Speaker's Digest 

March 2018


In this issue:

  • Trust Your Knowledge and Ditch the Prepared Text
  • Free Throws and Presenting: Pausing Makes Perfect
  • Powerful Protests, Powerful Speakers 


March can be a scary month. For starters, it comes in like a LION, and most of us living in the northern half of the US can attest to that, with winter hanging on just a little longer than we would like. March is also full of MADNESS in households across the country, where men’s and women’s basketball teams turn up the heat in search of that elusive championship. And this was also the month that hundreds of thousands of people MARCHED FOR OUR LIVES.


And spring training has given way to BASEBALL season... Carpe Opening Diem!


In this month’s Digest, we review our recent blog posts, most covering speeches that we saw this past month. Theresa May delivered a landmark address to her country to discuss the details of Brexit. Then, a wave of protests included a wave of wonderful speeches, two of which we spotlight here. We also had a piece about basketball players learning to shoot free throws, which is not unlike presenters learning to pause: those who practice and follow a routine tend to have the most success.


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Trust Your Knowledge and Ditch the Prepared Text 

We usually encourage our clients to ditch the prepared text when giving speeches. In our experience, most presenters do a better job of engaging their audience when they prepare well, then trust their knowledge and leave the notes behind. Theresa May’s stiffness when working with her text, followed by a renewed passion and personality that came through as she responded to questions from the crowd, helps to prove our point.


Free Throws and Presenting: Pausing Makes Perfect

One thing we know about the NCAA Basketball Tourney: many of the games come down to making a single free throw. An active, back-and-forth game pauses for a critical moment of silence and standing still. That magical moment in time should be a reminder to presenters that effective pauses can make all the difference.


Powerful Protests, Powerful Speakers

There were at least two memorable moments in the world of public speaking this month that occurred within 48 hours of each other. Both speakers took big risks to get their messages across—one spoke from the heart, and the other spoke with her silence—and those risks made their speeches particularly memorable.


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