The Voter - June 2017
Roxanna Deane
Darlene Hicks
VP - Voters Service
Robin Engel & Susan Herr
Betty Colley
Gloria Suarez-Sasser
Director, Publicity
Jerrie Champlin
Janyth Fredrickson
Membership Chair
Bonnie Leitch
Chair, Nominating Committee
Lois Ricci
LWV is a non partisan political organization which encourages informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. LWV never supports or opposes candidates for office, or political parties, but does take positions on issues based on member study
and consensus.
LWV Public Policy Positions
Impact on Issues - LWV-US public policy positions

Program Perspectives - LWV-Texas policy positions
Clay Thorp, news editor for the Herald Zeitung receiving award from Robin Engel, VP for Voter Services
LWV Comal Board 2017 - 2018
From Left: Robin Engel, Jerrie Champlin, Janyth Fredrickson, Betty Colley, Darlene Hicks, Gloria Suarez Sasser, Roxanna Deane
Mark your Calendars
WHAT: LWV Texas Regional Training
WHEN: Saturday, July 15, 1:30 to 4:30
WHERE: Tye Preston Memorial Library, 16311 South Access Road

Who are we as members of the League of Women Voters?

We are cheerleaders for democracy.
We want people to be registered to vote and then be an informed voter.

Since September, acting as Deputy Voter Registrars, League members have registered voters at Comal ISD meet the teacher nights, students turning 18 in the three CISD high schools, and participated in National Voter Registration Day.  We held candidate forums for the Sheriff's race and for Comal ISD school board and bond election.  We gathered information for VOTE411 and distributed Voter Guides for the Nov. election.

We are educators.
We provide citizens with the opportunity to learn about key issues facing our community.

The League sponsored public forums on public school finance, women and children in detention centers, and air quality and transportation in Comal County.  With the Hill Country Alliance and the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, the League sponsored a Conference on Growth in Comal County.  

We are advocates.
For the League the process to develop positions involves study, discussion, and consensus.  Then we lobby for the passage of supported legislation or the defeat of those we oppose.

This year League members participated in Texas League lobby days with the opportunity to meet with our state senator and representative to outline League priorities.  Two of our members, Jensie Madden (land use) and Gloria Suarez Sasser (immigration) worked tirelessly as League issue chairs, following legislation and giving testimony.  Many League members responded to weekly action alerts from the Texas League.  Work continued on updating Comal's position on land use, in preparation for a possible update of our position in the Fall.

This was a busy year and was only possible because of the efforts of many members.  This summer the Board will be working on plans for the activities that will begin in September.  I hope each of you will find your niche in the League and step forward to help.  

We truly are making a difference in our community.
Roxanna Deane

WHAT: LWV Texas Regional Training
WHEN: Saturday, July 15, 1:30 to 4:30
WHERE: Tye Preston Memorial Library

             16311 South Access Road

Each summer LWV Texas holds regional training workshops around the state.  This year the Comal League is hosting one of the workshops at the Tye Preston Memorial Library in Canyon Lake.

This is an opportunity to meet members from other leagues and share ideas.  The agenda will include discussion of communication for Leagues, membership development, fund-raising, protection of “non-partisan” stance, alternate candidate forums, and greater Voter information services through

All members are welcome to attend.  Registration is $10.00.  Register Here


Remarks by Robin Engel in presenting this award to the New Braunfels Herald - Zeitung.

In this era, there is a lot of energy and focus spent talking about the Second Amendment. Today, I would like to talk about its predecessor – the First Amendment.

The First Amendment protects freedom of religion, free speech, a free press, the freedom to assemble and the freedom to petition the government.

Think for a moment about why our founding fathers put the press in the same pot with these other freedoms and placed them as a group first among the ten amendments.

Without education, without information, without knowing what’s going on in the world, how can a citizen cast an intelligent vote? He can’t. It’s impossible.

Like freedom of religion, a free press is sacred to a democracy. With freedom of the press comes responsibility. The press has the responsibility to pursue the truth, to be accurate, balanced and fair in presenting diverse viewpoints. Citizens have a responsibility to be discerning and to support ethical journalism.

For that reason, on behalf of the League of Women Voters – Comal Area, I am pleased to present to the Herald-Zeitung our “Educating for Democracy” award for 2017.

Ours is not the first award the Herald-Zeitung has received this year. The Texas Associated Press has named them newspaper of the year in their class -  and this is for the second time in five years; their photojournalist is recognized as one of the best in the state; and their reporters bring home numerous nominations and awards every year.

Established in 1852 and first edited by Ferdinand Lindheimer, we are indeed fortunate to have this historic community newspaper and everyone in this room should support it by subscribing, reading and engaging with it.

The Herald-Zeitung partnered with us in distributing the Voters Guide prior to the fall elections; was a generous sponsor of the Planning for Growth workshop held at the McKenna Center in February; and reported on numerous issues important to voters including immigration, education, overcoming reasons for not voting, and candidate forums.

Thank you Herald-Zeitung for educating for democracy.


The annual meeting (May 11) of the membership of the LWV-Comal Area was called to order by President Roxanna Deane at 8:03 pm.

Present:  27 members and guests

Committee to Approve the Minutes:  President Roxanna Deane asked for volunteers to read and approve the minutes of this 2017 Annual Meeting. The committee will be Gloria Suarez Sasser, Bonnie Leitch, and Mary Powell.

Minutes:  The minutes of the May 19, 2016 annual meeting, as printed in the Annual Meeting Workbook, were presented by Darlene Hicks, 1st Vice President.  No action was needed, as the minutes had been approved by committee.

Proposed Dues Increase. Treasurer Gloria Suarez Sasser explained that current dues of $50 per individual and $75 per household is not sufficient for covering the annual Per Member Payment due to LWVUS and LWV-TX. Darlene Hicks moved, and Jan Estes seconded, that dues be increased to $60 per individual and $90 per household. After discussion, the motion passed    

Treasurer’s Report. Sasser reported that 2016-17 income was $6,079.00; expenses were $6,075.05. The current balance as of April 31, 2017 was $5,588.71.

Proposed 2017-2018 Budget.  Sasser presented the proposed General Fund budget as printed in the Workbook.  Jan Estes moved, and Jerrie Champlin seconded, to approve the General Fund budget. The motion passed. Sasser presented the proposed Education Fund budget as printed. Mary Williams moved, and Peggy Vieira seconded, to approve the Education Fund budget. The motion passed.

Proposed Program. Connie Born, VP for Program, explained current local Program. Betty Colley moved, and Robin Engel seconded, to re-adopt our local position on Billboards and our continued study to Update the position on Land Use Planning in Comal County. The motion passed. 

Nominating Committee Report and Election of Officers:  Nominating Committee Chair Fran Hargrove presented the nominees for the Board of Directors. Nominees for a two-year term: President, Roxanna Deane; Co-2nd Vice Presidents for Voter Services, Robin Engel and Susan Herr; Secretary, Betty Colley; and Director, Janyth Fredrickson. Nominee for a one-year term: Director, Jerrie Champlin. Nominated for Nominating Committee: Chairperson, Lois Ricci, and Member, Charlsie Hays. Sasser moved, and Mary Williams seconded, to elect the nominees by acclamation. The motion passed.  

Introduction of 2017-18 Board: Deane invited the newly elected board members to the front, and asked continuing members 1st Vice President Darlene Hicks and Treasurer Gloria Suarez Sasser to join them.

President’s Remarks: Deane spoke of her pride in the accomplishments of LWV-CA as cheerleaders for democracy in our voter service activities, educators through our public forums, and advocates in the current legislative session. She reminded members that we do make a difference.   

Adjourn:  President Deane adjourned the meeting at 8:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted; 

Jensie Madden, Acting Secretary

Contact our President:
Roxanna Deane, 830-935-4635 or

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