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To meet the requirement for the NFPA 58 gas code we introduced the
T-204DU and T-203DU. By integrating a dielectric union into our valve body, we've eliminated the need for multiple fittings and joints, while meeting the
requirement for dielectric unions in gas piping. 
Read on for more information about this innovative design!
Our T-204DU and T-203DU are available with multiple end connections, including FNPT, MNPT, and Flare. We offer a variety of configurations to make sure we have that valve that fits your application. The T-203DU also features an integrated side tap to allow for easy pressure testing. 
The requirement for a dielectric union on gas piping was introduced with safety as a top priority. The dielectric union electrically isolates underground metallic piping and tubing from above ground building piping, preventing the underground piping from becoming a grounding electrode. This is especially important in lines carrying sensitive and volatile fuel gasses.