Dear Western Fairs Association Member,

We’ve all been through a lot lately and working extremely hard to make the necessary adjustments during this crisis. It’s been incredible to witness the work our members have been doing to support themselves, their families, and their business partners. The level of innovation, creativity, and volume of work is unparalleled and something we all should be truly proud of.

And one thing also rings true—while we don’t know when we do know this pandemic will end. Normalcy will begin to set in and you can count on us to be there for you. That being said, we want to take a moment to update you on how we’ve expanded our benefits to assist in the short-term and beyond, and share our plans for the near future.

COVID-19 Communications. We've hosted at least one virtual discussion each week over the past two months and are delighted that over 1,000 members have attended. We sincerely hope these virtual discussions have helped you find your footing, gain new ideas, and take immediate steps to support your organization. Continue to check our newsletter and our social media pages for upcoming discussions.

Industry Daily Updates. In the last two months we have brought you Daily Update Newsletters. As we continue through this process, we have decided to modify this newsletter to become a weekly update, and eventually will transition back into our regularly scheduled Monthly Newsletter, as we see fit. We are committed to providing our membership with up to date information and resources.

Membership Dues. We will open up our renewal process early this year at the end of June, and will provide you with more time to pay dues by extending the renewal period through October 2020. If you need more time, our “Pledge Now, Pay Later” option will still allow you to continue your membership. With a mutually signed agreement, we will offer a payment plan to allow delayed or installment payments, to continue your membership listing in the 2021 Date List.  We trust that we've shown the value you need to continue as a member – with a lot more to come.

Future Programs & Services. Our new environment is all about innovation and change—and we've completely revamped our education plan. While we remain hopeful that in-person or hybrid events may be possible in 2021, our short-term plans are to provide you with virtual meetings and resources. Here's a broad outline of the interactive experiences we're working on (i.e. virtual learning and engagement):

1. COVID-19 Virtual Discussions – Continuing Complimentary for MembersWe’re planning to continue these discussions in the future—but not quite as often. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming discussions and topics. We are so grateful for the amazing team of facilitators that have supported our discussions so far.
  • Cliff Munson
        Chair, WFA Board of Directors
        CEO, Siskiyou Golden Fair
  • Patricia Conklin
        Chair, California Fairs Alliance
        Past Chair, WFA Board of Directors
        CEO, Dixon May Fair
  • Eric Wofford, CEO, Yuma County Fair
        Vice-Chair, WFA Board of Directors
        CEO, Yuma County Fair
  • Carolan Ferreria
        Treasurer, WFA Board of Directors
        Owner, Professional Event Services Inc.
  • Karla Majewski
        Service Member Representative, WFA Board of Directors
        Owner, Pacific Animal Productions
  • Pam Shultz
        Service Member Representative, WFA Board of Directors
        Owner, Imagination Gallery
  • Suzanne Haas
        Service Member Representative, WFA Board of Directors
        Fair Sales Manager, UMS Banking
  • Arturo Barajas
        Deputy Secretary, California Department of Food & Agriculture
  • John Quiroz
        Branch Chief, CDFA, Fairs & Expositions Branch
  • Rebecca Desmond
        Executive Director, California Fair Services Authority
  • Randy Crabtree
        Executive Director, California Construction Authority

2.     New Meetings & Mixers – Bring Education to You.
Though we won’t be together for face-to-face for our usual Open Houses or Service Member Meetings & Mixers, we would like to bring them to you through zoom! We’re working closely with our content leaders to design an experience chock-full of new ideas, formats, and engagement. They’ll be taking place this Summer. Look for more details in the coming weeks.

3.     Western Fairs Association Convention & Tradeshow. While we hope the 98th Annual Convention & Tradeshow will be able to commence at the beginning of 2021, we expect that it will look a little different this year. We’re in the process of developing new ways to get business done, meet Industry Partners, plus grow and deepen professional and partner relationships. Look for details in the next few months.

Resources for You. Our COVID-19 Updates webpage has received a tremendous amount of traffic, and we trust you’ve found the information helpful. We’ll continue to use this as the main source of updates as they become available. And of course, resources on this page will continue to be complementary along with the many other benefits that come with membership.
  • Date List & Membership Directory - A comprehensive listing of fair dates, key decision-makers and businesses produced annually. This premier publication lists fairs alphabetically and businesses by division—making it easy to plan your fair route. Considered the ultimate reference, the Date List & Membership Directory also serves as an excellent advertising opportunity available only to members.
  • Timely articles and information from our newsletter and The Fair Dealer magazine.
  • Networking and Educational Opportunities: Convention, Trade Show and Showcase, Open Houses, Feature Fair Tours, WFA Meetings and Mixers, Fall Managers Conference, New CEO Orientation
  • Discount Programs at UMS Banking, Group Rate Insurance through WSR Insurance Services, Coca-Cola National Pricing Program, Grandstand Apps
  • Everything you need, right in your pocket, with the WFA Mobile App! Even when there's no cell service, you'll have access to fair dates, business contact information, and newsletters
  • Stay up-to-date on WFA activities, view fair dates, find industry events, locate service members by company type in the Business Directory, and take advantage of the Member Resource Page, on the Western Fairs Association Website.
  • New! Membership Benefits Program: Western Fairs Association has partnered with Wraith, Scarlett and Randolph to provide our members with options for dental, vision, medical, deductible gap, term life and disability insurance.
  • Member consultations are not a formal service, but is one of our favorites! We help individual members solve problems and make connections daily. Just ask us!
  • Volunteerism has three benefits in one experience – expanding your network, learning new ideas, and gaining the satisfaction of supporting WFA. There are 11 different volunteer committees and councils, so you have many choices!
  • Award Programs that recognize the truly incredible things that our members do throughout the year.
  • Let your business partners know you are a Western Fairs Association member by utilizing our logo on your company letterhead, website, business cards and other promotional items.
  • WFA’s subsidiary the California Fairs Alliance coordinates an extensive legislative advocacy program that tracks and sponsors bills in California.
  • Multiple advertising opportunities available to members at a discounted rate. New members receive a 10% discount on their first ad order within 3 months of joining!
  • The Western Fairs Association credential allows free gate entry into 95 percent of member fairs.

As we’re faced with uncertainty and challenges ahead, WFA is committed to keeping you inspired, empowered, and connected. Together we can continue to Build Better Fairs!
Sarah Cummings
President & CEO
Western Fairs Association