New Offerings

*New Class*
8:30 pm
"Cardio Express"
45 Minutes

*New Teacher*
7:30 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"

*New Teacher*
10:15 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"

*New Teacher*
7:30 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"

*July 9th & 23rd*
"Move & Restore Yoga"
Two Sundays
1:30 - 2:45 pm
*Special Guest Instructor*

*July 15th*
"The Reset"
1:30 pm

July 15th
"Introduction To
Spirit & intuition"

August 6h
"Manifesting Masterclass"
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Dear --FNAME--,

Summer is on and with it, your beautiful body in all it's health and glory--that is...if you're on track with your workouts.

Working out makes the Summer more fun because not only does it make you look good, it makes you feel good too. When you feel like you're looking good, you're more motivated to eat well, so working out on a regular schedule has a cumulative effect. The better you feel the more motivated you become to work out and so on and so forth until you're in flow with the go! You're on track and you're making things happen in every arena of your life!

So too, does manifesting work in the opposite direction--toward the negative. You start the day off by skipping a workout and you just don't have the attitude it takes to push past the morning traffic and you honk and curse at the other drivers, they holler at you or worse and it spins into some unnecessary drama.

I know that we don't need this in our lives. Drama belongs on the stage as an act, not as a lapse in loving, rational behavior. This is how battles are started and how grudges are initiated. Getting off track is totally avoidable and a workout is one of the most basic modalities for being in alignment with your highest and best.

Test out my philosophy for yourself. Rate your mental clarity, your emotional state and your physical well-being before a workout at SWERVE and then again afterwards. The results are yours to take action upon. I know for me, I always feel better following a SWERVE workout. And feeling better makes me better. Feeling better makes all of us better. It makes us kinder and more loving.

Coming from a loving place is how we make the world function better. You'll see it in traffic, and though you might not witness increased speeds and fewer vehicles on the road, you will hear less honking and feel more peaceful. You might even behave with more generosity, allowing folks to merge when you wouldn't normally.

I have found that there's no partition in Spirit and that when I cultivate a good feeling in one arena, that I can then transfer that high frequency into another area. This is evident with working out. I'm best when I've worked out and I'm great at manifesting when I've got the post-workout vibe. I challenge you to test this out too. I can help you with this. Work out with me at SWERVE. Or workout with any of SWERVE's excellent teachers or trainers. We'll get you on track and in the high fine Summer feeling right away.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
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