January 16, 2019
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Happy New Year, HPN! We ask you to pray with us that this year is full of miracles throughout Hollywood. We want to see people healed, encouraged, experience breakthrough, recommit their lives to the Lord and meet Jesus! Please add our twice-monthly HPN Call Sheets to your 2019 prayer list so that we can all experience God’s miracles together.
HPN at Urbana

In late December, HPN staff Erin and Virginia attended Urbana, a conference for Christian college students to discern their place in God’s global mission. They represented HPN during the 5-day event and met hundreds of students and alumni who wanted to get involved in the Christian entertainment community. Erin and Virginia are grateful that they could present the vision of entertainment as a missional vocation, and were encouraged by the students’ passionate response. Praise God for expanding HPN at Urbana and continue to pray for the students and young professionals there who will be entering the industry as committed believers!
Christian community at Warner Bros.

We are thanking God for the powerful prayer walk that our HPN Hollywood Local Chapter hosted at Warner Bros. last week. There was an immediate answer to their prayers. Merlinda told us: “The next day I was meeting with someone for coffee at on the lot who is fairly new to WB and interested in joining 9t5, a community that gathers for prayer and Bible Study. At the end of our conversation, the lady sitting next to us interrupted and apologized for eavesdropping but she heard us talking about Christ and was so excited to hear about a Christian community at WB! She is new to the studio as well, and has been "longing" for a community that she can pray with since she feels all alone in this industry.”
Paul Thomas Anderson and John Krasinski

Let's praise God for Paul Thomas Anderson and John Krasinski, two talented filmmakers who have huge hearts and a respect for the people and the projects in Hollywood that we pray everyone can have. They understand the difficulty and passion that everyone puts into their projects and Paul asked John not to talk against films that he may not like, but to lift up other creative people with encouragement and respect, as members of the same community of artists. Let's try to do the same thing ourselves as we read about their conversation.
Mark Wahlberg's faith in life and work

We praise God for Mark Wahlberg and his continued bold commitment to being a Christian in Hollywood: Marks wants to be a “positive influence in people’s lives and faith.” Even in regards to his personal life, he wants to leave a legacy of being a hard worker, someone who took nothing for granted. “The most important thing is to have been successful in my service to the community and to the Church and to my family,” he says.
Pray for Pat Boone and family

We pray for Pat Boone and his whole family as they mourn the loss of Shirley Boone, who passed away this past Friday. Shirley was 84 and she and Pat had been married for 65 years! She was a humanitarian, a loving friend and an amazing prayer warrior for all of us in Hollywood. We ask that the Lord comforts their whole large family and gives them strength during this difficult time.
Pray for Sundance and the Windrider Forum

The 2019 Sundance Film Festival opens next week. Every year the Windrider Forum, composed of a group of Christian film students, takes place at the festival. The students interview filmmakers and then lead a powerful Q&A, bringing up spiritual issues in the films. Let’s pray for the Windrider students’ conversations and all of the filmmakers who will be there. We can invite God in to touch the hearts of everyone attending.
Pray for the film industry in Singapore

On the international front, let’s pray for the Singapore government which is offering grants for film co-production in their country. They realize the financial benefits and the positive global visibility that come with bringing in film shoots. Pray for God’s love to come into their country through the filmmakers who shoot there.
Pray for new leadership in entertainment

Let’s pray for a few more new entertainment leaders coming into Hollywood. Each person has tremendous influence on what entertainment the rest of the world is watching and experiencing. Our prayers for them can make an eternal difference, both in their lives and in the content of our entertainment.
MARGIE COHN is the new president of DreamWorks Animation
• SHEROUM KIM is the new Director of Independent Films at Netflix
• ROB KOSTICH is the new president of Activision
Thank you for starting the new year by praying and praising God together! We can't wait to see what God does in our industry this year, and are grateful to have each of you with us.

With love and thanks,
Karen, Erin, Kim and Virginia
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