Good News - More 2-Person Rooms
​​​​​​​Were Just Made Available
As much as I know that it always works out among the women when they room together at Women At Woodstock, I've also learned that it's a hard sell persuading everyone that it'll be just fine rooming with two, three, or even four other women during our retreat. I mean, sharing a room with that many women you don't even know?!?!

OK, the image above is a joke; our shared rooms at Lifebridge Sanctuary don't look anything like this, but I imagine this is the image in your head when you read "3-person room, 4-person room," etc. It's a natural reaction!

So, we've converted some of our three- and four-person rooms at Lifebridge Sanctuary to doubles - meaning you'd have only one roommate, and we've added them to the registration form just now

If you've been holding back from coming to Women At Woodstock because of the shared-room situation, jump in now and snap up one of those 2-person rooms before they're gone. Two-person rooms always go very fast!

P.S. If you and a friend want to attend and room together, that's easy to arrange. There's a space on the registration form to fill in a roommate request. If you request your friend, we'll be sure to room you together!
Nab a 2-person room before they're gone!
They do go fast, so sign up now.

All registrations close on October 1
Here's What Our Rooms Really
Look Like, By the Way...
Remaining spaces are limited
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