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Summer  2020
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Black Lives Matter

Remembering Edwina Brennan

New ARTsisters

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Welcome to ARTsisters’ Summer Newsletter – we plan to publish four times a year to coincide with the seasons.

ARTsisters is an organization of visual artists who work in a variety of media and styles. They are united through their common goals:
- Commitment to making art 
- Dedication to inspiring each other and sharing  knowledge
- Showing new work 
- Dedication to community

​ARTsisters members are professional artists in the Philadelphia area who meet regularly to discuss art and creative processes. They collaborate on upcoming shows and work with nonprofit organizations to give back to their community.

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Black Lives Matter
As an organization of professional artists, ARTsisters is committed to inclusiveness, diversity and equality for all. Our membership, our actions and our art are the voices we offer to combat racism and bigotry in all its forms. 

Remembering Edwina Brennan
Abstract painter and special friend
ARTsisters mourns the death of Edwina Brennan, longtime member who passed away June 9. 2020. Raised in Rockville Centre on Long Island, N.Y., for the past 10 years, Eddie resided in the Hershey Mills community in West Chester, PA. An artist, Eddie attended the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts after receiving her master's degree from Rosemont College. Her passion for art was visible with her involvement in societies such as Artists Equity Group, ARTsisters, the 3rd Street Gallery, and Delaware Contemporary Art Museum. She was also asked to show one of her works in an exhibit recognizing local artists at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.

We will miss her verve and energy.
ARTsisters Newest Members
4 New Members
ARTsisters welcomes its newest members- Barbara Dirnbach, Sally K Eisenberg, Cynthia Philkill and Kathleen Spicer.

Barbara Dirnbach
The journey to find my voice as an artist began as an art student at NYU in the ‘60s and resumed in the last five-years. 
As an artist, incorporating artistic ideas and techniques, past and present, is important in order to stay grounded in tradition but not be limited by it. Every day I embrace goals that I set for myself as an artist by taking chances and delving into unknown territory using various materials, textures, and scale, to convey strong emotions. 
I explore my inner world and express my ideas by choosing subjects and images that are personal and meaningful to me. My intention is for every piece of art to tell a bold story through composition, design, and color. 
Creating art gives me a sense of purpose, achievement, and excitement. I hope the journey will never end.

Sally K Eisenberg
There is something magical that happens when I surround myself with color. When I'm in my studio, there is a dance that occurs when mixing together the colors on my palette. I begin each piece of work with one background color and then continue adding color, texture, shapes and many layers until I feel the piece is complete.  Immersing myself in the creative process allows me to express my inner landscape of emotions. 

Cynthia Philkill
I have always loved art materials from as early as I can remember. This is what has drawn me to mixed media and assemblage.
I utilize vintage paper, hand-printed tissue paper, old letters, found objects, and other ephemera that many people would throw away.
I love people, hearing their stories and discovering some insight into who they have become and how. My artwork often combines my love for people and their stories with using unusual materials and supplies to tell those stories. I try to offer some insight into and curiosity about people and their lives to the viewer.
My current work explores the marginalization of the elderly and how we often miss or dismiss the experiences and inner-life of our elders. My mixed-media pieces encourage the viewer to see our elders as people to be seen and known beyond the external - looking for their inner life, dreams and passions.

Kathleen Spicer
I make sculpture that is painted. The work is abstract with reference to nature. It is a combination of many parts that come together in one image. My sculptures are organic, mathematical, animated, sensual, analytic – and have a bit of humor. Over many years I have developed work which bridges the gap between painting and object, and therefore defies category.
Color is key in every sculpture. I use thin layers over each other creating light from beneath the surface. The edges are often painted solidly to re-define the form. Each final piece has a sense of energy that comes from inside the structure and breathes outwardly.
Creating work with a sense of positive energy is my commitment. The work should not sit still but should activate the space it occupies.
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Member Exhibits:
Patterning Nature at InLiquid Gallery
InLiquid Gallery
1400 N American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
invites you to

Patterning Nature
    featuring art by Linda Dubin Garfield, Gary Grissom and Jessica Demcsak
July 29- August 29, 2020

It is very hard to answer the questions about visitation right now. We are still waiting to see how things change when we enter the "green phase," but I can at least tell you what our policies are right now. Right now we are open by appointment only Wednesday-Saturday 12-6. There is a little wiggle room for other days, but we are trying to keep visitors Wednesday-Saturday if possible. To set up an appointment, people can call our office at 215-235-3405 and make an appointment with Sara Zimmerman. Right now, there is a limit of 4 visitors at a time, all of whom must be wearing masks at all times while inside our building.

image: Mountain Grandeur 1, mixed media by Linda Dubin Garfield
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Sandi Neiman Lovitz's Art in Philadelphia Stories

Congratulations to ARTsisters' member Sandi Neiman Lovitz whose amazing painting Ecstatic Orange is included in the newest edition of Philadelphia Stories. Thanks to the wonderful art editor Pam McLean-Parker!

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Cerulean Art 8th Annual Juried Exhibition
Cerulean Arts
1355 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19123
invites you toi

Cerulean Arts 8th Annual Juried Exhibition, including art by Barbara Dirnbach
July 1 - August 9, 2020
Phone for appointment.

Image: Monsieur Le Beau, mixed media on canvas by Barbara Dirnbach

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