climate Hearing, Monday 12/11

Rep. Frank Smizik, Chair of the MA House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, will be holding an oversight hearing on the proposed APS biomass regs. This hearing is a result of efforts to hold DOER accountable for misleading the public on Big Biomass which is not truly renewable energy.

Note testimony by invitation only - but large public presence welcome!
Speakers will include:
- Assistant Secretary of EEA, Assistant Secretary of the Environment, and DOER
- Keynote presentations by Dr. William Moomaw, Professor Emeritus of International Environmental Policy at Tufts University, and Dr. Mary S. Booth, director of the Partnership for Policy Integrity, an internationally renowned expert on bioenergy
- Panelists from Conservation Law Foundation (Caitlin Peale), Natural Resources Defense Council (Sami Yassa), American Lung Association (Casey Harvell), RESTORE: The North Woods (Michael Kellett), and Western MA citizen advocates

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DECEMBER 11, 2017
11 AM - 2 PM
Massachusetts State House, Room 1B
24 Beacon St.
Boston, MA

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Conference on Natural Gas Infrastructure and Public Health especially informative for Board of Health members and health care professionals

 "Natural Gas Infrastructure and Public Health: From Local to Global” will take place at the Boston University Photonics Center on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018, from 10:00-5:00 PM. Members of Boards of Health and health care professionals are especially invited to join the discussion regarding the health impacts of natural gas infrastructure (NGI) and the role of public health officials in this topic.

Topics being covered:
- The landscape of natural gas infrastructure (NGI) in Massachusetts
- The impact of NGI on air pollution and respiratory disease
- The impact of NGI on climate change, resulting impact on local health issues
- The role of Comprehensive Health Impact Assessments (CHIA) in NGI planning
- The role of municipal Boards of Health with regard to NGI and related projects

Conference co-sponsors include the Boston University School of Public Health, Massachusetts Association of Health Boards, Massachusetts Medical Society, Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, Massachusetts Health Professionals for Clean Energy, Physicians for Policy Action, and Health Care Without Harm.

They will share additional details on our program in the coming weeks.

Please talk to your local Board of Health members and any health care professionals you know about attending this important conference on the impacts of natural gas infrastructure on health and safety. (Please see next article below for important letter for Boards of Health to sign!)

Talk to your local Board of Health About Health Risks of Fracked Gas Infrastructure

The Massachusetts Association of Health Boards (MAHB) are asking Boards of Health to sign on to a letter to Governor Baker, asking him to consider and appropriately address the health hazards of fracked gas infrastructure development.

More than ​50 Boards of Health have approved signing onto it.

Residents of our other towns and cities to should ask their Board of Health to sign on to this letter as well. It would be a powerful message to send if every municipality in the state signed on!

Signing on to this letter to the Governor makes public health sense:
• asks that an independent comprehensive health impact study be done before approving any new infrastructure
• asks for priority for developing renewable energy sources and efficiency to cut down on fossil fuel use and emissions

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Please talk to your local Board of Health members about signing on to this letter, and contact Michelle Brooks about any efforts and progress made (or for any questions!)

» Check the list of 50 towns that have already signed on
to make sure your Board of Health isn’t already on board

4th Annual draft of the National Climate Assessment is now available for public review through January 31

The National Climate Assessment (NCA) is a United States government interagency ongoing effort on climate change science conducted under the auspices of the Global Change Research Act of 1990. 

“The vision is to advance an inclusive, broad based, and sustained process for assessing and communicating scientific knowledge of the impacts, risks, and vulnerabilities associated with a changing global climate in support of decision-making across the U.S.”
    — NCA May 20, 2011 page2

The 3rd National Climate Assessment was released in 2014. This new Draft of the 4th National Climate Assessment has been peer reviewed 5 times and is currently available for public review and comment until January 31, 2018.

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