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Our Vegetable Production Manager, Andrew has given us this update with goings on around the Farm.

Farm Grown Microgreens are in

Micros are now being harvested! I have spicy mix and mild mix, and this week there is a crop of micro-radish as well.  The spicy mix contains Golden Frill, Ruby Streaks, Red Giant Mustard and Red Garnet Amaranth. The spicy mix varieties have a good, peppery bite. The mild mix contains Red Russian Kale, Mizuna, and Red Express Cabbage, and Red Garnet Amaranth. These varieties are not spicy, but have a delicious, fresh taste.


There are four crops transplanted in the hydro, and the first crop is looking great. I am planning to begin harvesting the lettuce, my plan is to combine the four varieties for mesclun mix.The basil and bok choi need a bit more time...

Field Vegetable Update

Hard to believe, but all the pepper and eggplants for the entire season have been seeded! The first two crops of field tomatoes are seeded, and the first crop will be transplanted from the seedling tray into the 24 trays for field transplant. The first crop of field tomatoes usually gets transplanted into the field Week 20 or Week 21, approx. 5/14.

The first crop of watermelon has been seeded, and the first crops of cantaloupe, summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers will be seeded this week.

The first two crops of lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower have been seeded, the next crop will be seeded on Friday.
Nantucket Fresh Catch is Back for the Season
Fresh Fish is back at the Farm!
Old favorites will be available today- Swordfish, Lobsters, Salmon, Cod & Halibut along with the season's last Bay Scallops..
Wednesday through Sunday 10AM- 6PM
Daffodil Days Commence!
Daffodils? of course we have daffodils! Ready to plant directly outdoors, to gift in a planter for your Host or Hostess, or for the front door step.

Daffodil Decorations are 25% off, while supplies last!
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Daffy Picnic Essentials
Artisanal cheeses, beautiful prepared salads & freshly made, picnic-ready sandwiches. Artisan drink mixers, gourmet crackers, dips and spreads. Oh, and sweets. Mustn't forget the sweets..

Clockwise from left: 
Bartlett's cheese case, Tomato & Spring Pea Salad, the "Pilgrim" sandwich; a farm favorite! Hydrangea Cake from the Bakery, White Chocolate Butterscotch & Macadamia Nut Cheesecake Bars, Fevertree Tonic waters; for the perfect cocktail...
Daffy Wine Picks
The Daffodil Parade & Tailgate is all about food, fun and portability! Check out our picks for the perfect daffy accompaniment for picnicking smart and in style
-Leah Mojer, Bartlett's Wine Manager
For a Crowd
When Jenny & Francois made “From the Tank®” , they were determined to source the highest possible quality grapes, grown organically or sustainably and hand-harvested, made only with indigenous yeasts and lightly sulfured, just like all the other wines they work with.  A wine that tastes very natural, is affordable and is in packaging that reduces green-house emissions, and is easier to transport and serve than traditional glass bottles.
Bubble Bash
Oh, what can we say about this happy little wine other than WE LOVE IT SO MUCH. Effervescent bubbles prickle the tongue while flavors and aromas of refreshing tropical fruit, lime curd and honeysuckle induce "permasmile", a condition that goes well with a great day of picnicking, friends and laughter. The wine finishes bone dry, great for snacking on cheese and salami.  Plus, it's organic. Annnnd screw-top. Pretty much the perfect wine ever. $15.99
Wine, but Cooler!
That is their motto, not ours. Ours would be, "Organic grapefruit wine cooler, don't leave home with them!" Ok, ok. All joking aside, this spunky foursome of cans pack serious flavor. The grapefruit feels authentic and the white wine base of zibibbo grapes is crisp and zippy. Super portable, super yummy and totally cute. 
Springy Spritzer!
Shackbury's Spritz Ginger Cider was inspired by session beers and low alcohol cocktails. It's light, dry, but packs plenty of fresh ginger flavor into its 3.8% ABV frame. Made using 100% fresh apples from Vermont, it's also gluten-free and contains only three grams of sugar per 12 oz can. Canned wine and cider are here to stay. Taste for yourself the ease and transportability of no glass!
 The Garden Center is open everyday
and looking gorgeous
Perennials are IN
All your favorites are back in stock and safe to plant directly outside! IF there is danger of frost, (because who knows?!) simply cover perennials with burlap, a towel or a tablecloth for the night.
Treat new tools!
In a rainbow of colors and styles, we have all the gardening gadgets you need to get a jump start on the season!
Sunday April 22nd is Earth Day!
Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature this coming sunday!

Get in the spirit with these-

Plastics are a problem, help do your part by checking out this website below to learn more about how to get involved. 


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Bartlett's 175th Anniversary Presents-
Who's Your Farmer? Get to know our staff!


Andrew Spollett

Vegetable Production Manager

Years at the Farm-9

This past week, our farm grown season has started with the first appearance of microgreens, and there's no better way to celebrate than to get to know our Vegetable Production Manager, Andrew Spollett.
Andrew's first encounters with the farm were with his then girlfriend, now wife Adelaide, who spent her youth summering on Nantucket.  Andrew was initially impressed by the Bartlett's glass greenhouses and began interning in 2008. By 2010, Andrew was promoted to Assistant Field Manager and has never looked back. Andrew's zeal and tenacity in his work inspires a new group of interns and students each year who seek out Bartlett's Farm's internship program from across the globe. 

Andrew most enjoys growing food for the community of Nantucket.  He feels very fortunate to raise his son Thayer, in such a unique place with a strong sense of community. Funny enough, the hard work in the fields is something Andrew enjoys most, mentioning specifically picking corn as a favorite task.

Andrew is a strong advocate for organic growing methods and is extremely well versed on the issues that the farming community faces and continuously educates himself on best practices that can be implemented here on the Farm.  It's no surprise then that Andrew most appreciates being close to the ocean, Nantucket's the natural beauty, and the conservation efforts that has kept much of the island wild.

Days off for this farmer consist of chasing Thayer around, playing music with longtime friend and coworker, David Shephard, cooking, gardening, and tending to his chickens.
If Andrew had to grow one thing for the rest of his life, it would be peppers of all varieties,  from mild to “smoke out of your ears” spicy.
Be sure to say hello to Andrew when you see him on the Farm!
Be a Part of the Farm!
Immediate Needs!
Kitchen Counter Customer Service
With Opportunity for Full-time, Year-Round work with benefits and advancement!

Dishwasher and Experienced Cook Positions available
dorm-style housing available for the right people!

Apply online at or ask for Laura.
Save The Dates
4/18 Nantucket Fresh Catch Opens Today! -
Hours will be 10-6 Wednesday through Sunday

4/21- Raw Milk Appreciation Day buy raw milk cheese, eat raw milk cheese, appreciate raw milk cheese!

4/22- Earth Day

4/28-4/29 44th Annual Daffodil Regional Show- Here at Bartlett's
6/9 Coast of Maine expert Sue Lavallee will discuss the use of various Coast of Maine products for your garden. 

6/23 Proven Winners representatives will present new products.
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