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Feature Project  


Custom Built-ins 

It is often difficult to find that exact right furniture piece to fit all of your needs for a space and to specifically suit the way your family lives. That's where the custom built-in comes in.

Custom built-ins can maximize the space you have to work with and make that space function precisely for how you live.

Wondering if a custom built-in project is for you? We thought we'd give  you a peek into the process so you can see just how your awkward space layout can go from quirky to quite perfect!

Built-in process
Custom Built-ins - a peek into the process
For more information on our custom built-in solutions and how they can help meet your unique storage needs call or e-mail us today! 508-279-0656

CLICK HERE for a look at more of our built-in projects


Strawberry Tiramisu
Many will be entertaining for the holiday this weekend and what better time to try a new recipe that will impress your friends and family!
This one comes from the Better Homes and Gardens' website picked by office manager Jenn Kravitz.

Why did Jenn make this pick?
  • Super easy to make no bake recipe
  • Light fresh taste for spring
  • It combines her two favorite desserts -Tiramisu & strawberry shortcake!
CLICK HERE for the full Recipe!

Product Spotlight


Integrated Window Shades by Marvin  

Marvin Shades in Action: The Ultimate Casement Window
Marvin Shades in Action

At the latest JLC Live trade show in Providence RI some of our staff got an exclusive look at the latest innovation from Marvin Windows and doors. An integrated shade system unlike any other before it. These shades which are mounted on the interior side of the window or door retract fully into a very streamlined channel to be out of site and virtually invisible.


Here are some of the great new features:

  • Fully integrated & retractable 
  • No visible cords or pulleys
  • Smooth easy operation
  • Available for windows, slider & french doors!
  • Doors remain operable even when shade is drawn
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available in light filtering & blackout fabrics
  • Replaceable if shade becomes damaged

These windows have been the talk of the lunch table here at our offices and we're all wishing we needed a window replacement so we could install these in our own homes! 


CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE about Marvin Shades


Staff & Family Updates 


Nathan Thorson gets creative




 Eric & Stacy's son Nathan has always been creative, but we thought this unique vase he made for his mom took the cake! 
Who knew a light bulb and coat hanger could make such a beautiful little bud vase. Great way to re purpose an item that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Andrew Thorson turns 16!
Andrew just had his sixteenth birthday on the 11th of April and took part of the day to get his driving permit. A tense Eric sat shotgun while Andrew drove his Mom and Dad home from the registry. 
Congratulations Andrew!
The Kravitz Kids


Office Manager Jenn Kravitz children Senja and Owen are best buds. Senja turns 5 next month and Owen turns 2. They both look pretty dapper in their Sunday best!