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Issue 1 Volume 4 July 2008
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Play Well Under Pressure
Importance of Following Rules
Balancing Sports and Family
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We think you'll find our July issue of On Deck, the best yet. Want to know how to get kids to perform well under pressure? Tips from a coach who knows a thing or two about winning are below. Have you ever seen coaches who only feel the rules are a guideline? We've included an article on the importance of adhering to baseball rules and etiquette, even in Tee-Ball. And finally, you'll love our article on balancing sports and family life, written by Mimi Doe.

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 StallingsGet Kids to Play Well Under Pressure 
By Coach Jack Stallings

The ability to play well under pressure is one of the most desired qualities for any athlete in any sport, and a player who can perform extremely well in practice but cannot duplicate that performance in a game will not be successful and will, in fact, be a very frustrated athlete. Read Article
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 Brian GottaWhy Enforce the Rules?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

If you're coaching beginning baseball in non-competitive levels, the rules that apply are less complex, but not less important than in competitive divisions. And in watching beginning-level managers and coaches in action, there are two glaring weaknesses I see. Read Article
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 Mimi DoeBalancing Kids Sports and Family Life
By Mimi Doe, Award-Winning Author

The common refrain these days seems to be, " is crazy. We are so busy." It's almost a badge of achievement for some parents to breathlessly describe their on the run lives--as if they're giving their child a leg up by being on two travel sports teams, the school's team and a little strength training on the side. Read Article